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Malaga will be soothes of XXXVII the National Congress of the Spanish Society of Rheumatology, that will take place in the Palace of Fairs and Congresses of the Malagan capital during days 11, 12 and 13 of May. Congress of Rheumatology in Malaga the Spanish Society of Rheumatology (TO BE), organizer of this event doctor-scientist, was formed in June of 1948, in order to foment the study of the reumatismos and the medical problems related to them. Later, in 1952, the Specialty of Rheumatology by the Ministry of Education was recognized. The Congress will reunite to an important number of facultative of this specialty, that during these days will debate, among others subjects, on the refractory osteoporosis, reumatoide arthritis, inmunopatogenia of the rheumatic diseases and the rheumatic diet and diseases. Its lodging to attend to this can realise it congress in one of the hotels in Malaga with category of 4 stars superior, our Hotel Malaga Mount, that stops this occasion it offers rooms to him to the assistants to this encounter.

Northern Urals

Reserve is a beautiful area of the Northern Urals. Here is the highest ridge of the Western Urals – Tulymsky Stone (1469 meters), very beautiful rock outcrops – ern – Pupy, Munin, Tump, thunderbolt, falls to 9 meters high, clear mountain lakes, and plunging into the underground cavity of the river; little explored caves, medicinal key sources. In its original form preserved forests have never seen the ax. Impressive relic grove larch on the slopes Isherima and Tulum. The age of some of them over 300 years. Stagger the imagination subalpine birch woodland reminiscent of parks with manicured green lawns.

If the rivers rise in the mountains, over the forest belt will narrow belt of subalpine meadows. In the summer of their covers juicy grass, pleases the eye with a variety of greenery and flowers. Total in the reserve recorded 400 plant species, 122 of whom were in the province and the country's status Rare and very rare. Here, away from the people hidden holy places of the people of Muncie. And the names here speak for themselves: Molebny creek, ridge Molebny Stone (on the Mansi – Jana-Yalping-Ner – "great sacred stone") with the Gods vertices Oykoy and Ekvoy (old men and women) covered with legends Muncie. Assistant Chief Mansi god Hus-Oyka – Mountain Hu-Jay in the ridge Ant stone, standing alone is Dividing Range, composed of huge boulders. Argue that in these places the most frequently occurring anomalies: the glow of metal objects, standing on the ground, sparks and rays of light, which rises from the mountains; neponchtny underground buzz. Many more secrets and mysteries lurk in the protected land

The Field

This type of ndigo has a tendency to addiction, particularly to drugs during adolescence. His parents should closely monitor their behavior patterns. 3. The artist: The artist is much ndigo more sensitive and often your body is smaller, but that's not a rule. They are more inclined towards art, and be very creative teachers and artists of tomorrow. Whatever it is to be engaged in, always will be geared toward the creative side. Within the field of medicine, will be surgeons or researchers. In the field of arts, will be the actors.

Between 4 and 10 years, they can engage in up to 15 different creative activities, he devoted five minutes to one and then leave. 4. The interdimensional: The interdimensional ndigo is much larger than the other Indigos, from the standpoint of height. Between 1 and 2 years and I can not say anything. They will say: "I do not know" or "I can do that" or "Leave me alone." It is they who will bring new philosophies and spirituality into the world. They can become bullies and boastful because they are much larger and also because they fit into any pattern of the other three types. Features to identify ndigo Children: The authors listed the following features to help identify if your child is a ndigo: * Has high sensitivity has excess energy * * Is easily distracted or have low power of concentration. * Requires emotionally stable and secure adults around him * He resists the authority if it is not democratically oriented * prefer other forms of learning, reading and mathematics in particular.

The Leaves

Since ancient times, women have taken care of their skin with care, aware of the benefits and advantages of the plants of their environment. The used to keep skin and hair in perfect condition. The doctors were charged with recommending to their patients cosmetic until the fifteenth century, when they began to separate from this task since it was not well seen a medical doctor worry about the affairs of the beauty of the skin. This wisdom, which has been passed from generation to generation until today, has now become a requirement. The products or treatments skin care that are made from natural ingredients, ranging from plant extracts to the roots, flowers to the natural oils from the leaves and bark. And many other sources that can be used to make natural products for skin care.

These products ensure a clear complexion of the skin when in addition to reducing wrinkles and keep the face clean and clear, as they are cleansing, toning, moisturizing, decreasing circles and wrinkles, fighting pimples, acnes and other classes skin problems. The body products are natural skin products, contain no more than the aloe vera, lavender, jojoba, olive oil, rosemary extract, etc. Substances applied to the skin are absorbed into the blood and the general circulation by means of the apparatus Pilo-Sebucan (hair follicles and sebaceous glands of the skin). The sebun lubricates the skin and helps in preventing the evaporation of moisture from the skin, is a natural emollient (help to conserve moisture in the skin) and is also a barrier against germs.

How A Boss Can Motivate Employees

Sunday syndrome. Do you know if your staff suffer from the “Sunday syndrome?”. What constitutes?. For a worker arrived on Sunday afternoon, is paralyzed and mentally said “Monday Morning, again go to work in this site “. If your staff is suffering from this disease, here are some practical measures to correct the discomfort.

To pay considerable attention to the discovery of emotions, feelings and attitudes Study your people, use their attitudes in favor of the company; Discuss negative attitudes from the beginning, anticipate them and reduce them. Analyze the causes of dissatisfaction, quickly and sincerely. – Establish a policy of “sincere” Open Praise the worthy Tell your colleagues, because it makes things. Take a sincere interest in improving working conditions, according to their 8 .- Do everything possible on their part to make work safe and healthy.

Do not make promises you can not keep. Avoid frequent changes and whether to prepare them to partner early Place your colleagues where they can best apply their skills and experience Meet with colleagues at conferences monthly Show that you have greater interest in their partner that by production. It is difficult but strive. Right confidences to his staff; as matters are, in the sense of “we.” Establish and name a person responsible for your associates to a suggestion box. – Give importance to the work of each Remember that the reasons given in the first place are almost never the real causes of low motivation, to investigate the real. Remember: The worst companies to work is distinguished by the lack of respect. You feel obliged to play a role when you are at work. Paper that is not theirs, that is, forces it to be a different person. Lack of Credibility: Some managers are never willing to openly discuss their personal problems and act as if everything goes smoothly.

You feel that you will not receive fair treatment. Stay away from any company that promotes its more based on personal politics, that based on the performance Avoid companies that pay poorly and promise unrealistic promotions based on past performance Finally, and perhaps you agree with me, not a good idea to work in a company where you feel exploited. Well as it seeks to motivate your staff, your company is well.

Kola Power Seats Peninsula

Device Shkatova allows you to measure the contrast of the torsion of individual words, while the tc word, usually equal to the sum of tc letters composing it. In other words, the torsion field of speech equal to the sum of torsion fields of its constituent letters, though This assertion is confirmed with an accuracy of 10-20%. For example, using data presented in Fig. easy to calculate that the tc word Christ is +19. Proceeding from the above, we chose the physical media for our Army as a Conventional CD-ROM drive, so the circle creates a maximal right torsion contrast. Our cb you can not find any video or audio recordings. They moved to the method of transfer and simulation of vibration of the Kola Power Seats Peninsula, that is a piece of nature in your home.

cb primarily a positive influence on the autonomic nervous system, have no side effects because it is not pharmacology, is an energy places of power. Except energetic tone, cb possess information component. With the help of cb can be structured water, food, their sleeping place, office, apartment and t.d.Diametr field of basic sw 39metrov. In addition to improving the functions cb help solve many social issues, is to help in their studies, mental activities, the creation of a harmonious, peaceful environment at home and at work, and much more (see catalog ST). And a half years of interaction with cb Time synchronizer, we are satisfied with their endless potential, as the work with the Army requires a creative approach.

We give a general direction, but experience shows that people are starting to interact with the cb itself included in the creative process and offer their own opportunities. Sometimes the "side" results are so unexpected, that is staggering in its scale. As it happened, when her husband employee of our center were given cb (he suffered from hypertension), he worked on a fishing boat in the area of Mauritania. We wanted to see how under the equator on the distillate will work our Kola st. As a result, using structured to ne Distillate he got rid of hypertension, while he said a good mood, good sleep, no bad thoughts, high efficiency during the entire flight. But the most interesting things that catch amounted to 158%, a record haul for the history of the trawl fleet. At the present time, the experiment is repeated, the catch is progressing well, in March 2009 will be known to the final result. We noticed one interesting pattern that neighbors within range of sw stop complaining about his health, drug subsided, the family squabbles. ne are also filling the energy of food is no secret that the products of the energy component could be better. Look at how much people eat, and do not get full, because the products do not have the energy. Particularly in developed countries where the products are powerful technological processing. sw potential is huge, it's very nature, the possibility of which by anyone and in no way limited.

Choosing Comfort

Office partitions – ideal for organizing work space in an office environment. They can be used to divide the total area of office for a few working zones so that each employee receives "Their" small, but "personal square meters, where he will be able to work comfortably without being distracted by external stimuli. More significant isolation from outside noise allows installation of stationary partitioning. These partitions serve as a full wall, because firmly attached to the ceiling and the floor and move them is impossible. The result is a fully independent isolated space. Provision is also another kind of partition – mobile. They, unlike stationary at any point can be moved and arranged in the most convenient situation properly. These office partitions will become an indispensable option, for example, in the case of frequent crossings.

Lightweight and lean, they do not require additional efforts to transfer when you need to divide the space into a large number of jobs. Also, these walls can quickly add up and make room For example, in the conference hall. In general, what is a partition? This frame and attached to the panels, or sheets of various materials. Make them from very strong and dense "ingredients": drywall, wood, glass, plastics, etc. The surface of the drywall is remarkable for its smoothness and endurance, can withstand heavy loads, trudnovozgoraema, but this stuff is better not to be used in rooms with high humidity. If you care about health, you should choose an environmentally friendly material – panels of wood. However, the tree also does not tolerate moisture, and by its inferior soundproofing drywall.

Very common walls made wholly or partly made of glass. Glass used for these purposes tempered to his beat – will have to make significant efforts. Glass can be completely transparent or translucent (tinted, frosted). In the case of selecting glass often complement a "picture" blinds that in case of need provide privacy. In addition to sharing space, office partitions, and also play an important aesthetic function, because partition becomes part of the overall interior design and also sets the overall style of the office. A combination of different materials, the use of patterned glass, the game is color – can all help make the atmosphere in the office more attractive and comfortable. And this, as you know, always for the better effect on performance in the staff. And finally. Should pay attention to is used for fixing fittings, especially in the case all-glass partitions, since the hide and disguise it against the glass did not come out. But in this case, fasteners can be chosen so that in itself will represent a small masterpiece of design. At the same time most harmoniously with the glass look metal fittings: aluminum, brass, stainless steel.

Bone Quickly Fused

In my youth I was a healthy woman, energetic, happy and cheerful. Much time to make the day. I'm literally in the hands burned. And now, when I turned sixty, began to notice that there is no longer its former ease enthusiasm, a joy And what joy-what? So if there is something to talk about with your girlfriends, it's about the sores. Young people do not understand the old people say that they just talk: gossip so sore. But will live up to our age, remember us, elderly. And what about the sores we talk and share our recipes, so unless there is bad? Just recently I was bathing in a bathtub, was to get out but somehow inadvertently stepped on the wet floor.

Slipped and fell. Long lay on the floor. Hardly climbed, crawled to the phone and called an ambulance. It turned out I had broken her hip. Put me in a district hospital. Hip would not heal for a long time, the bones slowly fused.

After all, age is not the same. And the food in the district hospital is not so hot what. Thank God, a friend of mine – with Kuzminichna Ivanovna – do not forget me, yeah something brought me to eat. May God grant them good health! And bring me teas herbs, to better bones fused. I drank a decoction of the roots of comfrey. Vera Kuzminichna itself did it: took 1 tablespoon of ground roots of comfrey, pour 1 cup of cold water, boil and insisted half an hour. This strained broth, I saw every 2 hours and 1 dessert spoon. Kuzminichna from someone heard that this decoction helps not only to a very rapid concretionary bones and heals even bone tuberculosis. And another friend of mine, Tatiana, is a long time in folk medicine. She prepared for an unusual remedy: dried earth (rain) worm, rubbed into powder and then mix 1 teaspoon of dried earthworm powder with 1 tablespoon of honey. I saw this medication 3 times a day for 1 hour before a meal (1 teaspoon stirred polstakane warm boiled water). After such a treatment here, I quickly recovered.