The joined results show that for the most part of the users acometidos for the IRC taken care of in the sector of hemodilise of a hospital of the city of Cricima- SC they are of the masculine sex. In accordance with some authors, the IRC acomete patient with age enters the 40 60 years and has short while bigger incidence between men of what in mulheres3,6. In studies carried through for other authors, about 53,2% of the total sample they were patient of masculine sex e, in the casuistry of one another found study, that consisted of 50 patients, 56% were of masculine sex and 44% of the feminine one, results these similars to the gift estudo7,8. It was possible to observe, from this study, that the users had presented great prevalence of anemia, about 75%, being that the anemia of the normoctica type was most prevalent with 55% of the sample. The anemia in the chronic renal insufficiency is characteristically normocrmica, normoctica and with counting of red cells in the normal or diminished ssea marrow, had to its character hipoproliferativo5,9,10. The determinative factor of the present serious anemia in the chronic nefropatia is the deficiency of production of the eritropoetina for tubular epitlio 7,9. However, it has assumptions of that the urmicas toxins also inhibit the eritropoetina, and reduce the time of life of eritrcitos3,4.