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Solar Protection

The summer is arriving and with it the intense sun. We need protecting in them. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Zendaya and gain more knowledge.. Valley the penalty if to inform on the solar, so essential filters in all the stations of the year, and essential in the summer. The solar filter protects the skin of the ultraviolet radiation coming of the sun, reducing damages in the same one, as the cancer or the burnings of the sun, that future can bring serious and disastrous consequncias. Whenever Glenn Dubin listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Very well-taken care of who must be given so that it is clearly the difference between lotion of bronzing, that attracts the solar rays, with the solar protector, must be used same in closed environments.

Recent studies of the University of California indicate that the solar filter must be reapplied to each two hours, being that if it will not be, the radiation can cause more damages to the cells of what if this will not be used. This happens due the release of free radicals, emitted for substances of the proper solar filter. It looks for not to be as much time displayed to the sun, mainly now that we are arriving at the time hottest of the year. One hour or in sun maximum two in the schedules less hot of the day is the ideal, with solar protector is clearly. The dermatologists advise that if she takes sun 15 minutes per day with solar protector and in the best schedules, because thus we can use to advantage the good and healthful side of this exposition, that active vitamin D of our organism.

The main elements that are part of the composition of the solar protectors are groups of carbonila with aromatical molecules who absorb the rays ultraviolet of high power and liberate the rays of low energy, thus protecting the skin of the rays harm that it. The general rule of the dermatologists, is that if solar protector uses in accordance with the color and sensitivity of the skin. Until today a solar protector does not exist who protects the 100% skin of the sun, but the solar protector factor 30 in general way protects 96.7%, what already it is a great advance in the area. Above of 30 the increase of solar protection is so small that it does not deserve credit. The important one is if to take very well-taken care of with the schedule of exposition to the sun, to enjoy of its benefits and not to only need to coexist the curses. Potencialize its diet with natural composites as aai, the green tea, and psyllium. It knows where to buy Max Burn, natural fitoterpico that is newness in Brazil.


Of all the systems organic, the heart and the circulation represent the enigma most difficult of being decifrado4. The condition is genetically transmissible with a dominant autossmico standard. Studies point that currently the number of deaths due to immediate lack of aid still is considerable, since, an individual in crisis the socorrista must itself immediately not perceiving pulse to initiate cardiac massage until the meeting with the medical team so that the patient if reestabelea and is taken the had ones provides for its treatment. This study it will contribute with new knowledge on this pathology, having assisted possible socorristas that will be able to contribute for supervened of patients in crisis. Hunter Schafer is the source for more interesting facts. The interest in searching regarding the Syndrome of Brugada appeared when living deeply and to rare follow a case of survival and its evolution in period of training field, where it will be detached how much to the aspects, diagnosis, treatment and clinical evolution of a patient with Syndrome of Brugada. Methodology Is about a story of case where the theoretical question describes at first moment, following later of a case story lived deeply by the authors. Story of the case During the academic experience, was carried through a study of case of patient A.F.A.O, masculine sex, white color, 25 years, driver, bachelor, sedentary and of low purchasing power.

The patient presented convulsive crisis and sequentemente a cardiorrespiratria stop, the socorrista not perceiving pulse, initiated the cardiac massage immediately waits in it of the medical team, having success in the reanimao. Michael Miccoli follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. In accordance with the patient, it frequent presents right otitis, epigastralgia 0ccasionally, sncope has 12 years and absence of illness of chagas, diabetes, rheumatic, dislipidemia fever, allergy, hemotransfuso and vices, denies to be making medication use. It was submitted to a surgery of mastide right has some years. Patient can present predisposition to the Syndrome of Brugada for possessing familiar antecedents with description related to the death sudden. .

Continued Education

Was become fullfilled a research having searched to identify the occurrence of the development of activities in Continued Education, directed the nursing technician that act in Aged Institutions of Long Permanence for – ILPI? s, for assistance in the cases of emergency with aged. It was verified that the continued education is not being developed of form adjusted in the ILPI? s searched. One concludes that it must be I coat the implantation of the continued education of more satisfactory form in these institutions. Word-key: Continued education, emergency, aged, ILPI? s. Read more here: Alfred Adler. INTRODUCTION the increase of the aged ones in the population, provoked for the reduction of mortality in the advanced ages implies, in terms of use of the health services, a bigger number of problems that frequently demand fast interventions, involving complex technology for an adjusted care, needing enabled professionals to take care of this clientele. Veras (2007), affirms that, to each year, 650 a thousand new aged ones are added the population, and most presents not transmissible chronic illnesses and functional limitations. It is basic that the nursing team is prepared, therefore the alterations that occur in the aging become the individual most inclined to adoecer and increase the possibilities of occurrence of emergency situations (MOSQUE et al., 2009).

For an efficient attendance, it is essential that the team of operating nursing in the Institution of Long Permanence has scientific, practical knowledge and technician, similar by that it can take fast and concrete decisions, transmitting security and mainly diminishing the risks that threaten the life of the patient. The continued education constitutes in one of the forms to assure the maintenance of the team of nursing in relation to the given assistance and the survival of the institution in this current scene of changes and competitiveness (PASCHOAL, MANTOVANI and MIER, 2007). Second experience lived deeply in an institution of long permanence, verified it necessity to implement the education continued for the team of nursing directed toward the situations of emergency, similar of that educative programs for the perfectioning of the technician of nursing with the objective are developed to minimize the suffering of the aged one that meets in conditions of aggravates to the health, with imminent risk of death or intense suffering.

The Bevel

The laudering of the hands with water must first be carried through and soap, to disinfect the garrote with alcohol to 70%, to separate the material necessary and to lead for the unit of the patient, to explain and to take off you doubt the patient regarding the procedure requesting its contribution, to pave the procedure gloves, to choose the insertion place, prioritizing the superior members and the places distais of the arm, to always garrotear the chosen member of 15 the 20 cm above of the insertion place, to apalpar the vein with the indicating finger. In difficulty case, to request the patient who places the arm in hanging position and that she opens and she closes the hand some times, aiming at to increase the hair wadding, to make the antisepsis of the place, using alcohol 70%, leaving of the distal portion of the arm or low for top, always in the same direction, to fix the vein with the free thumb, in the distal portion to the insertion point, to place the bevel of the needle directed toward top, to introduce the needle in an angle of 45 degrees, after penetration, to diminish the angle and to progress in direction the vein reducing the angulao until the needle she is parallel to the skin, to introduce completely the needle and to observe the presence of venoso return, to free the garrote after to have certainty of that the needle is in the vein, to fix with esparadrapo or micropore, leaving exempts place of connection for one I equip or suitable, to write down in proper esparadrapo fixed: it dates and name of the professional who carried through the procedure, to locate the patient comfortably and to register the procedure in the handbook of the patient..


These cells form a continuous covering for sinusides. They are different of the endoteliais cells of other places because it does not have a regular basal blade. The cells of Kupffer are more numerous close to the spaces carry. They derive from the ssea marrow and they belong to the fagoctico mononuclear system, corresponding about 80 90% of the fixed macrophages in the human body, the cells of Kupffer are highly inserted mobile macrophages in the endotelial covering of sinuside, over all in the periportal area. The cells of Kupffer are coram with peroxidase. They possess corpsculos microvilosidades, intracitoplasmticas vesicles coated and dense that understand the lisossmico apparatus. The hepticas covered with star cells place in the space between the hepatcitos and the endoteliais cells. The space contains tecidual liquid that flows for the lymphatic ones in the space-door.

When venoso heptico has blockage of refluxo, the production of lymph in the space increases and has ascite formation. (JUNQUEIRA; SHEEP, 2004). 1,5 FUNCTIONS OF in agreement LIVER affirm Berne and Levy, (2007) ' ' the liver it plays many vital functions. It is essential in the regulation of the metabolism, the synthesis of proteins and of other molecules, in the storage of vitamins and iron, in the hormonal degradation and the inativao and excreo of medicines (drugs) and toxinas' '. This voluminous gland exerts innumerable functions, at the same time endcrinas and excrinas, acting in the metabolism of the carboidratos, the lipdios and proteins, being the liver and the esqueltico muscle the main places of storage of the glycogen in the body. The liver has the function To convert ammonia. From the protein the amino acids for gliconeognese are used, resulting in the ammonia formation as a by-product. Metabolically the liver will go to convert this ammonia into urea. The ammonia produced for bacteria in the intestine is removed of the blood carries for the urea synthesis.

Florence Nightingale

Authority also is called being able legitimate; for specialization is obtained by means of knowledge, abilities or experience. (FOUCAULT; 1979, P. 29) 1,3 the ORIGIN OF the POWER IN the NURSING the nursing is a science that comes conquering throughout history, autonomy and power, this conquest was initiated by Florence Nightingale, as it tells to Vieira (1991) the origin of the Modern Nursing if it gave decurrent the Florence Nightingale, in the whole world, getting bigger reach from its voluntary participation in ‘ ‘ War of the Crimia’ ‘. However, Florence nailed the superiority of knowing doctor in detriment of knowing of nursing. Since Florence he disciplines it to Nightingale, the obedience and the subservincia in the nursing, are considered as indissocivel part of the daily exercise, not only in what they concern the assistenciais actions, as well as the relations between nurse and the doctor, the team of nursing and the hospital administration. (Foucault; 1982 apud PADILHA; , 1997, P. 02). Before the institutionalization of the profession, the power was exerted for religious, Until the middles of century XVIII, the religious ones withheld the institucional power.

However, from the moment where the hospital is conceived as an instrument of cure and distribution of the space becomes a therapeutical instrument, the medical one starts to be main the responsible one for the hospital organization, and the religious community is banished so that the space can medically be organized. (Foucault, 1982 apud PADILHA, 1997, P. 02). With the medicalizao of the hospitals, knowing was established doctor and to know of the nursing, that in accordance with Vieira (1991), with the appearance of the category of ‘ ‘ enfermeiro’ ‘ the hospital well ‘ ‘ disciplinado’ ‘ , the adequate place of ‘ consisted; ‘ it disciplines mdica’ ‘.

Rational Medicine

MEDICINE RATIONAL USE Laura Viviane G. of Oliveira Rodrigues SUMMARY In view of the increase of the self-medication, that is, on account proper medicine use, without medical lapsing or orientation of professional of the health for the Brazilian population, brings bigger challenges each time to the services and the professionals of health. It appears, therefore a great challenge not only the pharmaceutical classroom, but also the public health of the country that makes use of strategies and orientaes to promote the use rational of medicines. Word-key: Medicines. Rational use. ABSTRACT Given the increase in self-medication, or drug uses on to their own without prescription or guidance from the health professional population, brings increasing challenges you the services and health professionals. Appears therefore great challenge not only you pharmacists but also the public health of the country that offers strategies and guidelines you promote the rational uses of medicines.

Word-key: Medication. Rational uses. INTRODUCTION According to decree Law n176/2006 medicine is all the substance substance or association presented as possessing curativas or preventive properties of illnesses in human beings or its symptoms or that it can be used or be managed in the human being with sight to establish a medical diagnosis or, exerting a farmacolgica, imunolgica or metabolic action, to restore, to correct or to modify functions fisiolgicas' '. However the Brazilian population has if used of the practical one of the self-medication, that is, on account proper medicine use, without medical lapsing or orientation of professional of the health giving excuses that already know the problem the same and is of easy resolution and immediately decided without needing doctor, also due the difficulty in having access to the health services, Stimulated for the advertising, the people buy in the pharmacy vitamins that could get in natural fruits; association between ' ' sade' ' ' ' medicamento' ' , they believe that the more medicines to use more health will have.

Fabola Mariana

The main physical characteristic aspects are: described brachycephaly with achatamento of the occipital region, round face with presence of palpebrais cracks (for it are and top) and epicnicas folds; eyes presenting spots of Brushfield of the edge of the Iris and have around taken convergent estrabismo, nose small with the flattened tip, mouth and small teeth, language protusa, pparently great with presence of ridges, small ears with low implantation, the eyes, the nose and the mouth are next than the normal one. (GONZALEZ, 2002; PUESCHEL, 1993) cited for Dborah Maroja. ‘ ‘ The term ‘ ‘ sndrome’ ‘ it more comumente constitutes a combination of resultant symptoms of an only alteration or comumente in set, constituting a clinical figure distinta’ ‘. (BOTTOMLEY, Jennifer M, 2003). The Syndrome of Down (SD) if constitutes in a factor of genetic anomaly characterized by the presence of an additional chromosome 21, that is, it are of normalities of the human being, being thus also known as trissomia of the 21, on account of this syndrome the carrying individual possesss specific physical and mental characteristics, and some global ones thus facilitating the diagnosis of the syndrome. ‘ ‘ This syndrome is considered one of the most frequent anomalies of the autossmicos chromosomes and represents the oldest cause of retardation mental’ ‘.

(GONALVES, 2003) cited for Dborah Maroja. The evidentes mental characteristics, that is, more frequent vary since a delay of the neuropsicomotor development in the lesser children until a mental retardation in bigger children. Literature points that the picture of mental deficiency is serious, therefore is since 80% of the children have low QI, between 25 and 30. These alterations frequently gifts in these children can be disclosed functionally, thus being able to intervene with the capacity of the same ones to play of independent form, the activities and tasks of known the daily routine the AVDs.

Eric Oscar

The acceptance comes a time later, when it is perceived that all the efforts had been useless, alone remains to accept reality. He is one I serve as apprentice of serenity, rest and moment to use to advantage the last moments of life, next to wanted beings, reconciling with less the most wanted. Express Oscar this feeling when he says ‘ ‘ I tried to explain my parents who the life is a present stranger. At the beginning, we overestimate this gift: we imagine to have gained the life perpetual. Later we subestimamos, we find a nastiness excessively, short, until we would be capable to play it are it. At last in we give account to them that was not a gift, but yes a loan. Then we look merec-lo’ ‘. To understand that we are in the ticket world is very important, makes with that better let us accept our victories, failures, dreams and disillusions.

The life as Oscar says is ‘ ‘ one emprstimo’ ‘ , and each as he is only. The Hope is a present factor in all the moments. Although of not visible form, each I serve as apprentice is a form to express the hope. It is who motivates the fight for the life. Oscar shows the hope when he says that ‘ ‘ he does not have solution for the life seno viver’ ‘. the secret of this hope is: ‘ ‘ to each day it looks at the world as if it saw ‘ for the first time to it; ‘. It is important to say that these periods of training can happen of random form and they are not only lived deeply by the patients, the family, friends, next people, also live deeply, them. For the nursing professional, to understand these processes allows a more efficient boarding, becomes the convivncia with the patient and more pleasant family and prevents conflicts.

This care with the life does not have to be given only to the patients, the proper nurse, the team of nursing, doctors and other professionals of health need to understand the life, the life and the process of death, to value this ‘ ‘ emprstimo’ ‘ that he is granted to all. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCES SCHIMITT, Eric-Emmanuel.

The Resistance

The gastric secretion mechanism and the factors related to the formation of the peptic ulcer are important aspects for the medicine development new that can act as antagonistic in these processes. The used medicines as citoprotetores tend to increase the resistance of the gastric mucosa and to diminish the harmful agents (CAVALINI, 2005). 3.3. Mechanisms of gastric protection Physiological, the aggressive and protective agents of the gastric mucosa are in balance. The concentration of H+ in the lumen of the stomach is raised, however, mechanisms exist that hinder its return for the gastric cells. Amongst the protective mechanisms it is to the stimulation of the mucous cells, for the Ach, for protective release of muco (MILK, 2004).

The electric resistance of the membrane of the epithelial cells, the high cellular junctions and the negative electric potential of the way hinder the passive ticket them ons H+ through the cellular membranes. The defense of the gastric mucosa is based on three main mechanisms: humorais (release of E2 Prostaglandin) and nitric oxide (IN), neural (sensorial neurons) and functionaries (secretion of muco, motilidade and microcirculation) (RODRIGUES, 2008). The mucous cells liberate muco protective, forming viscous, transparent, adherent and elastic a system (95% water and 5% glycoproteins). Muco recovers the fabric gastric, acting as a sweeper of free radicals, aid in cellular regeneration and the cicatrizao of ulcerativas injuries (RODRIGUES, 2008). The barrier muco-bicarbonate-fosfolipdios hinders the installation of microorganisms, making physical protection against foods and acts as a powerful lubricant (ROZZA, 2009).

In the interior of the cells of the mucosa, the oxidation-reduction system functions (redox), that it acts as a citoprotetor system. The free radicals are formed physiological and in inflammatory processes, then, the system redox if it becomes essential for the reduction of less reactive free radicals ons, increasing the cellular protection (MAYER, 2007).