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These cells form a continuous covering for sinusides. They are different of the endoteliais cells of other places because it does not have a regular basal blade. The cells of Kupffer are more numerous close to the spaces carry. They derive from the ssea marrow and they belong to the fagoctico mononuclear system, corresponding about 80 90% of the fixed macrophages in the human body, the cells of Kupffer are highly inserted mobile macrophages in the endotelial covering of sinuside, over all in the periportal area. The cells of Kupffer are coram with peroxidase. They possess corpsculos microvilosidades, intracitoplasmticas vesicles coated and dense that understand the lisossmico apparatus. The hepticas covered with star cells place in the space between the hepatcitos and the endoteliais cells. The space contains tecidual liquid that flows for the lymphatic ones in the space-door.

When venoso heptico has blockage of refluxo, the production of lymph in the space increases and has ascite formation. (JUNQUEIRA; SHEEP, 2004). 1,5 FUNCTIONS OF in agreement LIVER affirm Berne and Levy, (2007) ' ' the liver it plays many vital functions. It is essential in the regulation of the metabolism, the synthesis of proteins and of other molecules, in the storage of vitamins and iron, in the hormonal degradation and the inativao and excreo of medicines (drugs) and toxinas' '. This voluminous gland exerts innumerable functions, at the same time endcrinas and excrinas, acting in the metabolism of the carboidratos, the lipdios and proteins, being the liver and the esqueltico muscle the main places of storage of the glycogen in the body. The liver has the function To convert ammonia. From the protein the amino acids for gliconeognese are used, resulting in the ammonia formation as a by-product. Metabolically the liver will go to convert this ammonia into urea. The ammonia produced for bacteria in the intestine is removed of the blood carries for the urea synthesis.