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Not to make this story very long: for half-full of the 2005 rate it was fixed to 15%, at the end of this same year one lowered to 14% and one stayed in that level until the 01 of the 2007 March of date in which one lowered to 11% for, finally, the 01 of past Julio paid attention to his present value: announced 9% along with the promise that this reduction would make to go down the inflation in " at least 3 points porcentuales" and &quot would leave frees an assumption surplus into the hands of the consumers of a few; billones" of Bolivars and this it is either a lie but that can hide-and-seek somehow using many technical and economic numbers and accounts and arguments but or we will clarify a little ahead to it the more It is not the case of the other lie that is more obvious: " Now everything is but barato" no, is not it, the truth is that everything follows costing the same, simply that the government is going to put the hand in our pockets with just a little bit more of gentleness. But not more history. The IVA is " plus" that it is received on the base of the price of or or service that we are paying and its amount in each specific case is the turn out to multiply this price by the aliquot one, and what it has lowered is the aliquot one, not the price If, one is truth that now " it is going to pay menos" that before but that does not mean that the prices are smaller, on the contrary, in many cases they have increased eating in the way the waited for effect of this reduction in the rate of the tax. .

Diamond Type

Because the round shape was essentially the standard Faceting industry, over 90% of diamonds on the market have this form of cutting. Round-cut from all other forms are distinguished primarily by the standard pattern of faces and proportions, the approach to assessing the quality of treatment, the higher cost. On the other hand, the famous diamond cutter from Antwerp Gabi Tolkowsky that limit for their lives a lot of diamonds, believes that the correct call fantasy is a round shape. The fact that diamonds found in nature in different forms, but those sections of diamond crystals, which determine the future shape of the diamond may be square and rectangular, and with chamfered corners and triangular, but never – round. It is known that when cutting a round diamond stitch in the usual deadweight loss, more than half the mass of the original diamond losses cut fancy shapes less.

The attractiveness of fantasy ogranok based mainly on the attractiveness of their shape. In some cases, the name of a cut sounds more appealing, such as "Princess>>. Standard round cut the most thought out in terms of optical properties, ie sparkle, scintillation, the game, so usually fancy cut diamonds are worth less (in dollars per carat) rather than round. This is because when cut fancy shapes used flattened or elongated diamonds, and the yield is greater than in the manufacture of round brilliant cut diamonds of the same crystal. If we restrict various forms of cut diamonds, but for them to sustain the same mass, then one will be visually more than round, such as awnings or Trilliant, others – less than, for example, Princess.