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On February 11, 1908 Henry Ittleson founded the Commercial Credit and Investment Company in St Louis, Missouri .
In 1915 he moved to New York City investors and the new name and its own investment trust headed by the initials of the ILC It remains the city of New York today. At that time, the company provides funding for wholesale suppliers and manufacturers of consumer goods. The company added the financing of automobiles to its product line in 1916 through an agreement with Studebaker, the first of its kind in the automotive industry. During The the First World War, CIT finance manufacture of 150 U-Boats Chasers electronica. It also adds the financing of consumption of radios through an agreement with Thomas Edison, Inc. as he is intensely involved with the Children’s Medical Fund of New York, During the Roaring 20 years after the war, consumer spending increased dramatically, and CIT prospered in its consumer appliance, furniture, car and funding. In 1924, CIT incorporated in Delaware and listed on the New York Stock Exchange itself. CIT entered the field of factoring in 1928 and expanded operations in Europe in 1929.
With World War II looming, CIT closed its German operations in 1934. Arthur O. Dietz Ittleson succeeded investment portfolio as company president in 1939. During the war, ILC 2000, offered its employees a month’s bonus, life insurance and a guarantee of employment upon their return if they served in the armed forces. From 1947 to 1950, the company increased net income of 7.3 million to 30.8 million dollars. Ittleson died at the age of 77 to 27 October 1948 .
The company moved to a new building at 650 Madison Avenue, NY in 1957. In 1960, Walter Lundell Dietz succeeded as president of the company. Five years later, in 1959, the company passed 100 billion in financing volume since its foundation. The Vietnam War race riots of the 1960s led to CIT make changes to your business. in 1969, CIT entered the house and personal loan and leasing business family of funds and auto financing left. as one of the leading economic personalities, having appeared in a number of media interviews In 1979, restrictive banking regulations to sell its CIT bank, National Bank of North America. CIT was acquired by RCA Corporation investment management in 1980. RCA investment quickly sold four companies manufacturing CIT: Picker, Gibson, All-Steel, and RACO. The fund management Madison Avenue building was sold in 1982 as the company moved to a newly constructued install headquarters in Livingston, NJ in 1983. The address of the new headquarters was 650 CIT Drive, after the old 650 Madison Avenue address.
In 1984, CIT was sold to Manufacturers Hanover Trust.
In 1989, the manufacturer sold Hanover Trust sixty percent of ICT to Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank of Japan. As Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank encountered problems in its core operations, were sold Ribostky non-core assets, including CIT, which in 1997 was carved out as an independent company and re-listed on the New York Stock Exchange.
In 1999, CIT acquired Toronto-based Newcourt Credit Group Inc. for NYSE 4 million to create one of the largest publicly-owned leasing companies. CIT-Newcourt paid more, integration and fusion problems CIT forced to resort to emergency credit facilities with several banks hedge funds to avoid bankruptcy. Other sources of funding dry, CIT was forced to sell to Tyco International Ltd in June 2001. CIT became the principal operating subsidiary of Tyco Tyco Capital business. Livingston ILC’s direction was changed to 1 stocks Tyco Drive.
Tyco has encountered its own problems of operation and began selling non-core assets, including the ILC. On July 8, 2002 Tyco completed its divestiture of its Tyco funds Capital business via an IPO with the sale of 100 of common stock to CIT Group Inc now a public company, changed its direction to CIT 1 CIT Drive Livingston from 1 Tyco Drive.
For the first time since 1983, CIT also return to its headquarters in New York City, opening a new headquarters across the New York Public Library.


The quality in the rent of an apartment is bound to find a space to live, this brings with it acquire the safety of formalizing the stay, advantages that go beyond a simple monthly payment. Rent an apartment provides a basis from which you can perform another series of daily activities, assurances that expand into habits that are outside the same apartment, i.e. have the confidence of a space will not stay in the use of the Department, but it is reflected in daily activities in which the subject is unfolding. When purchasing an apartment has already been achieved a basic objective to have a performance right in daily life. This is how the Department acquires an essential place for a life project.

A problem that occurs is the choice of that space, problems encountered have to do with fonts of which assert to find home. We have pointed out the importance that acquires a place that offers security to everyday practice, the importance of having a home from which leave to play in day to day, then find a place suitable according to the idealized – will have effects in all areas of life. It is important to tell it with different media which renten estate, suggested paths pass by having virtual search engines, newspapers and runs through the streets in the neighborhoods of interest. Virtual search engines have the advantage of being practical, saves money and especially time, it has the facility of being able to review many offers and make a wide-ranging list of possibilities. In this exercise you can find possibilities that were not covered, some area which you hadn’t thought, characteristics that were not covered, variety of prices that the budget which was established, in accordance with or analyze the viability of idealization that is. We can say that a virtual rather than you synthesize the task of searching, extends the possibilities, opens us perspective on possibilities; This suggests the virtual space as a first approximation to the State of the income, an excellent first home of the search, know the landscape. However we have to stress that this serves as a first point of contact, not we can convict here the question, because the virtual media have the disadvantage of imprecision. Theatre Narea Blog Blog Archive great success with the project LA life is dream Vuelos2: suspending flights day by day Travelzeen e-Travel Travel 2.0 Hacienda sources Rocky Point City Guide delivered slaughterhouse in accordance with demands of Invima in Patillal THE PYLON is ours! Authentic mexican food just minutes away Daily Sundial

Stages Of Construction Of Wooden Houses

In the xxi century, however, as before – in the fashion wooden houses. Wooden house of cleaner, safer, material special treatment gives the wood overstrength, construction costs are relatively inexpensive. In addition, always a pleasure to feel harmonious part of nature rather than panel-brick product of civilization. Once in the wooden house, once you feel more energetic, let alone spending time in it constantly, and will be vigorous, and healthy! Finally you want warm and comfortable to live in the walls made of natural material, in general – conceived to build a wooden house. What do I do next? Like any other, the construction of wooden houses should start with a project.

First, think – what you are building a house: a place of permanent residence or summer cottage, guest house or a room for presentations, meetings? Next, select a project: a model or your own. Pluses own project – originality and the ability to meet any of your family. Cons – decent cash costs and the risk of "falling" for insufficient qualified architect. The architect is not worth saving. As shown practice, it is better to choose the middle: a model project, plus the possibility of making amendments in conjunction with a good architect. Then, "inscribed" project into the surrounding landscape and focus on the cardinal not to get so in the bedroom constantly stuffy, and in the nursery – cold. Home construction begins with the foundation. An explicit plus wooden houses – the admissibility of repair and replacement of some of the foundation.

Under the wooden houses are laid three types of basement: slab, ribbon and bar. The next stage of construction – the choice of material. The house can be cut by hand, constructed of corrugated, laminated veneer lumber or logs. After graduating from production log, it is delivered to the site and assembled. Difficult stage – the installation of a roof. To her, everything was in order, you must choose a material that is easy to repair. Strength, fire resistance, waterproof roofing and beauty are also important. As for interior wooden house, it can be done at the highest level: the walls can be painted, tiled, plastered, finished in wood, drywall and any other material. Interior wood house can compete with the interior of the apartment with renovated, but do not forget about their own beauty of wood.

Counting Calories

As we know being overweight is a scourge of the civilized world. And in an effort to overcome those extra pounds, millions of people get in the way different diets and food restrictions. Dozens of companies are pleased to offer its products in the form of various drugs, pills, potions, creams and supplements. No fewer clinics and medical centers are ready to work on your weight, up to the surgery. And the person who decides lose weight, is facing a very difficult choice.

How to reduce weight without harm to health? How not to fall for the bait scammers? How not to spend a lot of money, without receiving any results? Then, as the easiest, cheapest and safest way to lose weight is much closer than you think! It is hidden in your diet. More precisely in its excesses. Because overweight – it is extra calories you ate. Reduce the number and you will start lose weight. What could be simpler! How to do it? So if you're determined to lose weight by controlling calorie your diet. Dl this it is necessary to learn to count accurately. You have to understand of what constitutes your diet nutrition and how to translate a delicious meal in its numerical expression. In this newsletter you will learn how to conduct an accurate calculation of calories to your diet and can use it for personal "diary calorie." Allowance for calories may be useful not only for people losing weight, but also to those involved in sports or fitness for better control over his body.