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Medellin Body

Perhaps you have taken the decision to relax and go to a spa in Medellin, a spa in Manizales or a spa in Pereira. Go to an urban spa or day spa is a good way to disconnect from your daily life and give rest to your body and mind. But do you want a total renovation? What you’d think a country SPA? A picnic in Antioquia spa or spa bed gives you the opportunity of achieving a complete renewal of mind and body. Let’s look at some of the advantages that you cannot give a spa in the city: beautiful landscapes: landscapes will accompany you all the time, in addition to being able to see all this Green that surrounds you (spa forests), birds, flowers and a beautiful climate. The sunrises and sunsets are safety pins and an important part of your stay in this place. Total renewal through a comprehensive treatment: Spa gives you the opportunity to renew you completely, therapies are working progressively to achieve major changes in the shortest possible time. Contact with nature: four items will be at your disposal, the water as part of the Spa and their therapies, the ground in the mud therapy where you receive all the elements of the Earth to renew you and spiritual contact with nature through an Indian petroglyph and hug the trees, the air through the body and lung cleansing among others.

Spa therapies: some therapies are only possible in a country spa or spa natural, as for example the hydrotherapy Jet cold, where the current of the River to release toxins is used and achieve a natural Whirlpool (spa resort), the sound of the current relaxes while you receive a total for your body healing… The air of the mountain or the sea is much more beneficial for the lungs, which increases the cleaning power that is performed using the various techniques of breathing that will learn at the campestre spa. Ecological hike: allowing you scroll through forests of trees luxuriant, lakes, rivers, trails special to remember the inner child that is in it, knowing your ancestors indigenous or interact with nature to a higher level through elements such as Earth (mud therapy or massage with mud) or fire (homa therapy). A rustic spa is a special opportunity to connect with yourself, with your partner or with your family, the environment in which you’ll be surrounded by will help you receive good vibrations of nature that you cannot give a spa in the city. The next time you want to go to a spa, it thinks about the possibilities that a spa picnic or a rural spa you can provide and makes a decision to renew you completely. Original author and source of the article