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My Thoughts And Abortion

Abortion, I do not approve it, it is true that three months before the child is not formed, but and you have to say about the soul, it is scientifically proven that it has molecular weight. From the soul and body are unified when? Here’s the question. for my own memories I will tell us before birth we choose where, do with that parents?, who? and how we want to be?, etc. because we live our own lives over and over again in order to improve our mistakes and be able to leave behind this drawing, our space time. I defend to be spiritual and not only to the chassis, it is awful to someone because of the free albedrio after choosing this compendium of situations, qualities and way of living, to charge all this, although, maybe also this writing?… I do not expect that you may believe nothing of what I say, absolutely, just imagine you are souls wandering and that you have all the theory learned life, but as the one who removed the theory of the driving licence, must be removed practice, with which need a chassis, in order to experience all that theory in our own flesh, is not the same knowing that it is pain, which feel that it is pain. But putting me in the terrible situation of a violation, there are several questions: if I do that would you?. Possibly not he had brought to the world, since live the situation every day and that above that future child remember it you must be horrible and more if over you not approve abortion, although thinking like I am, you’d surely had given up for adoption, or perhaps, after nine months, it would have been me. Ultimately even though try to know what you would do in such a situation is impossible too hard for the raciocino.


AE trade provides the robust plastic inserts suitable for various forms of bucket and who remembers sizes grannies planters, heavy, unfortunately not Hardy terracotta pots and large floor vases? Luckily today is a much larger selection of various flowers and flower pots, where the Interior and hoisted won many possibilities to do so. But how should one planted voluminous flower pots than square column or “Portal Vase” loose time reaching 70, 80, or 90 cm height – fill about everything with Earth? Fortunately, this is not necessary, because for many planters, there is also the appropriate inserts, which significantly reduce the required volume of Earth. The famous Flowerpot shipper AE trade has especially engaged and provides longer already lightweight plastic inserts in various sizes now also with an innovative irrigation system in the online shop. Flower pots use now with water level indicator the new sets with Irrigation consist of the usage, the sub-floor and level indicator. So, the potted plants are optimally supplied with water.

A layer of clay or Seramis on the lower shelf offers extra capacity. The casting of the plants first conventionally via the potting soil. After a few weeks, when the plant is grown, may be after then poured over the fill level indicator. The inserts consist of sturdy waterproof PE plastic. You lie on the respective edge of the flower pots, no additional columns are required so.

The integrated overflow the inserts can be used also in outdoor areas. For use indoors, he is sealed with a watertight plug. Who wants to pour only traditionally, gets the stakes of course also without the irrigation system. And in addition to the missions in black, there are also models in white for light bucket.


Children’s shoes children are versatile, robust and modern from early to late on the legs to play and romp on the sweetheart in the fresh air and need plenty of exercise to stay healthy and alive. Football matches, on trees climb, hide, jump in puddles snowball fights which acquainted with imagination, no limits. The shoes of your child’s must give the necessary stability and safety in every situation. A careful processing and robust material is important, so that you and your child have long enjoyment of the shoe. Grade children’s feet, which are constantly in motion and still growing, need shoes that do everything with. Crocs shoes are the perfect companion for your child for the summer.

They are soft and comfortable, even in warm weather, vents provide a pleasant climate in the shoe and water and sand may flow out from the holes. The sole of the crocs is slip-resistant and easy to maintain children’s shoes. With its weight of less than 160 grams, they are very light and resistant to bacteria and foot odor. The after rear folded belt offers your child every lot stop, however the shoe is extremely quickly and without hassle, and to pull out. Children’s Crocs shoes are available in many different designs for boys and girls. Interchangeable shoe pins give an individual touch in addition every shoe and can be changed according to your taste. In autumn or spring, converse kids shoes are a casual alternative.

The classic is still trendy and popular with young and old. It is made of cotton, the outsole is made of rubber, and there are two ventilation eyelets on the inside. Through the many different colors, where the converse footwear for children is available, an appropriate model can be found for boys as for girls. The timeless sneaker is the perfect companion for sunny days. But beware the shoe is something larger, please note the manufacturer’s sizing chart that’s why. Contact: Easter agency GbR Paul Oster sinner tree road 2 66538 Neunkirchen phone: 01805 22 00 55

Swine Flu

Pig influenza: It will become ill to Colombia? 28 April 2009 the Colombian economic policy continues watching towards the long term. Nevertheless, it cannot neglect the problems that appear to him immediately and that have affected their capacity of growth. What have to do the pig influenza and the kidnappings with the Colombian economy? Perhaps much more than one it can imagine. Both noneconomic factors affect the same, first of negative way and second, dice their evolution, of positive way. ement expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The pig influenza expands quickly at world-wide level. At the moment, from Argentina we were like spectators of this situation. Anyway, with the flagellum of dengue in Argentina we have preoccupation for short while.

The pig influenza is so but so hard that it has not only affected until the moment great amount of people (already causing more than 150 deaths in Mexico), but also has struck to the markets. Also to the currencies since it has been the case of the Colombian peso that it abri his day yesterday being debilitated in front of the dollar by this circumstance, since this disease increased the aversion to the risk of the markets before the new context of uncertainty that has been generated. The influence that can have the pig influenza on several sectors of the economies is not a smaller subject. In Mexico it will represent a hard blow than in a while more inopportune for the economy. In Colombia, so far it represents a threat, but a serious threat. Several sectors of the Colombian economy already feel preoccupation reason why it can happen, among them, the tourist sector that came growing to good rate. While it read different newspapers in Internet to write this article on the Colombian economy, I ran into with the news published in site of the newspaper Universal that gave account of the reduction in a 75% of the kidnappings in Colombia in which it goes of the year.

Acne Treatments

Many people today day suffers from acne, there are few who have the misfortune of still having grains at forty years of age, and some have this chronic skin disease that can simply destroy his life. You need to know to get rid of pimples properly. We suffer have pimples during our teenage years, there are people who are born with the bliss of not suffering from it and there are some that know how to avoid pimples. It is necessary to wash your face twice a day with water and face SOAP to avoid excess fat. Be sure to count among its products of daily care with a facial wash that contains salicylic acid. Note If you are using moisturizing products or toner has to wait until these products reactions and they do their job in the skin, not to use them at the same time.

Your skin will no doubt react badly and you will confuse it. Dries be careful not to rub the skin but rather do it with small Pats on the skin. Resist the temptation of estriparse pimples now than this It will worsen your situation and will infect the pores that surrounds it. If you don’t want to use chemicals to her skin can, however, use remedies for acne homemade, such as masks for acne. If your skin is not accustomed to the use of chemical products much better, that means that you only need a small amount of chemicals to make him effect with ease, your skin will react quickly to treatment. But your skin could react improperly and may have rashes or allergic reactions.

Each person is different. This means that if your sister used a moisturizer and have good result, your skin will have the same reaction to her. Try to do things calmly, a step at a time. You can use things you find in your kitchen. It is necessary to know all the resources on how to avoid pimples and in this way will be successful in the application of treatments for acne. Look at the food you eat. Stay away from fatty foods, cholesterol can make it prone to pimples. Spicy foods and soft drinks are a complete no-no. It is not only healthy for your skin but for his body. Original author and source of the article


Through changing attitudes it can combat and prevent diseases, taking into account that the body is a huge factory of medicines that has evolved over the course of millions of years, is like a universal drugstore, in the manufactured painkillers, anaesthetics, energizing, highlighted it an example well known why is endorphins, which secretes under certain circumstances, by physical activity, emotional and happy moments and even voluntarily using visualization techniques, imagination, and also with techniques such as remembering times past with circumstances important to activate and that influence at this time. There are many especially Oriental techniques thousands of years old that with simple movements, States of relaxation, energy points, these qualities remain activated and generate very important States of balance also spiritual and physical health. The indiscriminate use of stimulants, so call drinks, cigarette, drugs, States of excitation by means of sounds shrill and friends (if you can call it that) that influence to convince us to eat, immersed in a State of hypnotic suggestion, lethargy, leading us to eat even more such elements. They also enter the over-the-counter medications, or prescription made by a relative or friend, along with poor feeding (the fast food) that in a vast majority of people swallowed only to calm the appetite and to not lose much time, without thinking if that is entering your body work for you, or simply then it will be deleted. but not before have caused the generation of elements that ultimately prejudice and minaran general health in its passage through our digestive tract. What is mentioned in the first paragraphs are those that facilitate, improve the quality of life strengthening us physical and mentally, in the third paragraph we find everything what if we did not observe and change the attitude only to create an ephemeral, momentary pleasure and weaken our immune system does not only thinking about the weakness of our health and our body, but also of our consciousness and thus keep away the possibility to achieve a strengthening inside-original author and source of the article..

Natural Remedies Against Depression

Let’s start by saying that depression is a severe medical condition, which is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain that leads to the patient to feel a deep crisis. When the points of the achievements are more low, the patient is incapable of having the joy of anything, and often lacks the energy required to participate in any of the activities you once enjoyed. There are many recipes available now through your doctor to combat this serious disease, but some people choose the option of alternative measures that are closer to nature and more affordable. Here are some natural remedies that some people claim help to combat depression, but keep in mind that the author of this article is not in any way clinically trained to determine its effectiveness, nor should take this advice to refute of a qualified professional. -St.

John’s Wort: this plant has been used for thousands of years to remedy a lot of conditions such as insomnia and anxiety, of which Depression is the last. A treatment based on herbs for depression is the most commonly applied. This plant is native to Germany, where it has been used for more than 40 years to treat depression. The plant is native to Europe, and is normal in appearance with small yellow flowers. These flowers, when they are dry and prepared are used for different applications of St. John’s wort. It has been known it prescribed over twenty times and so often like Valium or Prozac.

-SAM: S-adenosyl methionine is an amino acid. It appears naturally in our body and is known as the mechanism by which neurotransmitters healthy processes lead to our brain. Increase the amount of SAMe help to increase the amount of serotonin, dopamine and fosfatidos and improve the body’s receptive ability. -5HTP: this amino acid is important for our body, since it turns into serotonin, one of the main neurotransmitters in the brain. Since patients with clinical depression are low in serotonin, a spike in 5HTP It is known that they are effective in combating the symptoms of depression. -Gingko Biloba: Ginkgo Biloba is an antioxidant, which is effective because of its ability to increase the flow of blood to the body and the brain. The increase in blood flow leads to an increase of neural responses, which includes the Elimination of lethargy that accompanies the feelings of stress and depression. -Ginseng: Ginseng is another herb that has been used for centuries to fight a variety of afflictions. The use of Ginseng originated in Asia, and this plant market remains strong today. This herb is known as an adaptogen, which means that its qualities help to adapt the body to various conditions. There are several herbs and natural remedies that can help a person overcome their feelings of anxiety and depression. Since this condition is so serious, however, it is always best to take these alternatives after consulting your doctor about its feasibility and suitability to your particular case.

Seville Laser

Hair removal laser diode applied by specialists is one of the methods without problems, why we recommend always selecting good centers hair removal by laser. Select an aesthetic clinic supported by a doctor oversee treatments. That is the most important option that you can take in diode laser hair removal. The professional laser hair removal and electrolysis, are the more positive and effective ways if it aims to achieve a permanent reduction of hair. However, we aspire to make sure of in comparison to each user has inseparable information to make an informed decision about your options which are excluded.

Laser hair removal laser hair removal by laser, also is based in which the laser penetrates the skin also transmits its force to due to the melanin in the hair follicle, eliminating the hair out to damage the dermis. Be muzzle flash photo hair removal under any treatment with respect by Flash, and can be laser hair removal laser hair removal if Strong pulsed light employs laser now photo epilation benefit if it uses pulsed light, but ability is associated the term image hair removal the LPI photoepilation. Do whitening of hair, such so Sally Hansen Bleach cream or depilatory creams such as Veet, mode great add-ons if you intend to treatments with laser, which in no way interrupt the series of hair growth, nor halan the hair from the follicle. Probably home methods can be a little complicated for their gain and excellent prefer having a more relaxing experience as in a spa and beyond make their hair removal with wax or the labour electrolysis. You should follow some tips on hair removal laser for the healing reaches the appropriate levels of protection and law, since we are in the presence of the clinical procedure and its cost is not exactly cheap. These tips regarding laser hair removal laser must follow both rather than starting the treatment to select the Center also hire care, since before and after each function, to ensure the effectiveness of the treatment and prevent complications, questionnaires, dislikes or waste time also bonus.

The waxing that possess laser acts that they are in the following way: the hair contains melanin that there is the substance that gives it color. The bundle of laser light, along with a proper length with respect to wavelength and intensity, is intercepted by the melanin in the hair, turning it into heat. I.e. which makes possible the annihilation of hair, out in that affects to adjacent tissues, only acting within the follicle ensanche. The system that are hair removal laser is constant, indicated both for neighbours (hair removal man) since for women (waxing woman). It is progressive because the laser only works on those follicles where hair is aiming growth, i.e., immediately the stem is attached to the follicle bulb, join terminology bounded to this phase is called the anagen. This is the reason that if aims to achieve some shaved of tug of war duration is essential to distribute the process in several sessions. The number that are necessary session stone oscillate between 6 and ten, depending on the hormonal events and with regard to age and shames of each Calo. More information on hair removal laser Seville

Treat Anxiety Effectively

All human beings feel anxiety from time to time, is a part of life, we all know what it is to feel concern, nervousness, fear and concern. We were nervous when we have to give a speech, go to a job interview, or enters the Office of our Chief for the annual performance evaluation. We know that it is normal to feel a wave of fear when we unexpectedly see a snake or look down from the top of a building. Most people can handle this kind of feelings of anxiety pretty well and are able to move forward with their lives without much difficulty. But millions of people, 15% of the population, suffer from devastating and constant anxiety which severely affects their lives. These people experience attacks of panic, phobias, extreme shyness, obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviors.

The feeling of anxiety is a constant and dominant force that alters his life; Some are enclosed in their own homes without being able to go out to work, driving, or even go to the store. There are different forms of remedies for the anxiety ranging from drugs to medicinal plants very recommended for stress that stimulate for well-functioning nervous system. Types of disorders of an anxiety disorder anxiety affects the behavior of a person, the thoughts, feelings and physical sensations. The most common anxiety disorders include the following: social anxiety or social phobia is a fear to be with other people. People who suffer from this disorder always feel self-conscious around others. They have the feeling that everybody is watching them to them.

Because anxiety is so uncomfortable, they learn to stay away from social situations and avoid contact with other people. The feeling is widespread and steady, and even happens with the people they know. Panic disorder is a condition where a person has panic unannounced attacks. Common symptoms of panic include: tachycardia trembling Palms sweaty feelings of terror chest pain or heaviness in the chest, dizziness and lightheadedness fear of dying fear go crazy fear of losing control feeling unable to catch the breath tingling in hands and feet the panic attack is followed by feelings of depression and impotence. The majority of people who have experienced the panic they say that the greatest fear is that the panic attack will happen again. Generalized anxiety disorder is very common, this disorder fills the life of a person with concern, anxiety and fear. People who have this disorder are constant thoughts such as what would happen if for every situation. An anxiety disorder treatment depends on the severity and duration of the problem. When a person is motivated by panic to try new behaviours and practise new skills and techniques, you can learn to change the way the brain responds to the thoughts and family feelings which have previously caused anxiety.


It is often found that there are many possibilities to cure or to help with insomnia. There are many treatments for insomnia, but it all depends on if your doctor create or that are not the best treatment for your particular type of insomnia. Often not clearly all you carry drugs for insomnia, so you should always make sure to read and follow all instructions. Never take any medication for insomnia when you’re taking another type of medication which may come into conflict with him and query always your doctor with any questions about any type of drug that you don’t know. When it comes to any type of medication always prevention is better than cure.

As for medications for insomnia, it seems logical that since always all we have tried to control and increase our chances of sleep to be able to live better all options and possibilities of our lifestyle. This, of course, has given rise to a series of chemical reactions that can affect how sleep and has increased the possibilities of adapting our dream to our wishes. There are historical accounts of distant eras which have as people used a variety of elements to help them sleep or to help them wake up; the ancients could use anything, from herbs and alcohol until the mystical and magical, potions to help them fall asleep more quickly or get better sleep. These early forms of medications for insomnia still have some validity today. There are a variety of types of medications that are used to treat various disorders of sleep. Sedativo-hipnoticos medications are called.

These drugs typically reduces the time that it takes to fall asleep or increase the time passed sleeping has been shown. This type of medication for Insomnia is taken before going to bed or before desired sleep time, or is prescribed often simply when it is needed to allow the patient to take it whenever you feel you need it. This form of prescribe according to need give control to the patient about their symptoms, which suggests that the responsibility of the taking of the medication is vitally important in these cases. In other cases, your doctor may prescribe a type of medication for insomnia that reflects a choice of way of life more than anything else. This may include order eliminating all kind of caffeine and other items that would cause a lack of sleep. Options is herbal physician can match with other preventive measures to enable the patient to get sleep proper at the appropriate moments and develop important sleep patterns that make is lacking for a healthy life. As in the rest of the process of insomnia, can not emphasize enough the need to consult with your doctor before starting a new medication or make any changes to the drugs you are already taking. Terry Roberts is a professional translator and linguist, with a variety of interests.