Of this form, contributing for the understanding and the recognition of the essencialidade of sleep, sleeping well and being intent to the alterations of this process, that is basic to the life. Word-key: Paradoxical sleep REM or. Sleep NREM or of slow waves. System of Temporization. Quality of sleep. Riots of sleep.

ABSTRACTThis research went the assumption that most people of not understand the real value of sleep because of this, the aim of this paper is you present you the community in general the magnificent and complex process of sleep, their characteristics, information on to their quality and its disturbances. Thus, contributing you the understanding and recognition of the essential sleep, you sleep well and be aware of changes in that process, which is basic you life. Key-words: Paradoxical REM sleep or. NREM sleep or slow waves. System the Timer. Quality of sleep. Sleep disturbances. Sleep Has much time sleep is focus of great scientific inquiries, since she is one of the functions most fascinating of our human body.

Old studies affirmed that, at the time from the primitive man, it moved away them to sleep from its nocturnal predators and it served as physiological rest, therefore sleep always was important to the man, in divergent way at different moments of history. According to Louzada and Menna-Barreto (2007, P. 57), ‘ ‘ for return of the half of the last century was even given credit that sleep was a passive process, something similar to? disconnection? temporary of crebro’ ‘. It is certain that still it is a very ample field for inquiries, but many discoveries already had proven that it is indispensable to our development, since even though the animal irrationals need this process.