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Quiet Adventure

I live in Asturias practically continuously for 31 years. Not wanting to go is, I think, more proof of the benefits of this land. The climate is excellent: when, in winter, the rest of Europe or the World Meteorological misfortunes, in Asturias news come to us simply enjoy a not intense cold or rains that never turn into floods; While other areas of Spain and the world suffer suffocating temperatures in the summer months, the Asturian ones enjoy a perfect temperature to enjoy its numerous beaches, mountains, rivers, towns, cities can choose: marked cosmopolitan environment cities which offer countless attractions both how cultural natural (Gijon, Oviedo, Aviles) or endearing villages of a natural greenery that hardly can be found already in any part of the world; Camping in the middle of idyllic environments (Ribadesella) or four-star hotels; sandy beaches or beaches of grass or stone (also a nudist in Gijon); We can visit other regions of Spain in just one hour (for example: Castile and Leon from Oviedo) thanks to the entire series of new roads coming to alleviate the single disadvantage that until now (already fixed also, therefore) possessed the region. I could go on. But I won’t: is better for everyone to discover for himself the inexhaustible wealth of delights that hides the Principality.

The Professor

In the third chapter to teach is an especificidade human pedagogue requires good preparation and teacher Qualificacao, and this must be sure their profession better develop its teaching activity. And says that for the teacher to help so educating to overcome his ignorance, before he must overcome their own ignorances. The teacher must learn the day-to-day together with students, and should is always open for the apreciacoes of the students about their activity in Hall’s classroom, always according to the teacher that education is a form of intervention in the world. Presents a great problem that is placed to the educator or educator under the democratic option work in make possible that the need of the limit is ethically assumed by liberty. He says that teaching requires awareness of its decisions that the teacher is responsible for the first. It is of utmost importance that the teacher in classroom room should know listening to be able to deepen the art of teaching. And draws attention to the professor that he should not be naive, and awareness that education is an ideology, at that point its influence presents Marxist in the text. Agree that teaching requires availability for all matters of the students and is always available to answer their inquietacoes, and with that open to the dialogue with the UFC.

And he ends his book by saying that the teacher should want well to their trainees. The work is a subsidy to be read by all students in any undergraduate. The structure plan the author uses the monastic method for presenting his pedagogical theory of how the teacher can help educate them to build their autonomy of their knowledge in classroom room. The language used is simple, brave and current. In the end, this book is a book that helps teachers to better develop their teaching practice in classroom room.


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Child Immunity

No parent wants his child was sick, and if this happens, Mom and Dad immediately rush to strengthen his immune system. Is it always justified, and not be better to refer to a pediatric immunologist, so he figured, and whether you want your child to do something to change in his immune system? "Children's immunology is at the junction of two sciences: pediatrics, as the science of child and actually Immunology – said Head. Pediatric Immunology Institute of Immunology, Dr. med. Science Mikhail Yartsev. – But some trends can be identified and more accurately. The first problem – a syndrome (immune deficiency) are sometimes detected in the first months of life Child. Another problem – an autoimmune disease.

That is, the child has immunity, but it works in the anomalous regime. Instead of protecting the body, it attacks the own cell and tissue structure. In result of developing endocrine, hematologic diseases, diseases of the joints and systems. And the third child of immunology – allergy. In allergy develops abnormally high immune activity as a reaction to external stimuli. It must be remembered that an allergic reaction – this is not always bad.

If the child starts to sneeze, once in a dusty room – this is normal. Normal when there is no dust, and he sneezes and sneezes. Before going to technician try to wipe dust, ventilate the room and look at the result. Need to worry when the child reacts to the smallest external stimuli to which others simply do not pay attention.

Helicopter Accident

Mauritius Urrela seriously is wounded, according to the candidate to the presidency of Guatemala, Mario Estrada. At the outset one inquired into which it had passed away in this wreck. The candidate to the Vice-presidency of Guatemala by the competing party Union of Cambio Nacionalista (UCN), Mauritius Urruela, has survived the plane crash that underwent east Saturday the helicopter in which traveled, according to informed Mario Estrada, aspiring to the presidency of the country by that party. Before information means, Estrada corrected the information that it had previously given with the death of his companion of party and assured that Urruela is the unique survivor of the mishap, although it is seriously wounded. The deceaseds in the accident went a candidate to deputy and a member of their security. According to Estrada said, the burns that underwent the affected ones were the cause of the confusion originated around the identity of the victims. Initially one made sure that one of the deceaseds was Urruela, because the faces of the three occupants they were disfigured by the fire that consumed the ship after the impact, explained a spokesman of the Municipal Firemen.

Urruela was transferred to a deprived medical center of the locality of Chimaltenango, to 50 kilometers to the west of the Guatemalan capital where, according to sources of the party, " one struggles between the life and the death ". One of the deceaseds was identified like the industralist Silvio Florit, candidate to deputy by the department of Quiche’, whereas the other victim is a bodyguard of Urruela, whose identity not yet has been needed. According to Estrada, the airship, a helicopter Bell 206 who was piloted by Urruela, hurried towards the 16,00 local time (22,00 GMT) in the mountainous zone of the area of Tecpn, in the department of Chimaltenango, to about 100 kilometers to the west of the Guatemalan capital. One of the doctors of the hospital of Chimaltenango said to the average premises that " the state of the candidate is delicado" and that at the moment is not advisable to transfer it to a welfare center of the capital, as they wish his relatives. Urruela returned a the City of Guatemala after to have participated along with Floritt in political acts of the UCN in several communities of the department of Quiche’. The spokesman of the Municipal Firemen, Carlos Guinea pig, said to the average premises that " it was difficult to arrive at the place from percance" due to the mountainous topography of the zone. Urruela is an outstanding architect and Guatemalan industralist who was united to the UCN in past February and weeks later vice-president in the presidential elections of the country was chosen like candidate, position to which will inhale consecutive Estrada for the second time. Source of the news: The candidate to the vice-presidency of Guatemala survives a helicopter accident