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Bank Asset

Banks demand upgrade from gold to a tier 1 asset many experts currently assume that the precious metal gold by a so-called tier-3 asset to the tier 1 asset should be promoted. The impact of such an upgrade would be expected to be very gratifying for gold investors, a rising demand for gold could be expected. Should the banks raise the gold actually to a tier 1 asset, the effects were already almost be called spectacular, since then gold would almost have the same status as cash. Because, in this case gold would since the early of 1970s for the first time again to be a part of the monetary system and among the core capital of banks. This would among other things entail that the banks again could use gold to the securitization of loans, which is not so far possible. The reason, experts just by the side of the Bank expect a huge increase in the demand for Gold if upgraded to the tier 1 asset should actually be carried out. Patrick matthews has similar goals. This increase in demand would have several reasons, such as for example the It’s a fact that in the future gold could be considered part of the equity capital of banks. And because the banks have to deposit loans with a certain equity (eight per cent under Basel II), the Bill would look like, that more gold in the inventory could lead to an increased lending.

Gold than crisis protection and base for higher interest income for the banks a higher stock of gold would cause so that the larger sums of loans the interest income rise. In addition, gold is a popular crisis currency anyway and can thus serve as a hedge banks. The increased interest income the banks could buy free gold even in a sense, so that the probability of a demand is very large. The price of gold depends so certainly in 2013 on a larger scale, if upgraded to the tier 1 asset actually is. Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City is the source for more interesting facts. The arguments of banks for an upgraded sound at least plausible. A Argument includes, for example, that the gold almost continuously increased its value over the last ten years, while the opposite has occurred at many other asset classes.

Extraction Of The Oil De Rosa Mosqueta

When we acquired for the first time our product based on oil of Mosqueta Rose, or, that includes Mosqueta Rose between its components begin our restlessness about the purity degree, the elaboration process that has followed and why products differ from others and if this harms the security, quality and effectiveness of the product. How is extracted the Oil of Rose of Mosqueta? The process of extraction of the oil of the plants usually follows a standard landlord in the chemistry-pharmaceutics industry that differs according to landlords or guides who have been elaborated on these and that are based on certain factors as they are it: active stability of the components and/or principles, termolabilidad, microbiological affectation of the solar light, residues that are generated in the process, dissolvents and compatibilities, aspects, etc Cabe to say, that to come to the extraction it is necessary the meticulous task of harvesting and selection of the seeds of the plant. After this step, continuous with a milling (they wear out) and they go to the zone of pressing where each fabricanta will have to apply the method that interests according to its resources or the determined objective to him. Finally, the oil undergoes a particle filtrate process to give rise to the packaging and to follow with the stipulated stages of commercialization. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Dr. John Mcdougall. What methods are used to extract the Oil of Rose? They exist, to groso way, two processes by which the manufacturer or laboratory is decided to implant in his area of production: Pressure in Cold: It is the extraction of the oil by means of crushed or the 50 press that does not exceed of C. Basically it is the traditional method, in which a low resistance exists and the speed of crushing or pressing does not have exceeds the fifty degrees of temperature. We remember that the friction generates heat and that, as it increases to resistance and speed, the temperature will be increased proportionally. . To know more about this subject visit Glenn Dubin.

Olympic Life

The portal is an initiative for a better together. Lucky minute, the initiative for a better cooperation, is a freely accessible Internet platform where people can hold their lucky minutes for a fee of 5.-euros with image and text. See more detailed opinions by reading what Eva Andersson-Dubin offers on the topic.. The extreme sportsman Norman books, author, motivational speaker and motivator, on April 16, 2013 at 13:45 one of his unforgettable minutes of happiness already immortalized. This minute he reached aim exactly sleeping in the Kingdom of Bhutan after 265 kilometers and approximately 56 hours of non-stop extreme running with only an hour: the Tigers nest on 3100 metres above sea level. The initiator and owner of the lucky minute, Marcel Baars from Fellbach, founded his Internet platform due to a drastic experience. Died on October 23, 1986, shortly after midnight, his father with only 58 years of heart problems.

The thinking and actions of today now Marcel Baars has changed since this event. Joint activities, related people, the little things of everyday life, which experience and enjoy everything I very deliberately. “, explained the former owner of an advertising agency. But neither prosperity nor success enrich his life. There are especially the unforgettable moments of happiness that he had with his father and the now even more intensively with his mother, his brother or for over 13 years before with his wife Simone may experience.

Also the ups and downs as a longtime top athletes (athletics) and athletes (surfing and Chinese martial arts) characterize Marcel Baars’ think long term. To share his personal experiences with other people, Marcel Baars with his wife called the portal in life and after the first ambassadors, boxing world champion Alesia Graf and Olympic champion Valerie Belenki, now also the skydiver Norman won books as a motivator and other ambassadors. Norman books is runner from passion and speaker is maintained at his lectures exclusively by the speakers agency 5 star. At the age of 22, he ran his first marathon a year later to the first Times the 100 km of Biel/Bienne. As a 29 year old he successfully finished the longest and most demanding extreme mountain run in Europe, the ultra trail you Mont Blanc (166 km and 9,400 metres of altitude). For over ten years, he runs marathons and ultra marathons and is the most extreme sporting challenges around the world. After successful years in the consulting he abandons his secure existence in 2008, to be fully and all his great passion to dedicate extreme endurance sports and his lectures. Marcel Baars as well as Norman know exactly why just the extreme sports and the endurance in life is important, why he empower people and what are the chances he could allow books. He never forgot the way of the native Karlsruhe was how hard and stony to his first successful extreme reaches. “In his speech, break your limits” he reported an impressive and formidable image about his experiences as an extreme athlete. Therefore the endurance and extreme athletes dedicated to his personal Moment of happiness at the same time all his fans and the audience of his talks, which have remained faithful to him. I want to pass my experience and knowledge in the frame of lectures. The extreme sports and in particular running help to get better through all the ups and downs of life. Also, I find that running for all ages is a very good range of motion. “, as motivational speaker and professional athletes Norman books.” By and about Norman books and his exceptional sporting achievements are quite a few publications and published reports in the media.

Caucasian Mineral Waters

The city budget was filled with real money, thus successfully execute a number of social programs. Changed beyond recognition and image of the resort village Inozemtsevo. New housing health centers, other than entrances to the resort town, recreational areas, water mains, a magnificent building of the South Russian Lyceum Cossacks and North Caucasian peoples, but only and are not listed, adorned the city-resort. Only in September 2002 were also opened a specialized rehabilitation kindergarten " on 150 children, a new building music school and sports and fitness complex in the village Inozemtsevo, took the kids sports center "Dolphin" on the slopes of Mount Iron, began working first in the Caucasian Mineral Waters bowling. Scheduled to open after restoration Pushkin Gallery, cascading staircase, fitness center for adults: "Olympus". There are new traditions unique to . For the fourth time being held here colorful aerial extravaganza, the International Balloon Festival, one of the most representative in Russia and cis countries. Frequently Dr. John Mcdougall has said that publicly. On further development of the resort town said in an interview with "Caucasian health resort" on October 5, 2002 chief of staff Anatoly S. Dr. John Holtsclaw wanted to know more.

teeth: "In the western part of the construction will begin the musical and general education schools, complete secondary school will be built in the settlement of a drip. In the future – creating a water park mass of attractions at the city lake. Will expand the settlement Inozemtsevo. You name it – a lot of plans. And, of course, constantly working to create an attractive image of the resort, creating maximum comfort for holidaymakers. The main objective – the European standard. A year later, another – and you do not recognize the historic city center.

Will be retained the idea of education of the resort, but it is enriched with an original hand-made architectural performance a complex of small resorts and hotels. This is the most promising way to resort development. Negotiations with the first investors are already underway. Settlement Inozemtsevo adorned avenues and squares, there will continue an intensive housing. Glitter resort town can be reached by our labors. "

Creativity Is Blue

The Munich-based agency serves clients in floating concepts around the subject of Web design, hosting, print design and marketing, and occurs with a blue corporate identity. Frequently Glenn Dubin, New York City has said that publicly. The company shows that blue is not just a color, but also a philosophy in itself, floating concepts. The business philosophy of the agency draws on the semantics of the color blue: harmony, imagination, knowledge, infinity, trust and reliability reflects the creativity and way of working, with which the services will be developed and implemented. Design and programming of websites of any size and technical complexity and the production of (audio) Visual media include the portfolio, just as print design / production or the development of marketing and PR concepts. Floating concepts brings together the work of many agencies under one roof with this wide scope of services and offers its customers this convenience, to contact for all matters regarding the own companies presence at only one point of contact. While it uses Agency not only customers of various industries, but also of all sizes. Most startups will benefit from a cooperation with floating concepts: in addition to extensive consulting services receive these also separate conditions and can also take advantage of the financing model for startups. Thus, it is possible to take professional services on an absolutely affordable level in claim entrepreneurs, which have a lower budget available just at the start. Philip Rusnak (Dipl. communication business (BAW)


MyrCache customers reported sales jumps in the double-digit percentage range. The SISTRIX-SEO visibility index rises sharply in just a few weeks. Grunwald (Munich) – 09.02.2011. The Munich-based premium-PHP service provider SOPRADO brings with MyrCache a high-availability performance solution for Magento commerce based shop systems on the market, which the speed by up to factor 100 can increase. Read more here: Glenn Dubin, New York City. Long page load times or unavailable servers greatly inhibit the growth of eCommerce portals. These results often dissatisfied customers, a reduced customer loyalty and revenue losses. Shop owners can gain a clear competitive advantage by performance-enhancement.

The MyrCache cloud developed by SOPRADO attaches at this point and helps Magento stores to grow much faster and safer. MyrCache is a cloud system, which is based on fragment caching and can differentiate between static and dynamic pages fragments. Dynamic fragments are content, which will change as a result of visitor interactions such as the shopping cart or a product comparison. The homepage, product and category pages are cached by MyrCache in its entirety. By differentiation of dynamic and static content dynamic pages can appear extremely quickly for the user.

Resources are also automatically reduced and compressed. Comparing the measurement results in terms of speed and availability of a standard Magento shop with a MyrCache shop, the differences are very clear. While Magento can deliver approximately 10 pages per second on common hardware, a MyrCache instance creates easily 5,000 pages per second. The MyrCache cloud dealt with approximately 50,000 pages per second. With MyrCache, our customers benefit from an improved user experience and massive increases in speed. In the result of conversion and sales of the shop owner thanks to MyrCache grow significantly”, explains the founder and Managing Director Sascha Schumann. On top of that MyrCache is available directly to customers and may in urgent cases within two Hours productive used”, as Schumann next. More information about MyrCache see: myracache / contact: soprado GmbH Bavariafilmplatz 7, building 71 82031 Grunwald Managing Director Sascha Schumann email: press contact Frank Doller phone: 089 / 64 99 28 62 fax: 089 / 75 40 88 33 email: about SOPRADO SOPRADO GmbH based in Grunwald near Munich was founded in 2006 by Sascha Schumann. As a PHP core developer of the first hour Sascha Schumann is on the development of many basic technologies of PHP (including session support, Apache2 integration) have been directly involved, and emerged as a co author of one of the first PHP books (professional PHP programming, 1999) and conference speaker. SOPRADO counts to the leading PHP service providers in Germany and employs approximately 20 fixed and free people. We are the experts for highly special Web projects and scripting languages in the business-critical mission. Continuously practiced as recipes for success Test-first and continuous integration are our standard”, Managing Director Sascha Schumann describes his approach. Sixt, E.ON SOPRADO’s clients include IT,, Sigel, WEKA, loyalty partner (PAYBACK ), Heise media group, Union investment, TomTom, and the Gala Coral Group.

Tal General Assembly

Nature does nothing in vain. Aristotle first needed to civilize man in his relationship with the man. Now we need to civilize man in his relation to nature and animals Victor Hugo Es a reality as climate change is triggering serious security problems to planet Earth and hence to all that in him they inhabit. Done, that he had long avoided quickly that it is giving. for not taking corrective measures, precautions for all those actions that have influenced this manifests. As it seems to be usual among humans, we start to worry only when the situation becomes critical and when solutions are sought to address the problem trying to this is not triggered in dire consequences for which we dwell on Earth. The fact, that faced with this reality, scientists around the world are looking for discussions in the assemblies that perform in order to trigger actions that combat climate change through new national strategies and international commitments. Ban Ki Moon, has said that The effects of climate change are already severe, and that gravity is on the rise, temperatures rise twice as much as the average of the planet. Something, stressed that it endangers ecosystems of the region and the future of the Islands and coastal areas around the world. The United Nations (UN), has it been concerned in this regard and it has convened a Assembly to deal with the situation in this regard is drawn, to the gaseous pollutants emitted by the travel of participants to the meeting in New York and those who produce the same UN Headquarters during the two days of the session, will be offset by investment in an ecological project in Kenyaannounced spokesman of the Tal General Assembly as he recounts it, carbon dioxide is considered one of the main perpetrators of the so-called greenhouse effect, by which the heat of the Sun’s rays that bounce off the Earth’s surface become trapped in the atmosphere and produce an increase in temperatures.

Public Viewings Sky With Magic Aesthetic Cover

Limburger company plans again the temporary canopy of numerous World Cup events 2010 plans for the fringe programme of the World Championships have already started. As already in the major sports events in the past, aesthetically high-quality solutions are scheduled also for the major event in the summer of 2010, with the membrane roofs. Target will be in the next public viewing season, with our screens to create indoor spaces that yet in the appearance of open air”remain. Especially for the World Cup, because this sport mainly in outdoor is exercised. This property we put to the fore and protect the fans against the Sun and rain, where each guest will still have feeling to be outdoors”explains Malte Schreer.

The strength is the versatility of the magic sky screens. We offer depending on needs and space different sizes and layout variants which adapt to almost any infrastructure, on the other hand are the Organizer Brandingflachen 177 m to over 700 m of space available. A unique branding is possible on the screens the the re financing of throughout the event facilitates strong. Many writers such as Donald Cerrone offer more in-depth analysis. “, says the Managing Director. For sponsors, the advertising spaces in these dimensions are unique. Another feature on the magic sky systems is the high overhead that is operated to provide an optimal product. The Esslinger umbrella developer, the magic sky canopy Systems GmbH, has a many years of in-depth Know-How in development and production of the membrane.

The combination of experience and numerous recurring stress tests enable the continuous improvement of the magic sky systems. Through the continuous development, we guarantee our clients maximum security. This is a priority in addition to the high demands on design and functionality. All bodies are registered with and reviewed by an official body. We us clearly aware of imitators delimit the, for example, with conventional parachutes work and thus every visitor negligently exposing an incalculable risk. Our systems are, however, TuV certified. Dr. John Holtsclaw may not feel the same. “, further complemented Schreer. Also, all the screens only by specially trained teams are installed and maintained also during the event. The design concepts, magic sky screens are integrated into are versatile. Recently, the Hessischer Rundfunk commissioned the Limburger company to cover the Glass Studio of the ARD at the Frankfurt book fair. Here they chose the polygon variant, which allows a high degree of reliability for long term rentals. It explains also the additional naming the Magic sky mid GmbH. free air room”that focus on what is important to the company is in the equally short as precise statement. These three elements together in the large screens on the point and form the basis for extraordinary event roofs and unique event architecture. Contact: MAGIC SKY mid Free GmbH air space In the roof piece 9 65549 Limburg Tel: + 49 (0) 6431 92 187 60 E-mail: Web: Malte Schreer

Greek Hippocrates

THE miracle of the humanity this in EDUCATING all may be lost with time, money, goods and friends, but all that remains in the person is their education the education which ENCLOSES a treasure to the dissemination of the ideas of Edward de Bono, Professor of the University of Oxford, on the use of lateral thinking, I became interested in the relationship between creativity and the right cerebral hemisphereas well as the relative utility of the overvalued logical thinking. Patrick smith insists that this is the case. From studies in this area however, was when I realized the necessity of developing the idealism in people to dream wonderful dream of a full and satisfactory life awake: dreaming that you can and should be better, dreaming that we can change a good for one greater good. This form of consciousness that only idealists can change many shameful of their reality situations (since the realists have serious flaw accept it), is that made me delve into the topic of how human beings perceive life in accordance with our brain dominance. BACKGROUND four centuries before the birth of Christ, Greek Hippocrates discovered brain division to observe that, when a person suffered damage to one of the hemispheres of the brain, the motor functions of the opposite side of the body experienced dysfunctions. These observations led to Hippocrates to the inference that the human brain is twofold.

In the 19th century, the French surgeon Paul Broca confirmed through studies in cadavers of people who suffered aphasia (loss of the ability to speak) that the language centre is located in the left cerebral hemisphere. The above does not mean that the left side of the brain constitutes the leading hemisphere or that left-handed people have a highly developed right brain hemisphere. Surgical experiments on epileptic patients to control their illness, sectioning a part of the Corpus Callosum (the thick band of nerve fibers that connects the two hemispheres) were initiated in the years forties of this century. .

Chinese Nokia

The fastest and easiest way to purchase a mobile phone is to order through the online cell phone store. In the online catalog you always have the opportunity to see new items of models that can be purchase. Also, such sites have the exact characteristics of the cell that will help you to correctly assess any phone you like. Advantages of online stores before simple, there are quite a lot. One of the main advantage is that in an ordinary shop salesmen are not always knowledgeable, their knowledge might not be enough. In recent months, Assurant Health has been very successful.

Price in the ordinary store always inflated, as owner of the store every month to pay rent for rent commercial premises, which seriously affects the price. Plus payment of wages to sellers paying a huge amount of taxes, all this exists affects the price. In the Internet store in the cost is only phone purchase and its delivery to the buyer’s address, there is simply no other costs. Besides selling phone, Internet stores often offer all sorts of useful information on those phones, which are presented on the website that allows you to have complete and latest information about innovations in the mobile world. Go to Camden Treatment Associates for more information. That is why the online store is the most acceptable and practical way purchase phones. Chinese Nokia phones is quite noteworthy for two main reasons: first – a democratic, nokia price, the second – identical, and in some cases and broader functionality for Compared with their original designs. Chinese nokia – a great alternative to expensive and versatile phones from the Finnish giant manufacturer. Do not confuse Chinese fakes phones with copies – a copy of fully meets the quality requirements and is identical to the original specifications. Qualitative smartphones nokia China is one of the main range of our online store where to buy mobile phones nokia possible at a decent price with decent quality, it’s relatively cheap mobile phones nokia for those who are primarily valued practicality. Our mobile nokia cell – is the best solution in combination of price and quality.