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The Boys Chicago

Monterrey, NL “The flat tax is not new. Its implementation in the emerging economies of former Soviet bloc support its use by encouraging the contribution of taxes to the development and discourage tax evasion. That is the goal of the Secretary of Finance Agustin Carstens, Chicago Boy par excellence and former deputy director of the International Monetary Fund. It is obvious that Carstens has a strong influence of the IMF and the University of Chicago. A recent study by the financial institution said that the flat tax has succeeded in reducing tax evasion and collection has increased, in a virtuous cycle of public investment in Russia. Countries that have successfully implemented this new tax, as well as Russia which adopted since 2001, are Slovakia, Romania, Georgia, Estonia, Latvia, Serbia and Ukraine and soon will be Poland and the Czech Republic. For his part, Richard Epstein, professor of law at the University of Chicago, where he studied our Secretary of Treasury notes that “It is not coincidence that the great defenders of limited government lean toward the flat tax.

” It will be recalled liberal capitalism rests on three bases as the transverse-Limited Government by the Constitution, “the free market and private institutions strong, generating wealth. Another advantage of the initiative is to attack Carstens tax evasion in the informal economy to tax monthly deposits of more than 20-thousand dollars in various accounts together or single. This simple measure will increase tax revenues in a country where most of the economically active population and on its behalf, skips the duty to contribute to our country. Many are financed with the taxes themselves and others simply do not pay. As we see, the teacher Carstens plucked from this new proposal that has already proven to be good in emerging economies such as Russia and left behind the recommendation of the IMF itself to tax food and medicine which, incidentally, the private sector complains Mexico. The call of the Republic is to pay tax, to discourage tax evasion and thus invest in Mexico. Now the Government need to lose weight and stop wasteful spending back as interest payments to banks for the big heist of Fobaproa. Petty cash …

The discussion of tax reform misnamed “the respectable expected something more spectacular, will take weeks. It is a fact that on September 8, when it comes to discussion on public spending for 2008, the opinion is ready to put to the consideration of Members. If you look, dear reader, are just a few days the end of June, the discussion would be in August and September, by October, we will have a green light to the proposal and expenditure 2008. No waiting to the last day of December to get laws written on his knees in all our interests in this country. Times are in line to support the little theater of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador on July 2 that will start to insult and rant to tire and tire until the end of the month. Bearer a Do you know which is the Forum? asked Northern citizens who answer with 70 percent who did not. implement if they have three years criticizing the event and even then have been spread!

Bombstico Illnesses

BOMBSTICO Another day I observed a square of aspect neglecter; trunks of trees in the soil, garbage and papers spread, what more it called the attention, however, it was the amount of pigeons. Passer-bys pigeons they shared spaces in the lunch schedule, the difference is that, the passers-by directed it the local restaurants to make its meals, to the step that the pigeons were served and saciavam the hunger in the square there. The birds festejavam the slap-up meal, that was gratis, came of the food leftovers launched in the soil. It was the time where to feed pigeons in the square it was a pleasant leisure. The pigeon, bird symbol of the peace, subject of music and poetry is one of the transmitting greaters of urban illnesses that exist. It flies of a roof to the other, finds in the places garbage remaining portions than more satisfactory. The population it contributes for multiplication of these birds when they offer propitious conditions for its permanence. Exactly in the condition of urban plague, it does not leave of being admirable free flight of the pigeons. However, it is preferable to drive away them, preventing illnesses or the bath bombstico of its excrements.

Medical Research Technology

This proven medical research technology to avoid mistakes and no doubt this bike will satisfy the most demanding person, fully justifying its price. Twin brother of the above model, a more expensive exercise bike Kettler Golf E for the external identity of super-modern, sleek design is a new step in the development of simulators. It has an electromagnetic system load includes 30 levels continuously variable load, independent of pedaling. This masterpiece of hi-tech technology is perfect, not only in the mechanical part, but also has a multi-purpose computer with a wide display, which the user can see a graphical representation of load profile, in addition to the above standard training parameters, programmed parameters and fitness assessment. For those who are not used to save on their own health, but is looking for "middle ground" in the price / quality ratio among the widest range of bikes Kettler, the best choice – Kettler Stratos GT. This handsome white so fascinated with its stylish design and an array opportunities as confident of the month – a month, remains one of the best sellers among simulators Kettler.

The magnetic loading system, adjustable seat vertically and horizontally, low frame for comfortable fit and, of course, computer with a large LCD display and electronics Siemens. The computer supports all the standard features, plus the ability to save the settings, training for up to 4 users. All this – the fruit of years of development engineers Kettler, who found the perfect embodiment of this model. But the company Kettler would not have been world-renowned and respected leader in his field, if stopped on the progress achieved in the production of high quality simulators. Developing new models and bringing to perfection the existing models of exercise bikes, the company has developed a new type of single bikes – ergometers, the load which is measured in watts, that significantly changes the nature of training and increases their effectiveness. .


The spine is the most important body not only protects the spinal cord, but also provides structure and allows one to stay upright and with flexibility. Your column has curvatures which are normal when viewed from side and stay straight if viewed from behind, but if the spine is curved from side to side indicates a scoliosis. Causes Scoliosis has many causes, muscle disorders, birth defects, poor posture, etc. This alteration could be present at the different stages of development, most common in adolescence, because of rapid pubertal growth. Symptoms The symptoms vary according to the severity of scoliosis in curves over 40 degrees cause pain, muscle tension, physical deformity, which shows a shoulder and hip higher than the other. In severe cases greater than 60 degrees are symptoms that may include back pain, weakness, numbness, difficulty walking, digestive problems, heart and breathing. Treatment treatment option that has been offered to these patients in traditional medicine, is surgery in severe cases, permanently injuring the spine.

Another of the most used in these patients is rehabilitation, where patients report improvement in reducing muscle tension, but does not prevent the progression or reversal of the scoliosis. Chiropractic treatment has presented a high degree of success in the management of scoliosis, if the asymmetry is corrected and maintained the overall function of the spine, scoliosis can probably prevent further progression and reverse the curvature of the spine cord, as well as reduces muscle tension, pain and improves flexibility of the spine.

Great Ocean Conveyor

Climate change concerns now almost all scientists, last longer and cover the entire circulation system of the Earth's oceans. This system, scientists are often called the Great Ocean Conveyor (FOC). eqa – the main system, which circulates heat. Ocean surpasses heat to the north and south of the equator to the poles by surface currents. In the Atlantic Ocean conveyor takes the heat from the equatorial zone and releases it in the northern hemisphere. Sonnenfeld. The most famous and most important of these currents, the Gulf Stream – a huge stream, which carries the water volume of 75 rivers like the Amazon. It carries the heat accumulated in the tropics to the eastern coast of the U.S., then moving to the north-east to Europe.

When warm water Gulf Stream reaches the colder latitudes, they give up their heat to the atmosphere. Prevailing winds carry it eastward to Europe. When the dense, salty water of the Gulf Stream reaches of Labrador, Greenland and the northern seas, they lose heat, get colder and the result is even more dense. All this mass of water begins to sink lower and lower, and then flows back into the depths of the ocean, from north to south, from the North Atlantic to the South Atlantic. Immersion huge volume of cold water in motion foc. The force that pushes the Gulf Stream to the north – the desire to fill the place of water, gone in depth. This is a very accurate system. We live for tens of centuries in a favorable climatic conditions, only through the oceanic heating system.

Gluten Free Diets

The gastronomia without glten Kayane Mateus Hotelaria 2011/1 the gastronomia is a branch that encloses the culinria, the drinks, the used materials in the feeding in general. With this, the gastronomia has ampler branch of what the culinria, that if occupies more specifically with the techniques of confections of foods. From the search of customers for more healthful foods and without the addition of glten, we are providing to these vegetarian cardpios customers and without glten. More after all what he is glten? What it can cause? Which are the symptoms? Glten represents 80% of the protein of the wheat, and is responsible for a elasticity of the mass. The celaca illness affects to the thin intestine of adults and children.

The illness cause atrophy of the vilosidades of the mucosa of the thin intestine, with this causing damages in the absorption of the nutrients, vitamins, you leave minerals and water. Already the vegetarians do not ingest nothing of animal origin, only of vegetal origin, making with that the search for these cardpios is restricted the houses of events. For the elaboration of these cardpios it is necessary to have knowledge of the white public, the culture, the region, and thus the proposal of cardpios for the vegetarians it would be: FATS, OILS AND CANDIES. It rare uses candies, butter, maionese, oil of kitchen. GROUP OF MILK, YOGHURT AND CHEESE.

2-3 daily portions vegetal milk (oats, sesame etc.) – 1 xcara beanses or peas, stews – 1/2 xcara 1 egg or 2 clear of egg caipira nuts or seeds – 2 soup spoons tofu (cheese of no-transgnica soy) – 1/4 xcara. GROUP OF VEGETABLES AND cooked or raw VEGETABLES 3-5 daily portions, perforated vegetables – 1/2 xcara vegetal raw folhosos – 1 xcara. GROUP OF FRUITS 2-4 daily portions juice – 3/4 of xcara dry fruits – 1/4 of xcara raw fruit, pricked – 1/2 xcara 1 fruit of average size, as banana, apple or orange. GROUP OF the BREAD, FLAKES OF CEREAL, RICE AND PASTA 6-11 daily portions form bread – 1 slice cereal in flakes – 30 g r cooked cereal – 1/2 xcara cooked rice, pasta or other cereals – 1/2 xcara. Already for the customers whom tolerance to glten has, we indicate cardpios with many vegetables, and nothing that had wheat flour, as for example: Mini entrances baguete with tomatoe gravy and mussarela of buffalo; Small bread with eggplant pate; Hot plate Ravili of buffalo with Ravili spinach of Talharim chicken with tomatoe gravy integral Rice Pancakes of bata/te the Nhoque de Ricota Saladas varied Desserts Romeu Pie and julieta potato Pudding candy with Fl coconut of chocolate s lactose and s/glten Musse of candy Cookies milk. With the conclusion of this work we obtain to identify that the search for these cardpios is growing, the search of the people in thus having a more healthful life with new a proposal of events becoming the life accessible and satisfactory, and making the fidelizao too much customers.

Time Tunnel

He was sitting in the offices of CMS, one afternoon and suddenly starts a rumor in the corridors of the Faculty of Medicine of the Universidad Nacional de Trujillo … a rumor? … he same conclusion. Yes, a strong rumor!, Said that the proof of the written examination of Medicine IV had come out before the test and that some students had obtained illegally, in that year also presided over the promotion and chaired the CMS, so I went immediately the offices of the Department of Medicine at the Regional Hospital and found the teachers actually meeting and talking to this matter, they immediately made me and I heard of them enter the report of this rumor, suspicion was based on that 80% of students who had surrendered had received very high review scores and had a group of students as their academic record could not obtain such a high note, also answered questions incorrectly suspiciously, were repeated in a large number of students, the teaching staff had concluded that the written test had been plagiarized by students and that this group would be led deferred at the time of my speech, parts of surprise, quickly raised some observations which I defended the students of which was precisely their defender.

First of all field was subjective, but subjective as possible. A poor student or a few bad students, if they could get a good result on a test, study, copy or “Champagne”, ie not accuse, but concrete and conclusive evidence. Second, in the event there is plagiarism test, this crime was not necessarily possible only by students, may have been committed by a teacher, said that, a little altered, however shamelessly mentioned that there was a teacher who met with students and even had a few drinks with them and taught medicine at that time in a post that was in Hope-top-and who was also a contract and in that time was precisely the course coordinator and responsible for test, the this …

Medical Pharmacology

In my opinion, at first the chemical does not cure anything, because it acts on the source of the problem, put another way, does not correct the biological terrain in which each patient creates and develops its pathology. Only acts on the disease and injury and soothing the symptom. Natural therapies offer advantages over drugs? Undoubtedly, Modern scientific medical science have spent all their effort and sacrifice, to create a manual to teach us the functioning of human beings, we explain the genetics, pathology, the analytical, radiological techniques, electronic, and exploratory statistics Even so, with all their effort and sacrifice for humanity, are not able to explain the intricacies personal biological, by which a disease is, therefore, pharmacological chemistry can only influence the injury. So Natural Medicines are important because they understand that our body if you know the ins and outs where the disease is and has the keys to healing. The means to get the proper help that our body needs are endless: from a simple massage to a program of training with Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Yoga, a feeding study, help with herbal medicine, just laugh, especially happiness and love. There are many natural therapies applied by professionals are directed to stimulate certain areas of the body for self-healing response, such as Facioterapia, Acupuncture, Auriculomedicina, Reflexology or various parts of the body.

They all complement each other and complement each other perfectly with the Medical Pharmacology, because each one is acting which is capable of reaching, understanding and solving. And where we can go to receive therapy, Qi Gong? As in all professions, there is a wide range of deals and methods, even within the same discipline, technique or therapy.

First we must know that we and what is our need. Cultural associations were devoting their efforts to spread the Qi Gong, tai chi, yoga. as an alternative healthy lifestyle, where exercises are alternated with sessions of guided relaxation, meditation, including tours to China and other countries where these disciplines are living naturally in their daily lives. There are gyms that offer it as an activity over its bid and on the other hand, there are clinics, health resorts, several devoted to health which focuses more on everyday activities such as Qi Gong with all its therapeutic potential, ie, searching within the range of exercises, in each case are given more direct or more to influence specific diseases . The important thing is to understand that practicing any method of Qi Gong taught well, it is therapy for our health.

I usually organize some courses in Qi Gong Therapy, if anyone is interested you can read on my site and if you do not have time to spend on a face to take courses, you can always turn to books.

Parts In Water

It is a form of natural birth, where his main element is water, provides excellent results in low-risk pregnant women. In this type of labor is not used drugs or anesthesia, as the water birth and Lamaze relaxation and diminish the pain of childbirth. Water birth in the mother receives her child in a pool or tub with water especially maintained at body temperature. The child is born in water, avoiding the traumatic experience when switching from one environment to another. WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS FOR WOMEN The hot water is a natural analgesic, is antispasmodic: heat relaxes muscles and helps one hand to the uterus to contract effectively to dilate the cervix with adequate oxygenation. The warm water during labor reduces the production of adrenaline, a hormone that interferes with the progress of dilation, counteracting gravity and decrease sensory stimulation, increasing the production of endorphins, opiates produced by the anterior pituitary, which decrease the sensation of pain and makes you forget the time. Weightlessness and the freedom to move inside the tub to avoid compression of the uterus on the vena cava. Able to adopt a variety of positions such as squatting facilitates rotation and fall because the birth canal increased by 30 its diameter to be freely tilted coccyx. Immerse your body in hot water and second stage in a physiological position to give birth, permits and facilitates the relaxation of muscle tissue and thus decreases or avoids the risk of tearing of the pelvic floor, in addition to not having any emotional block environmental or shortening the period, since it leaves the descent take the time and not encouraged to bid until the desire to appear naturally. The hot water and a suitable environment stimulated an evolution of labor more comfortable where she feels safe, she drives her own party which reduces the possibility of action, unused medication, oxytocin, was not broken membranes and thus decreasing the possibility of fetal distress during labor that develops physiologically. Underwater childbirth can result in less loss of blood from the mother in childbirth. WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS FOR THE CHILD The decline in the baby through the birth canal is soft, soft in a canal without pressure gradient oxytocic altering natural contraction and thus the pace and oxigenatorio baby’s heart. The baby is accustomed to immersion in the amniotic fluid enters and leaves in direct contact with an environment that is familiar from non-violently. The first extension of arms legs and torso in half makes it warm, soft and pleasant. Maintains apnea as in intrauterine life, the encounter with the air, breathing air, light and noise is slow and can resolve the changes easing the trauma of birth. Once you leave the body in seconds the infant is placed on the womb, she gives a gentle massage, both in the water burst out walking his instinct of attachment, while the cord is still beating and supplying oxygen to baby until it starts to breathe on his own. When the infant is in a colder light begins to breathe with groans and collapse mourn the cord breaks and initiates a rhythmic breathing, and not until then you must cut the cord. These babies are calmer, have better muscle strength development, reduced irritability, lower incidence of disease during the first year of life that relate to stress and diminished immunity, the latter must also see that a mother to stop this as respects the natural cycle of maternity nursing her baby usually during the first year of life. In these births the father also benefits greatly because in principleis respected as the other star of what is happening, the birth of their son, he participates as the main provider of affection, to establish the enabling environment for making joint decision and contact physically, emotionally and spiritually with your partner, your son and his new family. WHAT ARE THE RISKS OF BIRTH IN WATER The water birth poses no additional risk to mother and child.