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Canary Islands

The month of April took place at the Hermitage of San Pedro de Alcantara of the Ampuyenta presentation of the restoration works that have been carried out in two of the most representative elements of the rich heritage and artistic set of the Hermitage: the pulpit and the box of souls. Around of half a hundred neighbors came to listen to the explanation about the restoration work carried out by the head of the works, Chus Morante. At the beginning of the explanation of work of restoration Chus Morante, responsible for the restoration, attendees explained the details of a work that has focused on recovering the pulpit and the box of souls of the Hermitage of San Pedro de Alcantara, two elements that were badly damaged due to the passage of time and the inefficient or non-existent conservation work carried out previously on these goods, since they were created at different times of the 18th century. Both works are part of the rich artistic set of the Hermitage of Ampuyenta, Temple founded in 1681, declared BIC for the Canary Islands in 1991 in the category of monument. This important legacy includes up to 16 different, mostly allegorical paintings to the figure of St. Peter, in addition to one main altarpiece, several sculptures, the statue of the Saint, etc. It is worth to stress the important iconographic representation of San Pedro in the interior of the Chapel, whose image is depicted in up to nine paintings. Devotion towards San Pedro de Alcantara reaches its apogee with his canonization in 1669, with the cult towards him also reaches Fuerteventura, where there was then a single Franciscan convent in the Villa de Betancuria, order in whose reform had to see the momentum of Saint Peter himself. PICTURE of souls this box of souls, whose author is still unknown, is one of 12 that are still preserved in the various churches and chapels of the island, like the rest, the theme of this type of allegorical paintings representing the last judgment.

The History Of Perfume

History of the creation of spirits is in the East. But there's not all enjoy the scent. Most preferred aromatic oils, which are not diluted with anything. In contrast to the same toilet water, oils do not dry the skin, in addition improves its appearance, as well a positive effect on mental state of man. In the composition of oils contain many different components. At any time after fragrance unfolds in three stages.

First, after application to the body there is a major odor – fresh, light, time fragrance opens and displays the average and heavy tone. Because of these properties of aromatic oils, perfume manufacturers to get different shades and saturations flavors. Essential oils are also used for medicinal purposes. This procedure has a name – aromatherapy. This procedure is also applicable to seduce a partner. There are oils that help to uncover hidden desires partner. The therapeutic effect of oil is very effective in certain diseases due to their active influence on the human body.