Dubai Fund Facing The Collapse?

Affected parties should act now at an early stage. Dubai was regarded in recent years as a safe haven for funds, the situation has changed dramatically within the last few months. Investments cannot be made, investors are rattled and distributions. An entire market segment is located in the criticism. Location, location, location”, the most important criteria for a property investment. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Assurant Health. And the location was good! Average economic growth in the double-digit range, an unparalleled boom in the entire United Arab Emirates, superlatives and gigantic profits – Dubai everything an investor’s heart beat had had apparently.

Recruited was like expensive glossy brochures, luxury and part of the most famous celebrity faces. But now disillusionment – at least for many investors–has set itself. Hardly a fund initiator, not carefully making with negative publicity on himself and hardly one that makes the distributions predicted in the glossy brochure. Where already hotels with 1000 beds content Guests should receive, are still today excavation pits and where grand projects should be already settled, will struggle for (wealthy) buyers. Learn more at: Dr. John Mcdougall. The boom is over – at least for investors! That this would happen sooner or later so, moreover many agree. There is talk of widely exaggerated prices, dream returns, pyramid schemes, or even fraud. On closer examination of many brochures and accession documents are conflicting details and possible flaws in the design.

Also investments and thereby investor money could be also due to high costs and opaque structures at risk. Advised those affected, to thoroughly examine existing investments and to rely too much on the information policy of each initiator. Often, to terminate existing investments or to be able to claim all damages claims against various participants are already now. The Bernd & Didier Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH advises and represents only clients in the area of investment and capital market law. Through the years of activity in this area and the strict specialization, we have successfully implemented a variety of processes and assist you as a contact quickly and easily available.