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The Romantic

This is the tragedy of art, but oddly enough, and its viability. Rise of a new tale. "The new songs came up with life." There is a cyclical process, one for all and from all to one. "O people, you're wrong." Of course, this is a struggle and not without loss, but We, the people, in other words still do not know how. Russian art in general has a romantic orientation, it is a reflection of our Russian mentality, mentality and messianic character of our people.

Living in a dream is good and bad at the same time, but why people are always at the beginning, at the threshold of a new discovery. In our history, something like this has been particularly enjoy this ancient art. This is where the romantic pap worked in full force, creating image of an ideal, a utopian human, the spiritual leader. Tale so with such force worked on the reality that in many respects are translated into real life. The quest for an ideal society, it was with tremendous force and persuasiveness. Religion, Utopia was a social theme, which relied Bogomazov, icon-painters in the expression of their deepest beliefs, personal utopias. Focused on the man, he was humiliated, he had to be rescued.

There were corresponding ideal images. Worked self-preservation of the people. Now need to save everything, from the nature of man, the man from the disturbed nature of man from himself and his civilization, etc., etc. That's new – the eternal theme of salvation in terms of the new – old romanticism. Desire to live is stronger desire to die, I think. That's why the search for the ideal should not be stopped. For healthy living must constantly offer new, even if it do not want on the one hand, and wish him, on the other hand, despite the civilized hunted. "Do not leave the effort, the maestro did not remove his hand from his forehead" (B.

How To Make A Diet That Works

Make a diet that works is the main purpose for which is essential to move away from diets that promise weight loss fast since turns to recover shortly and consequently should be one diet healthy and balanced that you promise to lose weight gradually. On the other hand also we must move away from our minds that we are under a plan to lose weight doing a regime. In principle should make an introspective for examination which are the mistakes we are making and therefore change towards a much more healthy and nutritious diet. Make at least five meals per day at the beginning of the diet then make six meals to regular spaces in order to activate the metabolism without skipping any of them especially breakfast since this is the main meal. It is the will provide us all the energy needed to take properly all day. The mid-morning and mid-afternoon collations consist of foods nutritious but noncaloric, i.e. that can be swallowed: a fruit, yogurt, some two cookies with Light cheese or a piece of the size an audio cassette of fresh cheese but never take the first thing that we have in sight.

You have awareness that we need foods that provide us with sufficient amount of fibers for the benefit of the intestinal tract. Once we know the food provided to us for the diet to lose weight mentalizing us in eat slowly to favour the digestive tract with small snacks and besides eating slowly make an interval from one dish to another. In general terms eat slowly being aware of the quality of the food we are consuming savoring every bite, since eating is pleasurable and should not be able to diet, so surely will work the diet and l can lead to long-term and lifetime. Original author and source of the article

Body Cavitation

Ultrasonic cavitation, also called ultrasonic cavitation or Ultracavitation, is a beautiful device exciting new doctors not invasive and therapists use to eliminate cellulite and unwanted fat. Alternatives considered liposuction, these procedures in comparison with liposuction, but without surgical intervention. This innovative technology uses sound waves to implode, in fluids fat cells microscopic so naturally to eliminate body can remove the urinary tract and lymphatic system. Ultracavitation is a very effective method that only requires six to ten treatments, consisting of 20 to 30 minutes. After initial treatments have they been completed, maintenance treatments consist of one meeting per month for 4 months for every 4 months of treatment.

It is completely safe and painless with the results observed in a few weeks after the treatment. The process works in fat accumulation and superficial fat that expel non-INAT. He is performed directly on specific areas of the surface of the skin with an ultrasonic device after a gel is applied. Observed results can sometimes see after the first treatment with a new improvement in a few days. Any person who, in this treatment is individual provided by the therapist or doctor for evaluation, how much the cellulite and fatty tissue of safe and effective results will be published immediately. After each session of cavitation ultrasonic treatment, encourages the patient to drink a lot, they move in a quiet, soft form, and with its pneumatic massage to improve circulation and help eliminate fluids more quickly. Manual lymphatic drainage massage is also called, improve the lymphatic system, which helps to drain fluids.

Portable Device

The undesirable effect for the wearer, but there is scientific evidence that it causes more damage to the ear when listening through headphones insertion of other devices because the sound of music comes without barriers to the auditory nerve. How concerned whether or not I have the ear? If you have any suspicion that your hearing has declined is always right to go first to a health professional so that your medical evaluation, however if you have the sensation of hearing a ringing or buzzing in the ears, experience difficulty hearing a conversation, you can not hear the television or stereo volume than others do, if you experience problems with balance or dizziness, you probably have some kind of hearing problem. “I can recover from hearing loss if I listen to music at an appropriate level from now? Hearing loss which occurs when the auditory nerve is damaged by age, noise, illness, injury, infection, among other causes usually can not be reversed as the cells of the inner ear do not regenerate over time. We believe that the discomfort we feel in our ears is temporary and will pass after a little time and may in fact be that this happens, however do not forget that if we persist in listening to music at a volume that is not appropriate, very will soon have to regret the damage to our ears. Take care and enjoy the most of your music but please do so in the appropriate volume. .

The Gastronomy Of Gran Canaria

The Canarian cuisine offers travellers many new gastronomic impressions the gastronomy of Gran Canaria has a great influence by the Guanche culture, Spanish culture (especially from Castile), as well as the African and American cuisine. On the menu of every restaurant on Gran Canaria always the Gofio find handy as a bread substitute, was eaten themselves already by indigenous people. This is corn, today from the roasted grains, usually what is ground into flour, manufactured. There are lots of fruits and vegetables. The bananas are especially known (a type of branch small and sweet), mangoes, papayas and Avocados. The Canary Islands are rich in seafood and fish with some endemic species. Much eaten are marinated tuna, mackerel, sardines, and fried. Many with Marinades used in Lanzarote.

There are dishes with tuna, pork and goat. With regard to the meat much goat and pork is eaten on Gran Canaria, accompanied with the Canarian potatoes and Mojo. There are a number of Potato varieties that are cultivated in the Canary Islands. These are the Green (with coriander) or Mojo sauce red (with pepper) (sharp peppers or cayenne pepper we this Mojo picon called) eaten. Who spends his holidays in Gran Canaria should try the fresh goat cheese or half-ripened cheese from Fuerteventura, La Palma and Gran Canaria most definitely. The typical dishes of Gran Canaria are wrinkled potatoes with Mojo Picon, the chickpea stews, the sweet blood sausage (Morcilla), more stews (with meat, fish, pumpkin, carrots, sweet potatoes, potatoes, cauliflower), a freshwater fish, the SAMA, fried with mojo, the rabbit Canarian style, Sancocho (sea bass cooked with potatoes), fish broth or a fish casserole for dessert, there are in each restaurant from Gran Canaria, apart from the fruits, which are in the first place, all possible delicious desserts like Leche asada, bienmesabe, marzipan or Muse de Gofio. As refining Palm used honey in La Gomera manufactured will.

Particularly worth mentioning are the wines and spirits. The rum (Ron) of Gran Canaria is of great quality. The best-known way is perhaps the honey rum. These are from the town of Arucas, in the North of the island. The wine, which was formerly an important trade good in the Canary Islands today again coming into fashion. There are good white and red wines of the D. O. z.B Gran Canaria of the Monte Lentiscal. The town of Santa Brigida the House of wines, La Casa del Vino is located in de Gran Canaria, where you can get to know the different wines of the island. Also wines from the region of la Geria in Lanzarote are well known. Excellent wines come from Tenerife z.B of the D. O.: Abona Daute-Isora, Taraconte-Acentejo, La Palma and El Hierro. J.