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Root Canal Treatment (Endodontic Treatment )

In the case of avoiding the "removal of a nerve" not very important to have root canal treatment according to the method for maximum reliability result. In our clinic we have all the necessary equipment and materials: radiovisiograph, high apekslokator (see Fig. 1), isolation for a tooth – a cofferdam, etc. If a tooth requires treatment with the previously removed "nerve" with granuloma (foci) at the root, we can save him. Root canal treatment, we realize how to use hand tools and machinery (SMART). Problem of dental treatment are: 1.

Open and clear of germs and residues of the nerve root of the whole system. 2. Sealing the root canals and, thus, not give bacteria the opportunity to travel from the root canal in the bone and back. The advantage of Ni-Ti (nickel-titanium) – rotating machine tools that Ni-Ti is very strong in bending, can take any natural shape of the channel and carefully expanding it allows special solutions and materials to penetrate into the smallest tubules of any shape, cleaning them from bacteria and residues of the nerve to prepare for the next step – sealing. This method maximizes the retention of dental hard tissue, without altering the strength and reliability of the tooth, as well as the most tightly sealed root canals, as a result creates the preconditions for long-term Service tooth. Modern dentists around the world at the moment chosen for the sealing of gutta-percha channels. Gutta-percha – a natural, biologically compatible with the tissues of human body material. When treating teeth, we use modern diagnostic devices (apekslokator and computer radiovisiograph), allowing properly and securely seal the root canals.

Fabola Mariana

The main physical characteristic aspects are: described brachycephaly with achatamento of the occipital region, round face with presence of palpebrais cracks (for it are and top) and epicnicas folds; eyes presenting spots of Brushfield of the edge of the Iris and have around taken convergent estrabismo, nose small with the flattened tip, mouth and small teeth, language protusa, pparently great with presence of ridges, small ears with low implantation, the eyes, the nose and the mouth are next than the normal one. (GONZALEZ, 2002; PUESCHEL, 1993) cited for Dborah Maroja. ‘ ‘ The term ‘ ‘ sndrome’ ‘ it more comumente constitutes a combination of resultant symptoms of an only alteration or comumente in set, constituting a clinical figure distinta’ ‘. (BOTTOMLEY, Jennifer M, 2003). The Syndrome of Down (SD) if constitutes in a factor of genetic anomaly characterized by the presence of an additional chromosome 21, that is, it are of normalities of the human being, being thus also known as trissomia of the 21, on account of this syndrome the carrying individual possesss specific physical and mental characteristics, and some global ones thus facilitating the diagnosis of the syndrome. ‘ ‘ This syndrome is considered one of the most frequent anomalies of the autossmicos chromosomes and represents the oldest cause of retardation mental’ ‘.

(GONALVES, 2003) cited for Dborah Maroja. The evidentes mental characteristics, that is, more frequent vary since a delay of the neuropsicomotor development in the lesser children until a mental retardation in bigger children. Literature points that the picture of mental deficiency is serious, therefore is since 80% of the children have low QI, between 25 and 30. These alterations frequently gifts in these children can be disclosed functionally, thus being able to intervene with the capacity of the same ones to play of independent form, the activities and tasks of known the daily routine the AVDs.

Child Obesity

Support you in school. The teacher can help talking in class about good dietary practices or favoring new physical activities in class. Remember that the intervention should be comprehensive. Take it to an extracurricular activity. There has been participating in an extracurricular activity most 2 days a week, not only promotes your health that promotes integration with other children his age. This procurement activity is motivating for your small, may be swimming, football, dance, music, etc. There are options for all tastes and budgets.

Avoid temptations. If your refrigerator and pantry are full of junk food is most likely that your children consume it, it seeks to have on hand healthy things to When you have cravings. Small achievements make the difference, motivates your child through simple and concrete goals so that you can reach them weekly and thus observe their achievements in the short term. One week you can put as goal a ride to the park or you can play a week of fruits. It seeks to reward your child with stimuli that are not edible as a movie that you like or go somewhere preferred by him. It is easier to change power and behavior of physical activity that look at the goals of weight control in children. Your child will be more motivating to see that you can play football with friends or a ride in cart to see how many kilograms fell in the week. It works with body image and self-esteem in your child.

Recognize their strengths and skills, and talk with him respect to as perceives himself, mentions that everyone that we like and things that we don’t like of ourselves, if you share with him some thing that you don’t like it you can promote that talk more in this regard. Stories as Dumbo or the ugly duckling or the Kun fu Panda film can help. Avoid derogatory nicknames as chubby or cacheton, they can reinforce a negative self-image. Finally, it is important to note that childhood obesity is a matter of health and not a purely aesthetic matter, so as parents, educators and specialists in children we must assume the responsibility to prevent and address this issue in a timely manner. Referencia:speaker, w., Ward-Begnoche, w. Overweight youth: Changing behaviors that are barriers to health.

Swollen Feet

During pregnancy a woman’s body undergoes many changes. A problem common to pregnancy is sore feet. Pregnant women often complain of tired, sore and swollen feet that can extend to severe pain. This is natural because the extra weight gained during pregnancy alters the center of gravity of a woman, by changing their posture and balance, and in addition to undue pressure on the knees and feet. The sensations of burning may develop and toes may become warm due to an increase in the temperature of the body by hormonal changes. These changes affect the way that would normally work feet and as a result a number of conditions of the foot may appear. What causes swollen feet? Two of the conditions most common brought by pregnancy foot are sobre-pronacion or weakening of the arches (also known as flat feet) and edema.

When the sobre-pronacion occurs, your arch flattens and your feet roll inward. As a result, excessive tension gets in the back that makes the walk extremely painful. If the sobre-pronacion or flat feet are not treated, more serious conditions such as metatarsalgia (pain in the foot ball) or plantar fasciitis (severe heel pain) may occur. Edema is a condition in which the extra fluid in your body moves and is stored in the hands and feet. Many women experience edema and it typically occurs during the first trimester of pregnancy, and especially in the summer months.

Feet and ankles swell and become purplish in color. The swelling usually goes away but if swelling appears more prominent on one foot to the other, or affects the face, consult your doctor immediately. Other foot problems that can develop and cause pain include bunions and corns, whereas many pregnant women experience cramps and varicose veins. Help for swollen feet tend very often to neglect our feet, but during pregnancy, is very important to maintain the health of the foot. Recline your feet throughout the day and try to keep them elevated to reduce swelling, taking mind that you should reduce their activities and take regular breaks. It is vital that you are still active and walking and swimming are gentle forms of exercise that will not put undue stress on the body. Treat your feet gently by choosing proper footwear that will accommodate the swollen feet. Wear comfortable shoes and have Velcro, cords or an arch support. Consult a podiatrist about templates or devices Orthotics to treat conditions of the foot such as sobre-pronacion, edema, fasciitis plantar or bunions. Orthotics are designed to provide support, cushioning and additional protection. Avoid using any medication topical on his feet during pregnancy unless it has been prescribed by your doctor. To feel your feet fresh and restored, submerge your feet in a tub of warm salt water, and then apply the foot cooling gel. Having regular pedicures or massage can also relieve fatigue and rejuvenate the mind and the soul. During pregnancy the feet often need special attention and care. Carry all that extra weight can cause Estrago at his feet and bring him problems that you never had. Feet tired, sore, can be relieved easily by using oils aromatherapeutic carefully selected or as massage oil. Best of all, these oils will provide immediate relief that will leave you feeling invigorated and restored. Pure essential oils such as Litsea cubeba and grapefruit have excellent soothing and anti-inflammatory properties and also deal with water retention, fatigue and insomnia. In addition, ginger essential oil acts as a pain relief and improves circulation.

Vibratory Platforms

It is a reality that the vibration platforms have become incredibly popular on all sides. Appliances that are very easy to use and are also extremely effective in doing both is: tone muscles and lose weight. To send vibrations to the whole body at varying levels of intensity you will notice different changes in your health and many benefits. When long at a low intensity are used for periods of time of course you burn calories. The body tries to counteract the effects of vibration by placing resistance and that will consequently lose weight, even standing in certain positions, as it is the original nature of the exercise. The amount of calories burned in fifteen minutes is usually equivalent to one hour of exercise such as jogging or swimming.

The appliance can also be use to tone up the muscles. This is especially the case when the vibrating platform is used at higher frequencies for short periods of time. In addition, different positions and different positions can be taken when it is used equipment, leading to the toning or work different muscle groups. Even some teams to achieve the best possible results come with resistance bands exercise weights on the platform, although this can also be done with free weights or dumbbells while standing on the vibrating platform. In summary, the traditional exercise are added vibrations, and that returns an empowering exercise that is performed as a result. Due to the fact that you’re not primarily involved in any movement (training vibrations give it, one only has to stand on the platform), this type of equipment is extremely low impact.

As a result you’ll be putting at risk your joints and bones. Therefore, this type of equipment is extremely useful for people with extreme overweight, or for those who have suffered physical problems or injuries, even older adults will benefit from training in the vibrating platform since one of the benefits is that it improves the balance and the strength of the bones. Those who have suffered any kind of accident or illness will certainly find the vibration platform a way to accelerate recovery or alleviate their symptoms. So not only helps people who have problems to keep in shape, but that it is also often used for rehabilitation or therapeutic purposes. To tell the truth, there are many uses of this type of equipment given that you can adjust the vibrations and speed according to the needs of the user. Vibratory platforms can be used for getting a relaxing massage also, besides everything mentioned above. As you can see, the benefits far outweigh many ways to exercise and are suitable for people who do not have another way to exercise is at the moment. Anyway you will have in your own home with the possibility to get in shape, lose weight, improve your health and your muscle tone, all-in-one device, the vibration platform.