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Eric Oscar

The acceptance comes a time later, when it is perceived that all the efforts had been useless, alone remains to accept reality. He is one I serve as apprentice of serenity, rest and moment to use to advantage the last moments of life, next to wanted beings, reconciling with less the most wanted. Express Oscar this feeling when he says ‘ ‘ I tried to explain my parents who the life is a present stranger. At the beginning, we overestimate this gift: we imagine to have gained the life perpetual. Later we subestimamos, we find a nastiness excessively, short, until we would be capable to play it are it. At last in we give account to them that was not a gift, but yes a loan. Then we look merec-lo’ ‘. To understand that we are in the ticket world is very important, makes with that better let us accept our victories, failures, dreams and disillusions.

The life as Oscar says is ‘ ‘ one emprstimo’ ‘ , and each as he is only. The Hope is a present factor in all the moments. Although of not visible form, each I serve as apprentice is a form to express the hope. It is who motivates the fight for the life. Oscar shows the hope when he says that ‘ ‘ he does not have solution for the life seno viver’ ‘. the secret of this hope is: ‘ ‘ to each day it looks at the world as if it saw ‘ for the first time to it; ‘. It is important to say that these periods of training can happen of random form and they are not only lived deeply by the patients, the family, friends, next people, also live deeply, them. For the nursing professional, to understand these processes allows a more efficient boarding, becomes the convivncia with the patient and more pleasant family and prevents conflicts.

This care with the life does not have to be given only to the patients, the proper nurse, the team of nursing, doctors and other professionals of health need to understand the life, the life and the process of death, to value this ‘ ‘ emprstimo’ ‘ that he is granted to all. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCES SCHIMITT, Eric-Emmanuel.