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Cancer Symptoms

Cervix, also known as endometrial cancer, cancer affects the lining of the uterus. Postmenopausal women have higher risk of cervical cancer. Women who have not had children are also at a high risk level. In postmenopausal women, the major symptom of cervical cancer is vaginal bleeding. Bleeding may be in principle in the form of water with blood, which is only slightly through the liquid.

Blood flow can become heavier with the passage of time, and it is important to seek medical help immediately. Another uteriono neck cancer symptom is a white or colored blood vaginal discharge. There may be a bit of pain when urinating. Other symptoms may include pain in the pelvic region and remarkable weight loss. In the early stages of cervical cancer, there are a number of symptoms to take into account.

Slight watery bleeding can happen to a very heavy bleeding and this can occur between menstrual cycles. Bleeding after intercourse, it is another symptom that should be taken into account. After menopause, bleeding or spotting may be a symptom of diseases of the cervix. Aches and cramps may also appear, in turn can can appear a kind of physical pressure in the pelvis or leg area. It is possible that the urination can generate unpleasant downloads that appear as a yellow or clear liquid. There may also be some pain or discomfort that sit on the pubic area… Although these symptoms may indicate cervical cancer, a successful diagnosis cannot be until qualified medical help is requested, or until a relevant biopsy of cervix. Likewise, there may be other reasons for these symptoms. If these symptoms occur, the diagnosis of cervical cancer is not automatic because there are other underlying problems that may be the cause. Symptoms of advanced cervical cancer are different from the first stages. Advanced symptoms include jaundice, or yellowing of the skin or whites of the eyes. A general feeling of tiredness is also common. Weight loss can be another symptom, accompanied by shortness of breath. Problems in the intestinal tract can also occur. The intestines may become blocked, and there may also be an accumulation of fluid within the abdomen. Also some problems may occur in the bladder, including incontinence. Bleeding is another important symptom of cervical cancer. If the cancer is detected early, the chances that the treatment is an extio are very favorable. If any of the symptoms exposed sepresenta, should not be delay in seeking medical advice. Wait in search of aid only would be detrimental to any treatment that need to be started under a precise medical diagnosis.

Psychological Portraits

It all started when he met the woman discovered the … Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck three years ago ("The Lives of Others"), I immediately remembered his name. And that's not the Oscar for best foreign film – something I learned only later – and a remarkable power transmission of the atmosphere of hopelessness that prevailed in the totalitarian GDR truthful psychological portraits of characters: men and weak, and strong, broken conformists or persistent opponents of the regime. And if the director is, moreover, no darning to 10 films a year, his new works are waiting with bated breath. His new project in this regard is surprising: and declared the genre and plot, and suddenly the star the cast, producers, budget – everything is mainstream, such as distant from the perception of the world Donnersmarck, which raised some doubts as the movie. But doubts were dispelled in the auditorium of the cinema, at As I got on the news show "Camper" in the Atrium of great pleasure. To begin with, that pleasantly surprised Venice, love and gentle awe, with which it is displayed. People who visited the town of Valentine, are divided into two camps: those who continue to dwell in the world of legendary fantasy postcard and believe that this is paradise, and those who, like me, notice the stench of narrow streets, the stench and oppressive sadness that rises from the murky green water channels, and promises himself never here to return. But in Venice Donnersmarck I want to go back, I want to see her this gorgeous and sunny.

The Skin And Hair

The procedure for hair removal, just affects the melanin, which is located in the hair follicle. After treatment bulb which is gradually destroyed. Another advantage may be called, what impact selectively only epilation on hair without damaging the skin and subcutaneous structures of the skin of man. At hair removal can be eliminated by both light and thin hair and almost anywhere in your body. Determination of skin phototype patient. Assess the patient's skin types in accordance with the following Classification by Fitzpatrick skin types.

You must also consider whether the patient has darkened area of healed injuries or scratches. This may indicate the possibility of pigmentary changes. CLASSIFICATION OF Fitzpatrick skin types I Always burns, tans do not always burns II, tan less than average III Sometimes burns, sunburn average IV rarely burns, tans easily Moderate pigmentation V, VI always tans deep pigmentation, burns, there is no preparation. Haircut and SHAVING – Effective in areas with very short hair. The patient may shave the area of hair removal 12 hours before the procedure.

However, at least for part of the cultivated area of the hair should be at least 2 mm to be able to observe clinical outcome to determine the appropriate power level. Haircut or shave necessary for the convenience of the operator, eliminating the discomfort of burning hair, and avoid contact with the hair bulb. And as for concentration of the pulse energy directly into the hair follicle. CLEANING – field procedures must be completely clean before hair removal to remove any dirt or makeup, as they may alter the absorption of light energy in the skin. Alcohol and acetone are flammable, if used for degreasing skin products that contain them, the skin should be washed with soap and water. Bowls and napkin with agents containing alcohol, and acetone, must be removed, not in the immediate vicinity of the working machine. DRY – the skin surface to be treated must be dry. Never use on wet skin. ANESTHESIA – some patients and Some areas of the skin are sensitive to the procedures is therefore recommended to use a local anesthetic cream (EMLA, Ellamax, Topicaine), to reduce discomfort client. Application of funds and their exposure depends on the zone. ON APPLIANCE LUCILIA OBEZBALIVANIYA NOT REQUIRED, BUT STILL, IF THE CUSTOMER GOT with very sensitive skin use is possible! Before starting work, after application of anesthetic necessary to clean the surface. Do not forget sign "Informing the client on the procedure of phototherapy," which will be spelled out all the information about the client, as well as its written consent to the procedure. Successful and productive work! +7 (343) 3454564,3455045,2051813 (77)