Again Becoming Increasingly Important

The quality processes are lived with the fact the process culture determines the value creation performance processes are the backbone of business value creation. The value added intelligence and performance but are not primarily determined by the penetration of the company with functional regulations, e-learning or automated workflows, at least not for most of the business processes. Value orientation is needed! Processes are defined as far as basically not whether they are somehow in writing, not manage how comprehensive indicators are measured and reported or even the consistency with which is – in terms of general staff continually improved but manage! People given there are still people in the total system market”process performance, no matter whether employee, supplier or customer, which ultimately have tipped the balance in the overall system of the company and to the market for value added to make. This is even there, where for example by means of e-commerce and one probably highest possible automation processes, transactions are settled. Against this background it is clear that a company that describe processes and rules, but never dominate can.

Simple put, a company always depends on the integrity, of the engagement of the decisions and actions of the people of the entire system depends on and there is no action in the company, no matter who that not somehow, sometime also on the market, so the customers affects. How is value added trains in this total system, is therefore a question of people and with what readiness and with what motive these people take responsibility for the success. Versus responsibility, the less the person in such integrated systems worth is estimated task orientation, all the salaried people in such systems are trapped, the less can I expect as a company, that the people in the system make more than only to work. Job according to the regulations, labour code, not vulnerable, but ultimately with a probably fairly low Value creation performance.