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First complete analysis of the global market for plastic films films represent one of the most important areas of the plastics industry. Due to its importance for the various branches of the industry, as well as their versatility, Ceresana’s market researchers expect an increase of global consumption of plastic films to almost 71 million tons up to the year 2020. The differentiation of films, sheets and plates there a flowing transition from thin foils to thick and rigid plates. The study focuses on flexible films, used for example in the packaging sector. In addition, films in other areas play an important role. To name a few are in particular agricultural films, but also other applications as construction films, films for Office and stationery supplies, technical insulating films, as well as other industrial films.

Film trends regionally the evolution of demand differs according to plastic films significantly. There is a discrepancy between the saturated industrialized nations and the dynamically growing Emerging Asia Pacific, South America, the Middle East or parts of Eastern Europe. China and India, representing approximately one-third of the worldwide film market have an immense growth potential. The consumption of plastics will continue to increase in the coming years. Among other things, this development on the advantages of plastic films to flexible packaging made of other materials (E.g., paper or aluminum foil) is back to lead. This can be observed especially in the food sector, but the same trend also in the non-food sector continues. Also changed consumer habits (packed instead of packaged food, convenience trend, trend to flexible packaging) affect positively the demand after films. By the year 2020, we expect an annual increase in the packaging sector by an average 3.7% “, explains Oliver Kutsch, Managing Director of Ceresana. Especially packaging have gained in importance due to their advantageous properties of several materials or layers. Different development trends have detailed market analysis to foil types also the materials which films are made.