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The Resistance

The gastric secretion mechanism and the factors related to the formation of the peptic ulcer are important aspects for the medicine development new that can act as antagonistic in these processes. The used medicines as citoprotetores tend to increase the resistance of the gastric mucosa and to diminish the harmful agents (CAVALINI, 2005). 3.3. Mechanisms of gastric protection Physiological, the aggressive and protective agents of the gastric mucosa are in balance. The concentration of H+ in the lumen of the stomach is raised, however, mechanisms exist that hinder its return for the gastric cells. Amongst the protective mechanisms it is to the stimulation of the mucous cells, for the Ach, for protective release of muco (MILK, 2004).

The electric resistance of the membrane of the epithelial cells, the high cellular junctions and the negative electric potential of the way hinder the passive ticket them ons H+ through the cellular membranes. The defense of the gastric mucosa is based on three main mechanisms: humorais (release of E2 Prostaglandin) and nitric oxide (IN), neural (sensorial neurons) and functionaries (secretion of muco, motilidade and microcirculation) (RODRIGUES, 2008). The mucous cells liberate muco protective, forming viscous, transparent, adherent and elastic a system (95% water and 5% glycoproteins). Muco recovers the fabric gastric, acting as a sweeper of free radicals, aid in cellular regeneration and the cicatrizao of ulcerativas injuries (RODRIGUES, 2008). The barrier muco-bicarbonate-fosfolipdios hinders the installation of microorganisms, making physical protection against foods and acts as a powerful lubricant (ROZZA, 2009).

In the interior of the cells of the mucosa, the oxidation-reduction system functions (redox), that it acts as a citoprotetor system. The free radicals are formed physiological and in inflammatory processes, then, the system redox if it becomes essential for the reduction of less reactive free radicals ons, increasing the cellular protection (MAYER, 2007).


The joined results show that for the most part of the users acometidos for the IRC taken care of in the sector of hemodilise of a hospital of the city of Cricima- SC they are of the masculine sex. In accordance with some authors, the IRC acomete patient with age enters the 40 60 years and has short while bigger incidence between men of what in mulheres3,6. In studies carried through for other authors, about 53,2% of the total sample they were patient of masculine sex e, in the casuistry of one another found study, that consisted of 50 patients, 56% were of masculine sex and 44% of the feminine one, results these similars to the gift estudo7,8. It was possible to observe, from this study, that the users had presented great prevalence of anemia, about 75%, being that the anemia of the normoctica type was most prevalent with 55% of the sample. The anemia in the chronic renal insufficiency is characteristically normocrmica, normoctica and with counting of red cells in the normal or diminished ssea marrow, had to its character hipoproliferativo5,9,10. The determinative factor of the present serious anemia in the chronic nefropatia is the deficiency of production of the eritropoetina for tubular epitlio 7,9. However, it has assumptions of that the urmicas toxins also inhibit the eritropoetina, and reduce the time of life of eritrcitos3,4.


Of this form, contributing for the understanding and the recognition of the essencialidade of sleep, sleeping well and being intent to the alterations of this process, that is basic to the life. Word-key: Paradoxical sleep REM or. Sleep NREM or of slow waves. System of Temporization. Quality of sleep. Riots of sleep.

ABSTRACTThis research went the assumption that most people of not understand the real value of sleep because of this, the aim of this paper is you present you the community in general the magnificent and complex process of sleep, their characteristics, information on to their quality and its disturbances. Thus, contributing you the understanding and recognition of the essential sleep, you sleep well and be aware of changes in that process, which is basic you life. Key-words: Paradoxical REM sleep or. NREM sleep or slow waves. System the Timer. Quality of sleep. Sleep disturbances. Sleep Has much time sleep is focus of great scientific inquiries, since she is one of the functions most fascinating of our human body.

Old studies affirmed that, at the time from the primitive man, it moved away them to sleep from its nocturnal predators and it served as physiological rest, therefore sleep always was important to the man, in divergent way at different moments of history. According to Louzada and Menna-Barreto (2007, P. 57), ‘ ‘ for return of the half of the last century was even given credit that sleep was a passive process, something similar to? disconnection? temporary of crebro’ ‘. It is certain that still it is a very ample field for inquiries, but many discoveries already had proven that it is indispensable to our development, since even though the animal irrationals need this process.

Personal Development

Under current conditions in our society need new benchmarks in the pedagogical, psychological prediction of personal development. Therefore, every parent and teacher must first be a good psychologist, be able to look into the future of children, provide them older, read the secret in their portraits, guessing role in life. Using the name and place of birth of the child as the key to psychological characteristics personality, you can approach new positions to educate the younger generation, specifically the ability to develop an early age. And this assertion is not unfounded. A person's name carries a great information. Try to take the name as a reference in your relationships with others, and you'll see some unexpected horizons will open to you, how many problems will be eliminated. Since ancient times mankind kind to the name.

He was not given a reason. As a rule, it showed about the purpose of a child and was associated with the name of God, on the patronage and protection that counts. Islam knows ninety-nine epithets glorifying God (Basically the same – one hundredth – no one dares to utter), and they are names. The set of names that are used to this day, gave the Orthodox Bible. Usually they indicate the type of activity or fate of a man who wears them. Thus, virtues, pleasing to God – love, gentleness, patience, and – expressed in the names Galina ("calm") and Irina ("peace"), and in the name of Isaiah, which literally means "let God save you," embodied the hope for support Gd.

Men And Relationships

Men and women are very different in character, in relation to each other, and indeed the perception of the world. The only thing than men and women are similar – they belong to the same species. They have since ancient times, has developed his own psychology. Man hunted to feed his family, protected. The woman, in turn, brought up children, till the soil, preparing a meal.

In the course of the evolution of this procedure has not changed. From this and from their stereotypes of modern society on both women and men. A woman will always be regarded as the guardian of the hearth, and a man – dobydchikom. Evolution went on as usual, has changed the consciousness and the constitution. The man was taller and stronger than his companion because of its functions.

Changed as a way of thinking and understanding. Even the sight was different. Muzhchna due to the fact that he had to hunt prey and keep constantly in view, the acquired directional vision. The woman, on the contrary had to defend his home, until the man on the hunt, so the vision has a more dispersed and covers a large area of coverage. It is now clear that the processing of information in both men and women are different. They understands differently. Everyone has their own priorities, perceptions of the world, and behavior. Ignoring this fact, meet with incomprehension and only get a headache for a partner. And this is hardly anyone ponravitsya.Vse know that men are completely different in nature, but we give ourselves in this report? Each needs its own unique approach. Conventionally, men can be divided into four types: Shy That type men, who hardly dare first to make any offer, to be initiated, and all because they are very shy, a little pinched and not confident in themselves (they often ask themselves whether they are good enough for you, are smart enough, enough Do interesting and desirable).