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It happens that we forget to love … This word simply drops out of the internal lexicon of the relationship between a man and a woman. Between the two, once eagerly loving each other, people just stop word exist, to be effective. And inside we start to mentally pray for the return of love, remembering those wonderful moments when it all began only those goose bumps, sparkling eyes, sweet (somewhere slightly sugary) finding moments of happiness alone with each other, then a lively dialogue … 'So! Stop! And where are delos our fellowship? "- Suddenly you are asking yourself.

Are all these squabbles, the cries of the family, all of this meaningless nonsense, which spread, and kept in our house, elevated tone … Is all this WE? And when it all began? Just a couple of moments, and all these thoughts will fall somewhere in the gulf, along with tired to do anything with his hands. Let me quote here one wonderful Zen-Buddhist parable. It can perceive, you can not, but it's worth reading. To broaden your perception, visit Michael Miccoli. And as a parable – "Life can not wait." Master Ma Tzu, trying to show his students a state of meditation, he said: – If you say, a word, I will appoint you thirty blows my stick, but if you do not pronounce a single word, too – thirty blows of my cane.

Now, talk, talk! One student came forward and was going to just bow to the Master, but was blow. Pupil protested: – I did not say a single word, and you would not let me say a word. During that same punch? Master laughed and said: – If I wait for you, your speech, your silence … too late. Life can not wait, do not however, whether a similar situation? Each person can interpret this parable to his situation differently. But the meaning of this parable is the same: Life can not wait! While we all ride, roll down the relationship. Communication between two loving people is reduced to nothing or continuous op, but cry. Where to start? This is the main and the right question. Here we consider the first step towards the restoration of communication and, therefore, relations. We draw a brief psychological consultation. Our first lesson we will shine positions when communicating. This is the first thing you should pay attention. Conventionally, there are three positions in communication relations: The first position, we call it the 'top' shows when still in the run-up call, one of the partners or atakuyusche set for him to determine in advance that he know more than companion and now 'all explain to him' or even 'learns to live properly. " Usually, such a position We appreciate the things and events, condemn people blame, insist. The second partner, this position is the desire to defend or attack in response (which is also protected, but more rigid) Hope to read more Tabasova

That Pregnancy Was Without Complications

During pregnancy it is important that you stay healthy. To do this, you should not neglect the attendance of a doctor who will monitor your health and the health of your child. Caring for a child to the birth of Caring child to her birth – is to take care of their health during pregnancy. State of your health when pregnancy occurs by a physician, midwife, whether someone else from the medical staff. To do this, go to advice and do tests.

To consult a doctor: will check the state of your health will follow, as your child grows, will identify issues of pregnancy and will deal with them until they turned on serious, will teach you to take care of yourself and your unborn baby. During the first attendance you will have to undergo a full examination and make a few tests. The doctor asks you about the illness that you suffered in the past, cases of hospitalization, if such were. Tell your doctor about medications that you are taking. Maybe you will, where the time to talk about their plans and feelings during pregnancy. First you 'll be going to the doctor once a month, and only closer to the expected date of birth the doctor will invite you again in two weeks if even once a week. To make visits to the doctor were korisnshimi, on the eve of consultations Record all questions that you have incurred. Sometimes a consultation visit can be problematic. Perhaps you feel that you get to the hospital hard, and you want to postpone the visit.


What Toys to buy the child. With the typical errors sorted out, but what about quantity? Also, be aware that some toys are generally suitable only certain age. For newborn to 3 months not enough more than 3-5 toys. At this age, the defining property of toys, a 'sensory brightness'. Therefore, toys should be big and bright (not to be confused with the brightness of the 'acidic' colors), simply put, attracting attention.

Perfect variety of pendants, toys with pleasant melodies, moving toy, the movement of which they enjoy to watch. The child of one year at the same time can offer a 02.03 toy. So way he will learn to distinguish them by different criteria: color, size and shape. Of course, so many toys should not be restricted. And so the baby has not dried up interest in its own treasures, you can apply little trick: leave a few toys, and the rest hide in a box away. Later, you'll notice that the child loses interest in the 'current' toys. It's time to get out of the box 'new' toys, but bored to hide. That's changing toys, you will ensure continued interest in the child without having to buy new ones.

Up to a year. It is important poschrenie motor 'communion' with the toy, so the child should be given toys, that can understand. Children under 3 years. The aim of the game is a desire to move objects in space. Any doll, pyramids and much more are a great option. It is also very good for a child to have contact with different texture, that is, the furry stuffed toys, smooth, etc. To sum up I want to say that a reasonable approach when buying toys is a must, but I would especially like to mention one thing: try to understand that buying a baby toys, you're not doing him a favor. That is his right and a necessity. Because the main method of teaching and learning in the preschool age is just a game.

World Basis

The bright sun, colorful skiers, sip coffee at the kiosk … Just do not dress like an athlete-razryadnitsa, men will think that you can easily overtake them on the track, and will not work! Your ski attire should give you a respectable girl who's parents finally drove into the woods for some fresh air. How to flirt. First of all, remember, men see the world in more sexual colors, than women, so even a simple friendly behavior they can be interpreted as sexual flirtation. Always make allowance for this fact when dealing with the strangers (and acquaintances, too.) It is very important to evaluate your chances. Try choose to flirt a man whose attraction is comparable to yours. In this case, note that women tend to underestimate the self-esteem in their attractiveness, whereas men tend to overestimate their physical appearance.

(Perhaps this is due to the fact that the rules for its assessment of male beauty are rather vague) Do not think your good looks is the only basis for flirting. Each of us can cite many examples where charisma, charm and light in the eyes outweighed the physical imperfections. The first step is the first step – not yours. Just let him know that it attracts your attention. This is quite enough. Think of your own experience: when you said that such a person interested in you, is your attitude toward him has not improved? The basis of linguistic communication is flirting. But it seems that the spoken language is not as important as body language.

Child Immunity

No parent wants his child was sick, and if this happens, Mom and Dad immediately rush to strengthen his immune system. Is it always justified, and not be better to refer to a pediatric immunologist, so he figured, and whether you want your child to do something to change in his immune system? "Children's immunology is at the junction of two sciences: pediatrics, as the science of child and actually Immunology – said Head. Pediatric Immunology Institute of Immunology, Dr. med. Science Mikhail Yartsev. – But some trends can be identified and more accurately. The first problem – a syndrome (immune deficiency) are sometimes detected in the first months of life Child. Another problem – an autoimmune disease.

That is, the child has immunity, but it works in the anomalous regime. Instead of protecting the body, it attacks the own cell and tissue structure. In result of developing endocrine, hematologic diseases, diseases of the joints and systems. And the third child of immunology – allergy. In allergy develops abnormally high immune activity as a reaction to external stimuli. It must be remembered that an allergic reaction – this is not always bad.

If the child starts to sneeze, once in a dusty room – this is normal. Normal when there is no dust, and he sneezes and sneezes. Before going to technician try to wipe dust, ventilate the room and look at the result. Need to worry when the child reacts to the smallest external stimuli to which others simply do not pay attention.

Men And Relationships

Men and women are very different in character, in relation to each other, and indeed the perception of the world. The only thing than men and women are similar – they belong to the same species. They have since ancient times, has developed his own psychology. Man hunted to feed his family, protected. The woman, in turn, brought up children, till the soil, preparing a meal.

In the course of the evolution of this procedure has not changed. From this and from their stereotypes of modern society on both women and men. A woman will always be regarded as the guardian of the hearth, and a man – dobydchikom. Evolution went on as usual, has changed the consciousness and the constitution. The man was taller and stronger than his companion because of its functions.

Changed as a way of thinking and understanding. Even the sight was different. Muzhchna due to the fact that he had to hunt prey and keep constantly in view, the acquired directional vision. The woman, on the contrary had to defend his home, until the man on the hunt, so the vision has a more dispersed and covers a large area of coverage. It is now clear that the processing of information in both men and women are different. They understands differently. Everyone has their own priorities, perceptions of the world, and behavior. Ignoring this fact, meet with incomprehension and only get a headache for a partner. And this is hardly anyone ponravitsya.Vse know that men are completely different in nature, but we give ourselves in this report? Each needs its own unique approach. Conventionally, men can be divided into four types: Shy That type men, who hardly dare first to make any offer, to be initiated, and all because they are very shy, a little pinched and not confident in themselves (they often ask themselves whether they are good enough for you, are smart enough, enough Do interesting and desirable).

Tantric Love Training. Freedom. Loneliness

November 14-15, Reiki master and disciple of Osho Swami Ramanatha Sanjivan holds tantric training "Love. Freedom. Loneliness. "14-15 November 2009 in one of the most beautiful places in the Moscow region, in a specially equipped cottage, will take place Tantric training "Love. Freedom. Loneliness.

"Due to the unique construction of the form and content, training triggers sudden (where you been waiting for them), controlled, positive difference in the lives of participants. Says Swami Ramanatha: "I would not call it training. This Satsang. Communication from the Heart to Heart. Getting to Know the Truth.

This is a space of love and trust, where each party gets what he dreamed of. "During the training you will: – Learn what Love is real, and find in it a true Power. – Understand that there is true freedom, and learn not to lose it, even in love. – Get a taste of solitude and open it in your personality. – Make the desired changes in the field of health, family relationships, personal life and career. – Meet your loved one! Start Training – 13th November 2009 at 19.20. Check – in 18:00 on the venue for training, please specify further: +7 (916) 158-82-60, Helen. Details about content of training and a master of website: or. Organizer: Elena +7 (916) 158-82-60. Tantric training for men and women. Love. Freedom. Loneliness. This training is for those who want to be a loving, loved and happy. Finding Integrity – You experience love. Surviving Love, You touch the soul of its own.