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Customer Relationship Management

CRM (from the acronym of the English term “Customer Relationship Management”), has several meanings:
The administration based on the relationship with customers. CRM is a management model of the entire organization, based on customer orientation (or market orientation, according to others), the concept is closest Relationship marketing (as used in Spain) and is closely related to other concepts such as : Clienting, 1×1 Marketing, Direct Marketing Database, etcetera.
The relationship management with customers. CRM is synonymous with customer service or customer management. CRM With this meaning refers only to a part of the management of the company.
Software for relationship management with customers’. Computer systems support the management of relationships with customers, sales and marketing. With this meaning refers to the CRM system that runs a Data warehouse (data warehouse) with the management information of sales and business customers.
The relationship management with customers, CRM is part of a business strategy focused on the client. A key part of his idea is precisely to gather as much information as possible about customers in order to give value to the offer. The company must work to meet the needs of them and thus be able to forward an offer and improve the quality of care.
When we speak of improving the supply of power, we mean providing customers solutions that fit your needs perfectly, and not as many opponents pray these disciplines generates new needs.
Therefore, ‘the name refers to a CRM business strategy based primarily on customer satisfaction, but also to computer systems that support this strategy.
Today there are many systems that automate the control of the customer relationship, and keeps all the business tools available to the operator, not necessarily must be a telemarketer (person operating such systems), although this person is who more contact with such systems. CRM systems are not always related to telemarketing, telemarketing unfailingly instead is related to CRM systems, as an example we can see the progress of new technologies where Bluetooth can have a direct relationship with a customer’s mobile phone and facilitate the sales process in a radio without going to any operator, just as the platform for accessing text messages to mobile phones, etc..
Almost 90 of cases, the CRM systems of the 90s focused on selling phone (it is the most economical means, with better range, more personalized and easier to control) may be applied with success to all kinds muchisimo sales process, and products or services, which is why the true formula for success lies in good planning of this strategy.
CRM strategist (who thinks and carries forward the concept of work) is one of the most difficult to fill positions in the areas of HR for all companies working under this philosophy.
Technology and Development
The core of any CRM strategy is the database.
To begin the development of a good database is advised to develop a club of the firm, although much data can be generated with conventional communication strategies such as graphics, radio, television, e-mailing, Advertisement, etc.. In this case, the focus of the strategy should be how to manage contacts arising from the Implementation of the disclosure.
What are database marketing ‘marketing bases are designed to load and store customer profiles with more subjective data such as, for example, he likes to do in his spare time, what type of food consumed, etc. ., data that are focused to be able to develop a customer profile so we can provide an offer that this really made for. This is why direct marketing strategies based on CRM development is so successful worldwide.
The customer orientation is becoming more important. The aim is to give customers what they need and when you need it. Online CRM software is, according to consultants and specialists, which in the near future will allow better know in detail, their needs and anticipate demand from where we meet, share information.