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East Traditional Medicine

Health – it is harmony with oneself and with nature. If a person moves away from nature and natural living conditions, if no longer listen to your body, it is not protected from disease of body and soul. Not Understanding the causes of their illness, the person seeking salvation for expensive medications, believing that there is a "pill" that instantly deliver him from suffering, and does not believe in treating people's means. At the same time people do not even tries to change his lifestyle and attitude toward the world. But each of us has great potential for physical and mental health. If you use it at least by half, then we can live many years of healthy and happy life.

About this remind us of the ancient knowledge of the man's nature, causes and treatment of diseases. They are collected, stored and transmitted in the heritage and traditions of the folk healers of various countries and peoples. This "traditional" medicine (folk recipes) is now somehow "unconventional", though she did not deny or contradict the official medicine. On the contrary, people's traditional medicine of West and East complement and enrich the modern official medicine. Visit our website on folk medicine, you will learn simple but effective popular recipes, which are divided from us by our visitors. You can add its proven popular recipes and resources. How to get rid of snoring or dandruff in my head? Practical advice and folk remedies for many diseases, contained on our website for traditional medicine, can help you improve your physical and mental health, identify and exploit your inherent in natural forces, to get rid of chronic and even terminal illnesses. But remember that in case of serious illness in the first place you need to contact an experienced doctor who can help you choose the right treatment, including "unconventional" medicine.


There are ample references to the use of cannabis as a medicinal plant, the first documented historical accounts dating from 2737 BC. Many scientists, doctors and Dioscorides and even the Galen used cannabis since the beginning of medicine.”Only the dose makes the poison becomes something,” says Paracelsus, the alchemist, chemical plants and knows more of the story. Also Hippocrates, the father of medicine recommended by the suction of the smoke from certain plants to certain diseases . Today, however, advanced, self-sufficient technological and I century man forgets the wisdom of Paracelsus and, led by extreme and irrational rationality, classify and label the world, and even nature as good or bad, beneficial or harmful. And Cannabis is a good example of this. Currently, prohibitionist policies prevent the normal development of the study of this substance, putting all kinds of legal obstacles.In this section we want to go hang reading those documents which we consider important to meet the need for more information on the proper use of cannabis, both for those who have decided to use cannabis for therapeutic use and for those medical professionals who need a database easily accessible. All information contained in this section is solely intended for the information for proper use of Cannabis. Such information can never substitute for the advice, diagnosis, indication or professional advice of a qualified physician. Remember the importance of consulting with your physician and / or Pharmacist. For the medical professionals who visit our Web earnestly they make a plea to not be intimidated by the pressure of prohibition and towards ultimate benefit of their patients instigate, support and collaborate in the study of Cannabis.Also, please let a few minutes of your precious time to read our open letter to doctors and medical staff Marijuana.

Vitro Fertilization IVF

In vitro fertilization – fertilization of an egg that the sperm in the laboratory and embryo transfer into the uterus for further development. This method is used for obstruction of the fallopian tubes, endometriosis, unexplained infertility, low sperm quality. What is the process? Artificial conception procedure can be divided into the following stages: stimulation of mature eggs, egg collection (Puncture of ovaries), the actual in vitro fertilization by spermatozoa, transport (replanting) of embryos in the uterus, the treatment after the transfer. Keep in mind that all the time from the beginning preparation for fertilization and before the birth the woman is under the supervision of specialists – endocrinologists, obstetricians and gynecologists, embryologists. At the first stage of a survey of the endocrine system women, with need – the suppression of its own hormones to optimize hormones to mature multiple eggs in the ovaries. The second stage – the stimulation of ovulation (egg production) and its sampling by puncture ovary. Next comes all the sperm fertilize an egg donor or partner.

This process occurs in the laboratory. Then the third phase – the transfer of the embryo in the uterus for further development. After embryo transfer into the uterus need the support of the luteal phase to the body can not rent the embryo – this therapy is carried out by progesterone and estrogen. Two weeks later, the first test done on pregnancy – is determined by the effectiveness of IVF. Further surveillance is carried out an obstetrician-gynecologist – a doctor is very important, as well as the quiet spirit of women and support from loved ones.

Ecology Russian Journal

Thus, one of the factors affecting the feeling of a lack of indoor air can be increased carbon dioxide concentration. So, is because of what occurs in human feeling of lack of air in the room: Because of low oxygen or high concentrations of carbon dioxide? If we analyze the the above example, if a person critical to the decrease of oxygen level even up to 18%, and increased carbon dioxide levels up to 2%? As we know the concentration of oxygen in the highlands of the planet is less than 20.9%, the difference in the level of oxygen at sea level. may amount to several percent, depending on altitude. Nevertheless, people live and work in such conditions, as well as we who live in the plains of the planet. Leaving go skiing in the alpine area, people can sometimes experience some discomfort due to the lower concentration of oxygen in the air of high mountains, but know that these feelings pass quickly and are connected As a rule, the lower the atmospheric pressure.

So in the article "FEATURES OF PULMONARY FUNCTIONAL STATUS KROVOOBRASCHENIYAI MIOKARDAPRI SHORT-TERM ADAPTATION TO HIGH ALTITUDE" published in the Journal of KRSU / 1, 2002 ( authors IS Sabirov – candidate. med. Science, AS AS Sadykov – R. et al., INC. Sarybaev-candidate. med. Sciences) concluded that "pulmonary hypertension that develops in a short stay in the highlands, mainly due to pulmonary vasoconstriction and is reversible. "Journal of Ecology Russian Journal 9, 2008 provides the following data:" The graphs measuring the level of CO2 and O2 in the classroom, clearly show that even in a time when CO2 levels increased to 1650 ppm or 0.165% (this peak is in the end the lesson), the oxygen level was kept within the 20.15% that is quite normal for a human level, where his condition is not change.

Face Renovation With Botox

The Botox is a technique of last generation of elimination of wrinkles of the face that little by little it has gone replacing to the face aesthetic surgeries, still to lifting, as a result of his optimal derivations, minimum danger and rare effects negatives. The Botox it is extracted of a microbe. Although the bacteria they cause diseases, is had developing that certain chemical, present substances in the Botox, could contribute to improve diverse health disadvantages. The Botox one is not a cosmetic, but a medicine that it gives only, exclusively with medical prescription and it places by means of an injection in muscles to try: – Dolores of head, that 15 days subsist more or monthly. – Determined eye muscle problems (estrabismo) or the abnormal spasm of the eyelid (blefaroespasmo).

– Cervical, vertebrales Malaises (tortcolis spasmodic) – Hiperhidrosis or excessive sweat of the armpits. – Lines of expression in entrecejo. The Botox is used for some years of it forms innocuous. A began to be used like solution for the ocular muscle, and it discovered that some lines of the contour of the ocular zone also they were optimized. they did experiences that demonstrated that the Botox is innocuous and effective it stops to correct lines of the skin of the face, exactly those of area of the eye.

The wrinkles take place while a tense muscle. The Botox it applies by means of an injection in the muscle, causing that this one relaxes and that line of the skin it warns little. This procedure must realise it expert specialist, since the amounts to inject must be very small, paralyzing nothing else that the treated muscle. In the beauty parlors they are not doctors aesthetic, neurologists, ophtalmologists, nor dermatologists, who are especially enabled he stops to do this procedure. The results of the Botox last about four months; at the same time as the muscle it releases his movement, the lines of the skin they will return to being visible. The negative consequences of the Botox usually they are: – Fallen Eyelid, by weeks. – Allergic Reactions. – Symptoms similar to the influenza. – Headache. – Malaise in the stomach. – The extension of the results of the toxin that ailment causes the botulism (that it causes paralysis in the extremities, difficulties when breathing) are than little probable more if it injects the dose exact and the treatment it applies specialized doctor. If a goes to be put under an application of Botox it must to consider: – The age: between 18 and 65 years. – That the professional is expert in the subject. – procedure must be realised in medical doctor’s office in case there are disadvantages. – No to be applied Botox if it is waiting for a son or in period of maternal lactancia. – To communicate to him to professional if he suffers nervous or muscular affections, or if it is medicado.

Injury Occupational

In almost all countries there are specific standards of protection (commonly called Social protection) workers, who seek to avoid that these may be in distress and exclusion in the event they suffer injuries or illnesses, temporary or permanent, which prevented them to perform tasks in their respective jobs. However, sometimes a certain component of fraud, no corresponding allegations expressed by the worker about his inability to work with his true state of health is given in this type of ailments or diseases. Although for the most part this type of conduct so little honest can be fought through exams and timely medical check-ups, sometimes there are cases in which fraud gives its fruits, which could mean heavy losses both for their companies and for the public system of health and Social protection. Put this phenomenon in data, in a country like Spain they usually detect a year by agencies managers Social security around 5,500 sick leave of a fraudulent nature, not including in this alarming figure, obviously, those data that are not detected. How fraud detection takes place and what might be its signs? The Social security agencies of different countries have in their structures inspection teams medical who is responsible to carry out medical examinations for workers in a situation of temporary low to determine the reality of their State as well as the evolution of the same. It should be talk of various signs that could make suspicious at first about the fraudulent nature of an alleged injury or illness, and which might require be extremara surveillance:-when, after the alleged accident happen, gave contradictory testimony for part of those who suffered. That could be necessary to conduct a review in depth about the status of the worker. -If there was any witness that witnessing the incident.

-When the drop occurs shortly after the worker would have been made indefinite or fixed by the company. -In the event of a worker who suffered it submit discrepancies or were immersed in a personal confrontation with the company situation, for example by having been denied a promotion. In these cases you could think of sick leave as revenge, especially when the level of activity in the installation is larger. Injuries and illnesses that often give more commonly present in this type of action in deceit by some workers to a greater extent in these cases of fraud the temporary disabilities are those motivated by:-common diseases, such as flu or bronchitis. -Occupational injuries, such as lumbago, the cervicalgia or other ailments from bone or muscle type. -Type psychological or psychiatric diseases, such as stress or depression. These cases are those which are of greater complexity, be very complicated determine the veracity of the status of the worker.

Florence Nightingale

Authority also is called being able legitimate; for specialization is obtained by means of knowledge, abilities or experience. (FOUCAULT; 1979, P. 29) 1,3 the ORIGIN OF the POWER IN the NURSING the nursing is a science that comes conquering throughout history, autonomy and power, this conquest was initiated by Florence Nightingale, as it tells to Vieira (1991) the origin of the Modern Nursing if it gave decurrent the Florence Nightingale, in the whole world, getting bigger reach from its voluntary participation in ‘ ‘ War of the Crimia’ ‘. However, Florence nailed the superiority of knowing doctor in detriment of knowing of nursing. Since Florence he disciplines it to Nightingale, the obedience and the subservincia in the nursing, are considered as indissocivel part of the daily exercise, not only in what they concern the assistenciais actions, as well as the relations between nurse and the doctor, the team of nursing and the hospital administration. (Foucault; 1982 apud PADILHA; , 1997, P. 02). Before the institutionalization of the profession, the power was exerted for religious, Until the middles of century XVIII, the religious ones withheld the institucional power.

However, from the moment where the hospital is conceived as an instrument of cure and distribution of the space becomes a therapeutical instrument, the medical one starts to be main the responsible one for the hospital organization, and the religious community is banished so that the space can medically be organized. (Foucault, 1982 apud PADILHA, 1997, P. 02). With the medicalizao of the hospitals, knowing was established doctor and to know of the nursing, that in accordance with Vieira (1991), with the appearance of the category of ‘ ‘ enfermeiro’ ‘ the hospital well ‘ ‘ disciplinado’ ‘ , the adequate place of ‘ consisted; ‘ it disciplines mdica’ ‘.

Pupil Difficulties

Worried about this question, some educators are in search of optimum way to follow, contributing for one better development of the reading. According to research, the state schools present greater index in relation to the difficulty with reading, however, valley to stand out that it happens in all the institutions of independent education of the segment (public or particular). It is of utmost importance to deal with this situation, while educators, to have the conscience of that the difficulties presented in the reading are intensely on to the development of the abilities in the writing proceeding from alterations or errors of syntax, estruturao, organization of paragraphs, punctuation, as well as all the necessary elements for the composition of the text. The difficulty of reading and writing is .causing of conflicts and distresses in the individuals that suffer for having these difficulties. Therefore the majority of these pupils presents difficulties in reading correctly, with voice tune and hardly it knows and it respects the punctuation, the lack of habit for the reading, the lack of incentive on the part of the family. Pupils who present limitations to learn and need a medical accompaniment and adequate methods of education must be attended and able professors. Thus, if a pupil does not hear well, fatally will find more difficulties in learning of what its friends. Pupils with emotional affective problems also to the times if feel inferiorizados and are tachados as sluggish, had to the disinterest in reading.

These children demonstrate unreliability, inhibition and disinterest for the school, thus, autoestima diminishes and if it isolates and develops an aggressive behavior with the friends and professors also are soon taxed as violent. Of this form, the paper of the school is not more of mere transmission of information; today, it is demanded that it develops the capacity of the pupil to learn, what subentende the domain of the reading and the writing. The pupil, in the universe of the culture scholar, develops the ability to dialogue with the read texts, through the capacity to read in depth and to interpret significant texts for the formation of sensitivity, the culture and the citizenship. The school comes, therefore, consisting as privileged space for the learning and the development of the reading, therefore if of the o decisive meeting of the child in the act to read there. Therefore, the objective of the school is the integration of the pupil with the society and to facilitate its access to the world of the adult. The school has accounts to adjust with the society and the families, therefore the same one has attemped to prove its efficiency, making responsible the pupil for its failure and not assumeing its role as it would have. It lacks the adjustment enters the characteristics of the pupil and the considered method in classroom.

Social Psychology

With this, it was opted to systemize the concepts in the order that if starts to present. 4,1 Moral siege in the Relations of Work the concept of moral siege in the work relations can find different meanings, depending on the approach to be observed, either it medical, psychological or legal concept. This existence of differentiation of concepts in the words of Martha Halfeld Stolen of Mendona is confirmed Schmidt, where it standes out that: ' ' some definitions exist that according to vary desired approach (doctor, psychological or legal). Legally, it can be considered as an emotional abuse in malicious the form, workstation, not sexual and not-racial, with the end to move away the employee from the professional relations, through rumors, intimidations, humilhaes, discredit and isolamento' '. The concerns with the moral siege in Brazil if practically come back to the analyses in the scope of the environment of work, data that this space is provided with the most differentiated forms of relation and interaction between diverse people, due to daily convivncia that is constant fact and leads for times to the propiciamento of this practical. For in such a way, the used concept more of moral siege, concerning the present quarrel, is of the doctor, master and doctor in Social Psychology, Maria Barreto Daisy, it defines that: ' ' moral siege is the exposition of the workers and workers the situations humilhantes and constrangedoras, repetitive and drawn out during the hours of working and exercise of its functions, being more common in authoritarian and anti-symmetrical hierarchic relations, where negative behaviors, desumanas and aticas relations of long duration, one or more heads directed to one predominate or more subordinated (s), desestabilizando the relation of the victim with the environment of work and the organization, forcing to give up it emprego.' ' According to this definition the constant relationship and interaction between the people, of different positions or same in equal functionalities in the labor environment, show them it vexatious situations, that in turn, they cause psychological damages to the assediado one, desestabilizando it ahead of the proper job.