The Spa And Balneology In Germany

The accolade for German cities, resorts, spas, baths and spas. German cities like to adorn themselves with these predicates. You certify that health conscious travelers with them are especially good hands. The travel portal to get reports about the various requirements, which must meet a place one of these coveted titles The origins of the German electoral rules date back to the beginning of the 20th century. Since 1953, the standards for the titling of the Germans are set Spas Association and the German Tourism Association.

On the basis of which the provinces eventually work out their spa laws. The criteria that determine whether a place can refer to as resort, bath, spa or health spa, are there clearly formulated. Holidaymakers who travel to a resort ( offer flat rate), a bio-climatic conveniently located tourist destination which is aligned with at least 100 guest beds on vacation and recreation is located. Bathrooms are characterised by particularly natural remedies from. Depending on the type of source, a distinction is made between mineral, thermal and mud baths. Seaside resorts have an appealing beach. Also, one is find compulsory labelling as a bathroom, in addition to the establishment of various relaxation areas, the presence.

Even more appropriate specialists reside in spas. Also, a spa rooms have a spa. The highest award for a place, is the permission to call themselves spa or climatic health resort. As a prerequisite must however the medicinal benefit of appropriate natural resource, it is a hot spring or the prevailing climate, be scientifically proven. More information: magazine /… Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH