Obesity is a risk factor for diseases such as atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, hypertension, arthritis, cholelithiasis, diabetes mellitus type 2. But the doctors just do not physically have the time to lecture on the correct balanced diet for every patient who comes to the reception. And then comes to help ads. Yes, the ads, which all so annoying and unnerving. From the glossy pages of magazines and posters are looking at us superstroynye long-legged diva. And television commercials innumerable shampoos, lipsticks, juices and even ice cream and chocolates are nice placements slender bodies. Nevertheless, advertising campaigns are not in order to protect you and me from atherosclerosis and diabetes, and to increase sales of products. But the main thing for us – the result: we see beautiful people in advertising and want to be the same, let unconsciously, on a subconscious level, but you want! So thank you for advertising motivation.

And so we run to the mirror, look at him and contemplate, as a rule, not what they wanted: blurred waist, hips too wide, second chin betrayed otvis. We understand that we must urgently do something. But then what? How to choose a diet: the French or the Kremlin now fashionable (aka the protein, it also Luzhkov, it also points), but, as Mantinyaku by Shelton, blood group, and can, do not eat or not eat sweets and bread? Or, run to the drugstore and buy a "miracle tableki" for weight loss or prescribe any massaging or rubber belt and pants, and then, on the promises "Experts", you can have everything, nothing himself not limited to – suspiciously like something, but tempting. And maybe start drinking laxative pills, or take a course of enemas, or even operate on the stomach and reduce the amount? Options much, my head is spinning, it is necessary to sit down, think things through and have a snack, maybe the problem solve itself … At this stage, the weakest go to the track and try to look at just less than the mirror.