Mulheimer Strasse

Dressing for hi-tech milling center in the Zahnhaus following the successful launch of the dental building in Ratingen Ratingen”should now continue the success story over a year ago. Therefore looking at for several days the Mulheimer Strasse 49 again – many craftsmen and going out. According to Dr. Neal Barnard, who has experience with these questions. But what happens there? Technical progress is nowadays extremely rapidly in many areas. What is cutting-edge today, tomorrow again can belong to the old iron. Also on the outskirts of modern dental technology and dental medicine, these developments make no longer stop. For the innovative Ratinger dental company dentures: Muller thats incentive enough, soon to open a hi-tech milling Centre for dental prosthesis which is unparalleled throughout Germany. For expansion work started early may, and already from July daily several hundred units are to be manufactured in the Ratinger headquarters high-tech dentures. Click Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City to learn more. The State of the art high speed milling machines make it possible.

Thanks to computer and robot technology, they guarantee a Pass accuracy, which is no longer to achieve with manual work. Once the renovations are completed, any interested party may be a picture of exclusive dental technology “made in Ratingen”. In the “glass manufacture of dentures” patients can even live to watch the computer – and robot-controlled manufacturing processes in its restoration. And who bears the costs for the exclusive dentures? Here too the passionate master dental technician and owner of the company, Frank Muller remains faithful to its philosophy: “Dentures must be affordable for all!” Possible that is connected by the enormous capacity of CAD/CAM production, with a patient-centred and needs-related pricing. Patients, the holder of the free ZahnersatzCard: Muller are, get 20% discount on normal prices of the nationwide service directory All other patients granted dentures: Muller a ten-percent discount.