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Burnout – A Fashion Term?

And like the fashion today and OUT tomorrow? A Word is referred to as fashion term or buzz word according to Wikipedia, used only at a specific time with fondness as fashion. IN today and OUT tomorrow! If Burnout is actually only a fashion term and tomorrow will be OUT, we don’t know. Only the future will tell. “What we know but today is that the term burnout” due to its inflationary use looses power. He becomes more and more to the empty words without content and thoughtlessly being spoken. Who today speaks of burnout, thinks the Burnout Syndrome with its varied symptoms that only rarely, but uses the term often as a synonym for the problems of our time. And that has everyone finally.

Ridicule for ailing souls who confused Burnout with sleep and concentration disorders, once everyone has, got nothing. As little as one who thinks people should pull yourself together just a little. The sick burnout syndrome can take his life so it again even in the hand. What feels probably the sick, when we say that he takes refuge in an unrecognized disease, because Burnout is regarded as suffering the dedicated and powerful, and because it sounds better than depression? His soul has been beaten. Who suffers from the Burnout Syndrome, no longer thinking on how something sounds. And if he does it, perhaps first causes of disease can be found. The ill passes through phases of deep despair, powerlessness and hopelessness. He needs professional, the nature of his illness customized help and no words, that doubting his disease or move into the ridiculous.

Possibly Burnout someday will be recognised as disease. Also the alcoholism had to wait until the World Health Organization of the United Nations (WHO) 1952 officially defined it as a disease. The Bundessozialgericht recognized alcoholism as a disease for the first time in 1968 in a decision.


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