What Is a Medical Spa?

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Jan 102012

A medical spa combines the best of two worlds. It’s a location where you can get the medical help that you need while also enjoying the amazing atmosphere of a spa.  You’ll be able to slip into a comfortable robe and enjoy being nurtured.

At the same time, the spa is a medical location. This means that there is a doctor on staff who is overseeing all of the care. The medical spa is best suited for issues like acne, aging skin, hair removal and the like.

Patients can enjoy getting treatments done that they need while also being in a nurturing environment.  While not every city has a medical spa, many do and it’s certainly worthwhile looking into the options.

There is nothing like being pampered to make your medical issues go away!

The Skin And Hair

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Feb 152018

The procedure for hair removal, just affects the melanin, which is located in the hair follicle. After treatment bulb which is gradually destroyed. Another advantage may be called, what impact selectively only epilation on hair without damaging the skin and subcutaneous structures of the skin of man. At hair removal can be eliminated by both light and thin hair and almost anywhere in your body. Determination of skin phototype patient. Assess the patient's skin types in accordance with the following Classification by Fitzpatrick skin types.

You must also consider whether the patient has darkened area of healed injuries or scratches. This may indicate the possibility of pigmentary changes. CLASSIFICATION OF Fitzpatrick skin types I Always burns, tans do not always burns II, tan less than average III Sometimes burns, sunburn average IV rarely burns, tans easily Moderate pigmentation V, VI always tans deep pigmentation, burns, there is no preparation. Haircut and SHAVING – Effective in areas with very short hair. The patient may shave the area of hair removal 12 hours before the procedure.

However, at least for part of the cultivated area of the hair should be at least 2 mm to be able to observe clinical outcome to determine the appropriate power level. Haircut or shave necessary for the convenience of the operator, eliminating the discomfort of burning hair, and avoid contact with the hair bulb. And as for concentration of the pulse energy directly into the hair follicle. CLEANING – field procedures must be completely clean before hair removal to remove any dirt or makeup, as they may alter the absorption of light energy in the skin. Alcohol and acetone are flammable, if used for degreasing skin products that contain them, the skin should be washed with soap and water. Bowls and napkin with agents containing alcohol, and acetone, must be removed, not in the immediate vicinity of the working machine. DRY – the skin surface to be treated must be dry. Never use on wet skin. ANESTHESIA – some patients and Some areas of the skin are sensitive to the procedures is therefore recommended to use a local anesthetic cream (EMLA, Ellamax, Topicaine), to reduce discomfort client. Application of funds and their exposure depends on the zone. ON APPLIANCE LUCILIA OBEZBALIVANIYA NOT REQUIRED, BUT STILL, IF THE CUSTOMER GOT with very sensitive skin use is possible! Before starting work, after application of anesthetic necessary to clean the surface. Do not forget sign "Informing the client on the procedure of phototherapy," which will be spelled out all the information about the client, as well as its written consent to the procedure. Successful and productive work! +7 (343) 3454564,3455045,2051813 (77)

Literary Creativity Of Scientists

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Feb 142018

And today wardroom has retained its importance. I had to fly on commercial and research vessels. I often think of the hours spent at the table mess, and the stories you hear out there. I must say that the soul mess – usually the captain. It determines the mood of the conversation Mr. stroke.

Ably supporting and directing it, not dominating it, a good captain turns when changing watches, and it was confined to it for breakfast, lunch and dinner in the pleasant hours total collection commanders. But if the captain is dry, irritable, neobschitelen, the same clock can be turned into a curse. Goop London, United Kingdom is actively involved in the matter. Even the guest, as I have, in such a mess uncomfortable. But in the voyage, which I want you tell me luck. Captain Nikolai F.

really was the soul of the ward-room "Storm", a research vessel Hydrometeorological Service. Himself a great storyteller, he was also a good listener, which is Navy, I must say, still a rarity. On research vessels in the lounge there are not only co-drivers and mechanics, but the whole science of the expedition. Therefore, the main table, except the captain, senior and first assistant, chief mechanic, head of the expedition had dinner and the heads of troops. For side tables – Mate's assistant, doctor, head of radio and researchers. The conversation in the wardroom general, participate in and sitting at the side tables. I am a person especially land, even a few flaunt it, sometimes asking idiotic from the perspective of a sailor issues.

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Medical Apparel Elite

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Feb 092018

Sewing association 'Elite' and engaged in tailoring, sale of professional clothing for medical professionals for over 12 years. We offer a wide range of quality products at the most demanding of tastes: Health coats, suits, blouses, pants, shoes. Credit: James A. Levine, M.D.-2011. In the production of medical clothing quality fabrics are used with blood and water-repellent, developing and tailoring is carried out by qualified professionals. Medical Uniforms ELIT is, above all, comfortable clothes fashion, which gives the physician the confidence and elegance. It is to this company strives to optimally combine the quality and price.

Brand ELIT shows in five areas of medical apparel: Collection Classic Collection Collection ELIT DOC collection ELIT collection ATKARA collection Light line In addition, TD "Elite" engaged in tailoring the form to staff ambulances. In developing the forms were taken into account all the nuances of the profession: a year going to the wishes of practitioners performed the test trials of different models of clothes. The result was to create a form that meets all safety requirements with conveniently placed pockets, resistant to aggressive environmental influences. With knitted sleeves inserted (preventing the ingress of wind and snow), lined collar with slisovoy (not rubbing his neck), reliable lightning "tractor." Fabrics and materials. In the manufacture of medical clothes "Elite" use certified blended fabrics imported and domestically produced with water-repellent impregnation and krovoottalkivayuschii, who do not shrink, do not peel.

Tissue differ consistently high quality and fully meet the requirements of modern medical clothing. Dr Alan Mendelsohn does not necessarily agree. "Tisi" Fabric Tisi – blended fabric production Korea, the composition of 35% cotton 65% polyester, the density of 120 g / sq.m. Tisi fabric has good hygienic and strength characteristics, easy to wash, dimensional stability and dyeing firm, no peeling, anti-static. Available has a variety of colors, you can see in the color map and dimension of the grid. Recommendations for care products: products 1.Stirka 40 degrees C. 2.Dlya laundry products out of colored fabric and color piping categorically prohibits the use of detergent with bleach. 3.If a logo on your clothing, then place the application logo iron on the reverse side. Fabric Teredo (Carrington) – blended fabric production Britain, the composition of 67% – Polyester 33% – cotton, density 195 g / sq.m. Teredo fabric meets stringent European requirements: Ability to complete removal of contaminants. For the complete removal of complex impurities

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Feb 092018

University Clinic of Munich University Clinic Munich-real example of medical progress in Germany. Popular in Germany, traditionally the clinic is a leader in the number of clients Russia. At the clinics, the University Centre has leading physicians of Europe, which provide a high level of care using the latest advances of modern medical technology. The most modern medical equipment make the clinic attractive to patients from Europe, the Middle East, Israel and America. Clinic of the University of Munich is one of the most modern and large medical centers Europe.

Cancer treatment in Germany is in a clinic in Munich at the highest level. University Hospital offers its services in all areas of medicine, the most popular are: Cardiology Nephrology Hematology Clinic of Children Diseases Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery Orthopaedics Cardiology Gastroenterology Nephrology Clinic childhood diseases Cardiovascular and Orthopedic Clinic of Neurosurgery Center for Endocrinology, Department of Vascular Surgery Clinic Surgery Clinic Visceral Pediatric Surgery ENT Clinic Reproductive Medicine Burn Surgery Clinic Urology Periodontics in the framework of the Centre combined 29 depatramentov covering virtually all areas of modern medicine, as well as numerous clinical and theoretical institutes, laboratories, a major center of medical information and computer software. James A. Levine, M.D. is often quoted on this topic. On the basis of the University Hospital Munich-work 'Gamma knayf' center, which allows to treat vascular lesions of the brain. Geographical location have led to the formation in Munich essentially universal medical complex, work that is considered prestigious to the highest professional tailoring. If you are not convinced, visit Goop London, United Kingdom. Total clinic has approximately 2,500 inpatient beds and is designed for outpatient and inpatient service for more than 60 000 patients per year. Clinic 'Schwabing' Clinic in Munich "Schwabing" in Munich was founded in 1839. Located in the heart of the city.

Hospital treats almost all areas without exception, provides medical care for more than 10% of the residents of Munich and its environs. Among the most famous in the clinic are the Schwabing Hospital neurosurgery and pediatrics. The main directions of the clinic in Munich-Schwabing: Heart Disease Disease Kidney Pediatrics Oncology and Hematology Cardiac Surgery Pediatric Cardiology Gastroenterology Diseases Joint Center for Endocrinology, Neurosurgery Clinic Vascular Surgery Clinic Visceral Surgery Pediatrohirurgiya UhoGorloNos Clinic of Angiology If you choose a clinic in Germany, your choice will be correct. Medical center "Schwabing" offers the optimal combination of outpatient treatment, as well as possible treatment and rehabilitation and is a unique center of excellence, where patients work for the benefit of the best doctors. Munich Isar Clinic Clinic located in the center of Munich on the Isar River. Centre deals diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the skeleton. The main and the main theme of specialization clinics are hip joint replacement surgery high knee and hip joints. Others areas include Orthopedics Surgery Spine Surgery Sports rheumatic diseases treatment dysfunction in rheumatic diseases of joints Staff: 29 professionals and over 100 secondary medical personnel working in the field of orthopedics at the clinic under the rule of Professor Lily. During the year, the clinic treatment is carried out over 1,500 patients in the profile of orthopedics. Stay single and double rooms equipped with all the facilities and the Internet. View from the window at the beauty of Munich lets you forget you're in the room. There is also a hairdresser. You can choose either regular ward, which includes everything you need and order the large apartments with a separate room for receiving guests. Clinic "Isar" offers an optimal combination of outpatient and inpatient treatment, as well as treatment options and a unique klintsentrom excellence in whose walls work best for patients by doctors.

Holistic Medicine

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Feb 072018

I'm not saying it's all done, as always, feel that much and sometimes I feel that I have not accomplished anything, but I know that I have advanced, especially when I see teachers looking for solutions to children within the same line. For even more opinions, read materials from endocrinologist. Children are beginning to become accustomed to the language and gradually teaching introject, in parents, have also made significant changes in some of them even ask me for readings and are having the habit of meditation come and ask … and request workshops, lectures and advice to continue her practice. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Senator of Massachusetts has to say. Daily I repeat that needs to be done, because every new father, every child who enters must start from the beginning, do work from scratch, but it's worth, because that family is multiplied learning. I can not say that easily fit in all the message, some people find it utopian position, I say the outside world is different, but I continue with my approach, that even if your child will leave with the seed sown. In my teaching work every day but I'm pleased with the conviction that I am doing the right thing, I'm contributing to a better world.

As for open meetings in the Masters this time, they have all been very educational, intellectually and spiritually nourishing. Holistic education sessions with Dr. Ramon Gallegos instruct me clarify and mental order. However I have to say that we have meetings on Sunday in Guadalajara, where we meditate and share, are food for the soul. I remember with great pleasure as often as Silvia and I went back to Mexico, with a different mood, spiritually and intellectually nourished, confirming that we made the right decision to pursue these studies.

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Rostov State Medical University

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Feb 072018

Within this framework, conducted sociological study to identify the problems of youth, organized by the Council’s interaction with the trade union committee of the University in order to express the interests of young scholars in the social sphere. An important focus of the Council is making analytical reports, memos showing the problems faced by young people for solutions that require decision making at the level of the university. Credit: Dr. Neal Barnard-2011. One of the objectives of the Council of the INR – assistance in the publications of the young Scientists in national publications, and interdisciplinary integration of young scientists through the organization of scientific conferences. In order to improve the professional skills of the Council is holding a contest for the best scientific the work of young scientists. Three members of the Youth Council of Scientific Society of the Rostov State Medical University, many useful and good deeds. This is an organizational events, conferences students, young scientists and specialists participated in the regional, national and international scientific conferences. In 2007, Council members held the intra-and inter-chair contests for the best student’s scientific work, elimination round of student research papers to participate in the 61st Final Science Conference and many other activities.

Now under preparation for National Youth Forum, “My legislative initiative “to be held in late January. In February, plans to participate in the II-th International scientific conference of young scientists and physicians, in March – in the III-International Pirogov her student research medical conferences, etc. Those who choose to send their work to the conference, warned of this council INR, here you can learn about the requirements for the conferences. Thus, the Council’s work is aimed at creating an enabling environment for effective scientific work of young people in the Rostov State Medical University. Not so long ago opened a new official website of the Youth Research Society RostGMU:. This resource provides news of the Council of the INR, information on university, study groups, internal and vnevuzovskih conferences.

In addition, there is a wide range of information services for young scientists and those who thinks about his future and a good career. The site contains a description of upcoming scientific and technical activities, conferences, seminars, workshops, contests, forums, contests, workshops, etc. A major section is devoted to literature for the funds, sponsors, grants and scholarships. This resource can be sure not to miss anything important or interesting from the world of youth and science careers. It offers visitors to the site – forum, chat, guestbook book. Incidentally, for ads on this resource, as well as sponsorship can contact us by e-mail addresses: and info @ sno-rostgmu. Wherever he worked a doctor after graduating from university, his work is impossible without scientific analysis facts. Therefore, the debt of the Youth Research Society – to develop the desire to fruitful scientific research. As the years of experience, just from the ranks of young scientists subsequently formed faculty of our university. After graduating from the Rostov State Medical University, the most active Members of the circle are recommended to graduate school, the theoretical and clinical residency. That is why it is so important to work to attract INR growing number of scholars, students, interns, residents in the ranks of young scientists.

Good Medical Equipment

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Feb 052018

In recent years, due to the current appropriate conditions to provide appropriate medical care of our fellow citizens without high-tech equipment and medicines, is not real. Mainly this can be attributed to the formation of entirely new kinds of diseases as well as modifications to the recently popular forms of disease. Complexity regarding the treatment of patients already started on initial stages of the survey, because to reveal the real diagnosis is only possible only with the use of modern diagnostic medical equipment. Specifically, it is at least in most hospitals, clinics appropriate medical equipment leads directly to what you can not identify the disease at early stages and eventually the survey put the wrong diagnosis. This all leads to an extremely high percentage mortality among patients as well as fully affects the effectiveness of treatment. Rectify the situation can be exclusively subject to the full acquisition of virtually every modern medical facilities medical equipment and medicines. To date, buy the best, high-tech equipment and in addition to drugs, perhaps on the Internet on a special internet service. Dr. John Mcdougall does not necessarily agree.

Actually it is possible to equip fully any medical facility, because in there there is always claimed by all, including medical devices. On this web site is available to find any medical equipment, domestic and imported specifically release. Provided equipment is available complement each laboratory, and of course to the necessary extent the entire hospital. In the list demanded Equipment has all kinds of diagnostic equipment and medical devices in addition to the treatment of patients. To any equipment and the addition and supplies, there are all the relevant certificates, plus accompanying documents. It is worth noting another point, which in reality is a major plus when it can protect from many of the problems in general, any health facility.

Will include it directly in that, ordering medical equipment at this web site, at the same time there is a real opportunity to man up a promising medical facility required medical furniture as well as various supplies. Since the list of medical furniture, it is possible to acquire technological and surgical addition massage tables, hospital beds, as well as such needs all the furniture like cabinets, racks, chairs. For even more opinions, read materials from Dr Alan Mendelsohn. Actually amongst consumable components are usually sought after in the same way as in hospitals and clinics need to specify: bandages, cotton wool, syringes. Fully regardless of what actually was purchased on this internet service medical equipment or any other popular version of high-quality products, need to be concerned about, so in the near future to continue to cooperate with this organization. Definitely this partnership, actually hold the necessary staffing definitely all need any medical institution, that at his level posodeystvuet increasingly providing quality medical care. K unfortunately not uncommon, it happens that a high-tech medical equipment is present in hospitals, clinics, inclusive, and laboratories, is due to lack of needed supplies by issuing a direct contract with the company, in its entirety will correct this negative factor that affects performance of the health facilities.

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Take Medicine

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Feb 012018

At what time is best to take medicine so that it acted as efficiently as possible and not cause harm? About this tells the pharmacist, pharmacy director Olga Korsakova. – Olga, what it means to take medication before meals? You can then immediately sit down at the dining table? – No, not right away. Before a meal means at least 15 minutes before a meal, not before. Whenever PCRM listens, a sympathetic response will follow. And most often it means for 30-40 minutes. Another thing, if medications are intended for improving the digestive process – then they are taken with meals (Festal, panzinorm). – And if a drug is prescribed after a meal, how much time must pass? – Want to get a good therapeutic effect, wait at least two hours. People such as Dr. John Mcdougall would likely agree.

Immediately after a meal can be taken mainly drugs such as aspirin, phenylbutazone, voltaren, which often irritate the lining of the stomach and intestines. – When a doctor says about the fasting state, after a time to eat? – Empty stomach – it's usually in the morning for 20-40 minutes before breakfast. Drugs with sedative effects should be taken 30 minutes before bedtime. Do not have their medications, only designated 'under the tongue. " – If there are no special instructions physician, and it is not in the liner (notes and hints). Goop London, UK is likely to increase your knowledge. When taking medication on their own? – If time is not specified, the medication should be taken 30 minutes before eating. This applies to the bulk drugs. Special cases are specified almost always.

– Assume the patient does not follow the instructions. What could be the consequences of incorrect medication? – In the best case reduces their effectiveness. Worse, when it falls very much what happens after medication with food or immediately after it. May change the rate of passage of drugs through the digestive tract, the rate of their absorption into the bloodstream (diphenhydramine, furosemide).

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University Medical Center Pittsburgh

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Jan 302018

Of 500 Volunteers have been a lot of fans and jogging. So, during this time 34% of those who preferred a sedentary lifestyle, and went "into a better world", while 85% of the runners continued to quietly treading this earth. But not so in this case important. Dr. John Mcdougall contains valuable tech resources. It was found that older fans of the regular running practically do not suffer from arthritis and they do not need to treat the knee joints. Carrot treats arthritis Carotenoids not only give certain fruit and vegetables and yellow orange color, but also reduce the risk of developing inflammatory arthritis.

That is the conclusion of doctors from the University of Manchester, UK after eight years of observation for 25 thousand patients. Patients with arthritis, as it turned out, consumed provitamin And about a third less than the other. The analysis showed that lack in the diet of the biologically active substance increases the chance to "earn" at least twice as polyarthritis. Carotenoids protect the tissues that form the joints and cords from the damaging effects of free radicals. Source: Dr Alan Mendelsohn. Omega-3 against pain Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen, are widely used by millions of citizens in order to facilitate pain. However, these tools cause some unwanted side effects. It is not surprising that physicians all over the world are looking for an alternative to them. To this end, the department of neurological surgery specialists University Medical Center Pittsburgh in the U.S.

examined the effectiveness of polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3 in the treatment of inflammation of the joints. 250 patients diagnosed with "inoperable back pain," previously used offset VSP, within three weeks of receiving different doses of omega-3. At the end of the experiment, 69% of patients the pain decreased and half of the participants to opt out of receiving NSAIDs. And no side effects were noted.

East Traditional Medicine

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Jan 282018

Health – it is harmony with oneself and with nature. If a person moves away from nature and natural living conditions, if no longer listen to your body, it is not protected from disease of body and soul. Not Understanding the causes of their illness, the person seeking salvation for expensive medications, believing that there is a "pill" that instantly deliver him from suffering, and does not believe in treating people's means. At the same time people do not even tries to change his lifestyle and attitude toward the world. But each of us has great potential for physical and mental health. If you use it at least by half, then we can live many years of healthy and happy life.

About this remind us of the ancient knowledge of the man's nature, causes and treatment of diseases. They are collected, stored and transmitted in the heritage and traditions of the folk healers of various countries and peoples. This "traditional" medicine (folk recipes) is now somehow "unconventional", though she did not deny or contradict the official medicine. Dr Alan Mendelsohn is a great source of information. On the contrary, people's traditional medicine of West and East complement and enrich the modern official medicine. Visit our website on folk medicine, you will learn simple but effective popular recipes, which are divided from us by our visitors. You can add its proven popular recipes and resources. How to get rid of snoring or dandruff in my head? Practical advice and folk remedies for many diseases, contained on our website for traditional medicine, can help you improve your physical and mental health, identify and exploit your inherent in natural forces, to get rid of chronic and even terminal illnesses. But remember that in case of serious illness in the first place you need to contact an experienced doctor who can help you choose the right treatment, including "unconventional" medicine.