The Winter

Is painfully aware of the requirements, you can contact the dealer alone. Some specialists have also an online store for attachments in the professional service of winter and you can look in peace there, contact the service if you have questions and select as appropriate for their own use. Apart from the rest in the research much more capacity available of course at dealerships for the winter service equipment. So the delivery times are much shorter in the summer and a snow pusher for forklift is often within a week on the depot. At the same time, prices for winter service attachments are cheaper than in the winter in the summer, because in the autumn, the prices are updated at most manufacturers and dealers.

Who knows its need for domestic snow-plough so in the summer, can make his choice not only stress-free, but save too much money. Contact winter service professional shop Dennis dunker Nina angle-Strasse 26 46325 borken Tel.: 02861/80 401 52 Fax: 02861/80 401 76 of the industry supplier of winter service professional shop from offers a versatile and comprehensive range of attachments the Munsterland on his online presence for the professional winter service. Whether snow pusher for forklift trucks, hydraulic spreaders for wheel loader or the simple snow shovel with scattering car for manual operation are to be found in this specialist. With an extensive selection of snow chains for forklift trucks, the range offers a wider range for trouble-free operation of forklifts in the winter. For a professional and competent advice Monday staff until Friday between 07:30 18:00 and on Saturdays from 07:30 12:00 at your disposal and offer you to request a free.