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Solar Baths

Discussing how vacations tourists from Russia needed pointing the next trend. Today day in the world, so including Russia, increases the interest by cruise ships by the river and the sea. They take part in cruises by sea (and by the rivers also) the older people, are those who consider the marches as drudgery tourist, rest on beaches under the rays of the Sun can cause them damage. Cruiser it is possible to receive it all by minor parties: and various cultural programs, and Solar Baths on deck, the mountains of water, and swimming in the pool or in the Sea (or river) in places of the wild beaches and once in three days the Earth observation of the local curiosities. Increases the amount of fans to travel to the medicinal mud spas. In the USSR in the Soviet time the curative dirt sources travelling by the free trade union squares the more layers of the population of Russia, because in the world such kind of rest was privilege for rich people and famous.

Today day in all parts of the world have changed priorities: people are more attentive to their health. Then leave them to Israel to the dead sea which is notable and known for its full of salt water and consequently it is impossible to drown in the. Also there is the tourism theme to which the Russians are slowly started. This type of tourism is travel for prober wines from France, Italy, of the Spain or Portugal. Because now the Russians drink not only the brandy, beer and port wine.

Russia increases the amount of fans to the tastes of different wines. But eco-tourism is developed more fiercely in the world. And in the current year that winter is warm and the average temperature is zero degrees (it is incredible that in Russia there have been storms at the end of December 2006 but it is true) arreara only given trend. Nature as if given to know, because she does not suffer (thermal and chemical) contamination that come by the vital activity of the person.