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Stomach Burning Pain

Most likely many of you are familiar with the discomfort in the stomach, heaviness after eating it, burning sensation. And sometimes a sharp pain, which as always comes out of season. The reason for this may be a different disease the gastrointestinal tract such as gastritis, stomach ulcers, colitis, reduced or increased acidity. Causes of these diseases a few: 1. malnutrition (xerophagy, products containing toxins, pollutants, violation of the diet.) 2. Stress and nervous disorders that lead to reduced immunity 3. Bad habits smoking alcoholism 4. infecting bacteria hilikobakter pylori-5.

Taking certain medications treatment of all diseases is reduced to as follows: 1. normalization of food. (Fractional sparing diet, eating 4-5 times a day, avoid spicy salted roasted) 2. smoking cessation and alcohol 3. reduction of mental and physical stress. Dr. Neal Barnard is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Indispensable in treatment of these diseases are the products of bee honey, pollen, pollen, propolis.

Gastritis with acidity of gastric juice to make honey, 1 tablespoons s 1.5 -2 hour before meals three times a day, after dissolving it in 0.5 glass of warm water. At low acidity, honey, take the same dose as that just before eating, dissolving it in cold water. The course of treatment 1.5-2 months. In chronic gastritis and colitis, take a 30% propolis tincture 20 drops, breed in 0.5 cup of warm water or milk. Drink 3 times daily one hour before meals. The course of treatment 3 weeks, then break for 1-2 weeks and repeat the course. In gastric ulcer. Royal jelly mixed with alcohol or vodka in a 1:2 ratio that is a of royal jelly and 2 parts vodka. Take a mixture of 5-10 drops 4 times a day, 1.5 hours before the meal. Within 21 days. For the prevention of gastrointestinal tract may be used: 1 teaspoon of pollen diluted in half a glass of water (50 ml) for 2 hours. Drink 3 times a day before eating. The course of treatment is 1-1.5 months. Repeat every 3 months, ie 4 times a year and will not be for you. Folk wisdom says, "Honey – the best friend of the stomach"

East Traditional Medicine

Health – it is harmony with oneself and with nature. If a person moves away from nature and natural living conditions, if no longer listen to your body, it is not protected from disease of body and soul. Not Understanding the causes of their illness, the person seeking salvation for expensive medications, believing that there is a "pill" that instantly deliver him from suffering, and does not believe in treating people's means. At the same time people do not even tries to change his lifestyle and attitude toward the world. But each of us has great potential for physical and mental health. If you use it at least by half, then we can live many years of healthy and happy life.

About this remind us of the ancient knowledge of the man's nature, causes and treatment of diseases. They are collected, stored and transmitted in the heritage and traditions of the folk healers of various countries and peoples. This "traditional" medicine (folk recipes) is now somehow "unconventional", though she did not deny or contradict the official medicine. On the contrary, people's traditional medicine of West and East complement and enrich the modern official medicine. Visit our website on folk medicine, you will learn simple but effective popular recipes, which are divided from us by our visitors. You can add its proven popular recipes and resources. How to get rid of snoring or dandruff in my head? Practical advice and folk remedies for many diseases, contained on our website for traditional medicine, can help you improve your physical and mental health, identify and exploit your inherent in natural forces, to get rid of chronic and even terminal illnesses. But remember that in case of serious illness in the first place you need to contact an experienced doctor who can help you choose the right treatment, including "unconventional" medicine.

Vitro Fertilization IVF

In vitro fertilization – fertilization of an egg that the sperm in the laboratory and embryo transfer into the uterus for further development. This method is used for obstruction of the fallopian tubes, endometriosis, unexplained infertility, low sperm quality. What is the process? Artificial conception procedure can be divided into the following stages: stimulation of mature eggs, egg collection (Puncture of ovaries), the actual in vitro fertilization by spermatozoa, transport (replanting) of embryos in the uterus, the treatment after the transfer. Keep in mind that all the time from the beginning preparation for fertilization and before the birth the woman is under the supervision of specialists – endocrinologists, obstetricians and gynecologists, embryologists. At the first stage of a survey of the endocrine system women, with need – the suppression of its own hormones to optimize hormones to mature multiple eggs in the ovaries. The second stage – the stimulation of ovulation (egg production) and its sampling by puncture ovary. Next comes all the sperm fertilize an egg donor or partner.

This process occurs in the laboratory. Then the third phase – the transfer of the embryo in the uterus for further development. After embryo transfer into the uterus need the support of the luteal phase to the body can not rent the embryo – this therapy is carried out by progesterone and estrogen. Two weeks later, the first test done on pregnancy – is determined by the effectiveness of IVF. Further surveillance is carried out an obstetrician-gynecologist – a doctor is very important, as well as the quiet spirit of women and support from loved ones.

Ecology Russian Journal

Thus, one of the factors affecting the feeling of a lack of indoor air can be increased carbon dioxide concentration. So, is because of what occurs in human feeling of lack of air in the room: Because of low oxygen or high concentrations of carbon dioxide? If we analyze the the above example, if a person critical to the decrease of oxygen level even up to 18%, and increased carbon dioxide levels up to 2%? As we know the concentration of oxygen in the highlands of the planet is less than 20.9%, the difference in the level of oxygen at sea level. may amount to several percent, depending on altitude. Nevertheless, people live and work in such conditions, as well as we who live in the plains of the planet. Leaving go skiing in the alpine area, people can sometimes experience some discomfort due to the lower concentration of oxygen in the air of high mountains, but know that these feelings pass quickly and are connected As a rule, the lower the atmospheric pressure.

So in the article "FEATURES OF PULMONARY FUNCTIONAL STATUS KROVOOBRASCHENIYAI MIOKARDAPRI SHORT-TERM ADAPTATION TO HIGH ALTITUDE" published in the Journal of KRSU / 1, 2002 ( authors IS Sabirov – candidate. med. Science, AS AS Sadykov – R. et al., INC. Sarybaev-candidate. med. Sciences) concluded that "pulmonary hypertension that develops in a short stay in the highlands, mainly due to pulmonary vasoconstriction and is reversible. "Journal of Ecology Russian Journal 9, 2008 provides the following data:" The graphs measuring the level of CO2 and O2 in the classroom, clearly show that even in a time when CO2 levels increased to 1650 ppm or 0.165% (this peak is in the end the lesson), the oxygen level was kept within the 20.15% that is quite normal for a human level, where his condition is not change.

Hangovers And How To Fight It

So, if you have a headache the next morning, and it usually hurts … Limped to the fridge, get some ice, put in a plastic bag. Again for 5 minutes, take a horizontal position, attaching the head cold compress. (Just do not put ice directly on lo6 – you can burn the skin.) Within minutes you will feel relieved. The reason for the headache – the expansion of alcohol vessels. Under the influence of cold, they quickly come back to normal. If thirsty, and it inevitably worries …

It is best to drink cold mineral water with lemon juice and 1 tablespoon of honey. Tea with sage quickly takes alcohol from the body, reduces swelling. However, the chances that you succeed with a hangover drink but a very specific taste and smell of the liquid is very small. (You can substitute mint tea.) If you're on the eve and a smoke – it will help fruit juice of kiwi and orange, it will restore completely killed the nicotine supply of vitamin C. Lead to normal electrolyte balance of the body can use the pleasant in all respects 'bloody Mary': in tomato juice, add salt, pepper, and 1 egg yolk. (The things you think of the cocktail is absolutely not!) If you have a Magnesium effervescent tablets with vitamin C – just wonderful. (Magnesium binds to 60% alcohol.) You can drink a multivitamin containing essential minerals.

'Alka Seltzer' (or a solution of baking soda – 1 teaspoon to glass of water) will neutralize stomach acidity. If there are no forces well, and they, of course, no … A hot bath with lavender and rosemary – for 20 minutes immersed in water at a temperature 35-37 . This procedure increases the allocation salt by the kidneys in 25 times, the body quickly cleared of toxins and 'poison'. By the way, the Finns are struggling with a hangover, of course, in a sauna: 2-3 call for 5-7 minutes can completely withdraw alcohol. If you do not want to lie in the bath, we recommend alternating shower. Start with warm, then – and finally hot – cold, for 3-2-5 seconds, respectively. Census Japanese after water treatments do breathing exercises: for 6 seconds slow deep breath. then hold for 6 seconds breath and in the next 6 seconds – a slow exhalation. If you look not good, but what else can you look … 1. To revive the complexion, cut into slices cold apple, attach to the cheeks, a little massage the skin light circular movements. 2. The secret of geishas: wet towel in hot water, add 1-2 drops of peppermint oil, squeeze, and 1 minute, close by him. 3. Gymnastics for the eyes: within 30 seconds of movement left and right pupils, not turning his head. 4. Remove swelling with age as follows: 2 bags of black tea brewed with boiling water, cool and then put on closed eyelids. (You can also use chamomile tea.) 5. If there are no bags – take 2 teaspoons spoons, warm to hot water and slightly cool, not to get burned, at 5 minutes, then close their eyes. So, we wish you good to celebrate, but the next morning to return safely to normal life.

Hazards Of Smoking

If you smoke in order to stay slim and beautiful ostensibly, be aware that this is misleading. The best thing you can do to achieve the desired shape – this is, above all, to quit smoking. Remember that smoking contributes to a dehydration of the skin and deprives it of oxygen. Smoking also contributes to: rapid aging of the skin The negative impact of sunlight, poor environment – in themselves contribute to aging skin, and in combination with nicotine, this process occurs more rapidly. When smoked in our lungs produced trillions of free radicals that contribute to premature aging of the skin. In addition, when comparing two people the same age, namely smoking man would look older.

If you can not stop smoking, then you should definitely use the means of antioxidants that will help fight free radicals. In this case, ideal – Farmacia Antioxidants and Christian Dior Capture First Action (the funds are directed against wrinkles, dark circles under eyes, tired skin), Molton Brown Skinboost Nourishing Tonic (tonic contains vitamins and minerals that fill the skin with vital energy and promote maintaining a healthy complexion.) A sharp decrease in collagen Cigarette smoke contains around 4,000 toxins, most of which are absorbed into the blood and it reaches to the very structure of the skin. Smoking contributes to the narrowing blood vessels in the upper layers of the skin, resulting in skin is not well oxygenated, the level of collagen decreases. For this reason, people who smoke are encouraged to use the oxygen by means of skin care products, as well as products containing collagen (for example, Nivea Visage Age Reversal Intense Rejuvenating Cream, Cellfood). Thinning of the skin The skin of people who smoke tend to be slightly thinner than people who do not have this habit. The reason lies in the poor circulation. At a thin skin 'traces' of aging appear much earlier.

In addressing this issue will help facilities to promote thickening and greater elasticity of the skin. Change the figure is believed that Smoking contributes to weight loss. In fact, smoking can cause disruptions in hormone levels, affect the endocrine system, causing imbalances in the figures: some place really lose weight, but some get better contrast (will compensation). If the cause of addiction to cigarettes lies in the desire to lose weight, then it is better to choose for themselves a particular sport, which will not only contribute healthy weight loss, but will tone the muscles.

The Best

In aseptic necrosis of femoral head endoprosthetic joint decision as to accept without delay the case indefinitely, as necrosis develops rapidly and gives the patient a lot of suffering. What you need to know about the hip joint: 1. What are the implants themselves: Cement and cement-free implants. With regard to depression (it acetabulum) are absolutely clear: it must be bestsemntnoy. If you were offered cemented acetabular component – run from this "podiatrist"! Time has passed forever cemented kolpochkov, in some centers already like 20 years and even more so. In on foot of the prosthesis can say pretty much the same: cementless prosthesis stem is in the best clinics in Germany for more than dolgostoykoy, though there are a couple of "buts", such as osteoporosis and age over 73 years.

It is better to consult your podiatrist, but the trend: "cementless hip." 2.Material implant. Nickel. Here I do not want to overload you with information: all the implants are made of Western good brands. But if you ever noticed in myself are allergic to metal (eg, bracelet, etc.), then report back to the professor. Then the choice falls on titanizirovannye implants. If you decide to do this operation and you have doubts about allergies to metal make the appropriate test. The main and the main theme of specialization are the replacement hospital and knee and hip replacement surgery tech knee and hip joints. Metal or ceramic or polyethylene.

Here is a question of so-called "friction pairs" Artificial hip joint. It consists of a head implantatea worn over the cone legs and insert the cups. Endorpoteza head may consist of ceramic or metal. The liner may consist of a ceramic material. Do not overload your details tell the best pair of friction for patients older than 77 years is "Ceramic-ceramic". Its main advantage is that virtually no pottery wears. And it was the attrition gradually destroying the bone, causing a loosening of the implant and thus the pain and the need for new operation. Disadvantages of polyethylene – has already indicated at the top of abrasion flaws pair of metal-metal – insufficient time to market, just under discussion, that the particles of the metal, getting into the bloodstream, causing damage to the kidneys and cause allergic reactions. Thus, the tendency to "cementless hip joint with a ceramic FRICTION COUPLE"

Auditory Training

Auditory training came in 1932, and has nearly a century auditory training seriously used as a medical practice in the treatment of many diseases, particularly those caused by multiple stresses. A list of such diseases is enormous: from pulmonary and neurological disorder, and ending with hypertension, asthma, heart attacks and so on. Any person affected by stress, but not everyone is able to dispose of their effects on their own. One of the most effective methods of getting rid of the independent state of chronic stress – the practice of autogenic training. However, despite its longstanding practice of the success of anger management, the vast number of people cured, showing its effectiveness, not everyone believes this method of therapy.

Because of what people are more inclined to believe less proven methods of treatment, than a proven method that helps to achieve virtually all of the results? The result of auto-training classes depends only on your goals, whether you believe in yourself and how systematically and consistently holds classes auto-training. I know a lot of examples, when, inspired by success stories of others, people set about their studies, but later began to gradually forget to skip auto-training and eventually made to a conclusion that the auditory training specifically it has not helped. Because of what the so- happen? It would seem that the desire to eat, and the goal is real, and all instructions executed, but failed. Main reason for this is a common misconception of all beginners need to remember that the text of anger management. Do not! You can either download ready auditory training in mp3, either alone write their own auto-training and use of audio recording as a hint. Practice has shown that auditory training, recorded on audio is often better than 'Normal' auditory training that you memorize and then pronounces during the session.

Because of difficulties with memorization of the text in a strict sequence, and many drop out to do auto-training. Even 15 minutes of auditory training easy to learn, but for a beginner, in addition, there is another problem – people trying to remember the following phrase, rather than relax. For those who do not want to use ready-auditory training, designed templates sessions for anger management. Basics prepared in a way that everyone can independently record his audio auditory training in accordance with its objectives, which wants to achieve. You make yourself beliefs, which want to achieved as a result, insert them in certain places and get your piece auditory training. Now, well read it on tape. Listen every day. The result is bound to be. If you have a clear idea of what seek, believe in their abilities and are set to constant daily classes, all you get. Begin to engage in audio-auto-training. It is available to everyone!

Epilation. Full Attractive To All

The attraction at the moment – a mandatory requirement for a truly fulfilling life. While this applies primarily to the attractiveness of the outside. Do not just think that the attraction of foreign forces any of us from the inside to concentrate and strive to meet. And while aesthetics – a goal that today the power to seek any of us. Using his natural – excellent, and yet in any case You can do better. For example, to date, are widespread eyelash extension, which enables any woman to look really awesome and how not to spend time constant improvement of the makeup. You want to have lush and long lashes, but you do not want to constantly be painted? Exclusively eyelash – and you will be able at any moment to feel the real queen of all gorgeous ball.

Soon, spring comes again, and then the summer time to close. A summer time – it's a great moment for the rest, except that – on the beach. And yet, in principle, only to pull a light skirt razletayku times so joyfully. And in order to truly look at a hundred percent, posodeystvuet hair removal. Look great – it's a lot of girls end in itself, and not only in the summer months. For such a variety of technologies at the same time – epilirovanie special wax, regular sugar, enzymatic and epilation and other cosmetic measures. Many girls, particularly in the winter months when sunlight is not enough on the street, go to the tanning bed. Ultraviolet provides an opportunity to actually make a fresh skin, fill it with vitamin D and, in principle, to create a more aesthetic.

It is very important though – always keep the skin using vitamin creams. And, of course, do all, without exception, the recommendations of a professional cosmetologist. For example, immediately after the session in the tanning machine is not worth going into the fresh air, because the skin wants to be at least 15-minute time to depart from the procedure. If you are on the popolzuetes nourishing cream, but it's very important that the amount of time is spent indoors, increased to at least half an hour. Not meets ugly people. Yet there are those who do not seek to become beautiful, to look for real beauty in itself. In such a scenario, of course, no one can help. But absolutely valid point: the man who truly strives for success, always find some time for yourself. And give yourself the opportunity to buy the aesthetics directly, which could save the world and can turn any woman into a princess. You not yet sure what kind of cosmetic measures directly choose to purchase the attraction? You should think about this for now, to look in the summer time is really amazing.

Root Canal Treatment (Endodontic Treatment )

In the case of avoiding the "removal of a nerve" not very important to have root canal treatment according to the method for maximum reliability result. In our clinic we have all the necessary equipment and materials: radiovisiograph, high apekslokator (see Fig. 1), isolation for a tooth – a cofferdam, etc. If a tooth requires treatment with the previously removed "nerve" with granuloma (foci) at the root, we can save him. Root canal treatment, we realize how to use hand tools and machinery (SMART). Problem of dental treatment are: 1.

Open and clear of germs and residues of the nerve root of the whole system. 2. Sealing the root canals and, thus, not give bacteria the opportunity to travel from the root canal in the bone and back. The advantage of Ni-Ti (nickel-titanium) – rotating machine tools that Ni-Ti is very strong in bending, can take any natural shape of the channel and carefully expanding it allows special solutions and materials to penetrate into the smallest tubules of any shape, cleaning them from bacteria and residues of the nerve to prepare for the next step – sealing. This method maximizes the retention of dental hard tissue, without altering the strength and reliability of the tooth, as well as the most tightly sealed root canals, as a result creates the preconditions for long-term Service tooth. Modern dentists around the world at the moment chosen for the sealing of gutta-percha channels. Gutta-percha – a natural, biologically compatible with the tissues of human body material. When treating teeth, we use modern diagnostic devices (apekslokator and computer radiovisiograph), allowing properly and securely seal the root canals.