Do Not Have Fear

How long have you been postponing something because you are afraid? Maybe your job you don’t like and would like a position of greater responsibility, career change, or start your own business. You may want to change another kind of unrelated to your job situation, but you dare not, you afraid, right? So you get all kinds of excuses to postpone what you want or simply for not doing so. We all have excuses and fears to allow that, sometimes, play an important role in our life. The well-known Yes, but I’m very young, very major, I don’t have enough experience, it is too late, how I’m going to change your mind now, I am not going to throw overboard all the years of study you can find all the excuses you want. Excuses that make it easier for you to not having to abandon what is known, not having to prove anything new, but which pose an obstacle to achieve your goals and dreams.

If the work you do is not what you want, that means that you spend at least eight hours a day doing something you don’t like, in a site that you don’t like and feeling guilty because you would like to be doing anything else and do not give the best of yourself. And if we talk about other aspects of your life like, you spend experiencing most of the time. Do you not think that enough is enough? If you really want to do something in this regard, it is time to stop complaining and get down to work. Course is more easy to say do it, but your challenge is to know how to find the opportunity in these circumstances. At the end, the excuses are nothing but fear and the first step is to identify what is what really scares you.