That Pregnancy Was Without Complications

During pregnancy it is important that you stay healthy. To do this, you should not neglect the attendance of a doctor who will monitor your health and the health of your child. Caring for a child to the birth of Caring child to her birth – is to take care of their health during pregnancy. State of your health when pregnancy occurs by a physician, midwife, whether someone else from the medical staff. To do this, go to advice and do tests.

To consult a doctor: will check the state of your health will follow, as your child grows, will identify issues of pregnancy and will deal with them until they turned on serious, will teach you to take care of yourself and your unborn baby. During the first attendance you will have to undergo a full examination and make a few tests. The doctor asks you about the illness that you suffered in the past, cases of hospitalization, if such were. Tell your doctor about medications that you are taking. Maybe you will, where the time to talk about their plans and feelings during pregnancy. First you 'll be going to the doctor once a month, and only closer to the expected date of birth the doctor will invite you again in two weeks if even once a week. To make visits to the doctor were korisnshimi, on the eve of consultations Record all questions that you have incurred. Sometimes a consultation visit can be problematic. Perhaps you feel that you get to the hospital hard, and you want to postpone the visit.