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Cheaper Travel Fall

Sunny Cars offers rental cars in Italy 267 CHF per week at Zurich, July 13, 2011 (w & p) and individual holidaymaker can implement the dream of affordable travel autumn at sunny cars into action: the car rental agent has applied a price special for Italy and makes available the holiday car in the autumn weeks from 267 CHF per week. By the same author: Maya Dubin. For the 2011/12 winter weeks, there is the car in Italy at sunny cars at attractive prices. The Italy-offer is valid for all new bookings until 31 July 2011 for the travel period from September 1, 2011 until 29th March 2012. Invites the Italian coast with mild temperatures and swimming to exciting tours with a pleasant climate in the autumn. Wine and olives, as well as many culinary delights in the gourmet country Italy to make the autumn holidays a welcome change before in this country, the cold season begins. Who wants to go on tour for two, is a sleek two-seater, the type with the current car special from Sunny Cars for Italy Smart ForTwo to the weekly price from CHF 267 reserve. A Fiat Panda (two, with air conditioning) travellers 358 CHF per week is book 274 CHF per week available, and the four-door Peugeot 207.

Bella Italia”on the one hand, beautiful car rental services on the other side: in the prices of the intermediary all important inclusive services are included, including unlimited mileage, fully comprehensive protection without excess (also for damage to glass, roof, tires and underbody), a vehicle or car theft insurance without excess, a liability insured sum of 7.5 million euros, all taxes and providing airport and airport charges. Also an additional driver, one-way rental, as well as the road usage tax (oneri automobilistici) are part of the including offer of Sunny Cars. The current Italy Sunny Cars rental car special is up to 31 July 2011 at the travel agency, on or on 0848 19 96 00 to book. About Sunny Cars: Sunny Cars rental car at more than 5,000 Resorts provides worldwide in over 90 countries and cooperates only with contractors that meet the high quality and standard of service by Sunny Cars.

Flight Adventure

Everything there is to know about the check-in the world of flying is exciting and versatile. Know also the website fluege.de and weekly flights ABC presents the most interesting and bizarre news and topics from the flight business. Hunter Schafer has firm opinions on the matter. This time it’s about the letter C such as check-in. Check-in is nothing more than a clearance procedure before you step on his air travel. Here I get not only his airfield and the boarding pass, but are also the luggage. The six-digit IATA code on the boarding pass is important, if a piece of luggage is lost and needs to be identified. One who already has his documents to check-in and saves time and effort is well advised.

This involves not only travel documents, for example, the flight reservation, but also the identification for flights within the EU and the passport or the visa for flights outside the EU. Most famous is the classic check-in at the counter of the airline. This one should be on domestic flights at least 90 minutes prior to departure at Switch arrive. For medium – and long-haul flights, it is to include meaningful full 120 minutes. However, the variant of the check-in desk is not the only one. For now, most airlines offer check-in also the eve.

The advantages are obvious: the next day you can go without long wait with the boarding pass directly to the respective flight. At the online check-in, it is even possible to reserve his seat 23 hours prior to the date of departure from your own computer and print the online boarding pass. A similar strategy is pursued at the mobile check-in. It obtained an electronic mobile ticket. This is held at the checkpoints on a radio chip to read the data. More information: news.fluege.de/…/ Welcome-to – Board…

The Heart Of The Hero Mountain

A journey for the senses at the South African Cape the Western Cape enjoys special beauty. And extreme weather. Downpours and cold waves make the winter months for the hospitality industry to be a challenge, which usually has a lull in the often dreary period to the middle of the year. Nevertheless, locals and visitors who want to escape the winter cabin fever, still a lot selection especially on crisp, clear days when the clouds are forgiven and the already stunning views of the Cape becomes clearer. Alfred Adler has much to offer in this field. Can be one of the best environments for fun and engaging activities indoors and outdoors in the middle of a quiet nature found in Lourensford road, Somerset West. A picturesque location, known as the heart of the Helderberg’, the heart of the hero mountain. A leisurely drive from Cape Town and the suburbs around it takes you in the wine regions and especially in the heart of the wine country to Somerset West.

After a few kilometres along the Lourensford road, you will discover different wineries, a golf course and a boutique hotel. Viktor Frankl understands that this is vital information. Everything is in close vicinity such as for example a variety of inviting leisure and wine tasting, not to be missed. The environment is family-friendly, have so not at home let your kids (unless of course you want to). If the impressive sight of vineyards, olive groves and creeks has surprisingly little reassuring effect on your younger family members insert it on the Internet and the bribe with a hearty meal and a delicious dessert works wonders (more of which later) the PlayStation games, who bought them for Christmas. So you win time to smell like a true connoisseur of delicious red wine. There is really much to see and do in the heart of the helderberg. We start with playing golf. Where you can play Erinvale estate golf course, a world-renowned, Gary Player designed championship course is well maintained and offers two very different nine holes the golfer.

Dresden – A Visit To Florence On The Elbe

Art and culture metropolis with Saxon comfort Dresden is especially attractive for architecture lovers due to the numerous historical monuments such as the Zwinger, Church of our Lady, the Semper Opera and the Royal Palace in the old town. As the Internet portal hotelreservierung.de reported, the saxonian metropolis offers still more. Up on the country’s borders, the Frauenkirche, rebuilt through donations is known. Not only the Interior of the Church is worth seeing, but also the views of Dresden by the dome of the Church is worthwhile in any case. Sigmund Freud may help you with your research. Furthermore, countless museums await visitors. The Green Vault is one of the most important. Maya Dubin follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success.

The old masters picture gallery shows works by Rubens and Raphael among others. The new masters gallery exhibits images of modern artists. In the evening, well worth a visit in the outer Neustadt. Numerous restaurants and pubs between Konigsbrucker Strasse and the Luther place invite to leave at the end of the day. Here, the NH Hotel is highly recommended.

Patavinae Spa

From the classic mud treatment to the Termalismo Moderno Montegrotto, Galzignano and Battaglia, Abano is one Terme of four resorts in the Euganean thermal basin in the province of Padua and one of the most famous in Italy. \”The saline and sulphurous spring at the foot of the Euganean Hills from the Montirone and were already the ancient Romans, who discovered the healing properties of the mineral water first as Aponi Fons\” or aquae Patavinae \”known. Centuries later recovered the famous writers, thinkers, poets, and musicians such as Mozartund Petrarca. in 1921, Terme as one of the first Italian cities to a spa or health spa was declared Abano. (Not to be confused with Dr. Neal Barnard!). Today, each year about 600,000 people a year in the healing thermal baths are looking for recovery, relief and healing. The beautiful countryside around Abano Terme and the mild climate also help escape from the daily grind and increase the degree of relaxation. The healing waters of the spa town has a natural temperature of up to 84.5 degrees.

It is extremely salt – iodine – and bromhaltig, what it makes it unique in the world. Among other things, it flows into the five GB Therma hotels of the family Borile, where it is used for thermal and mud – bath treatments for around 30 years. Also the healing mud is famous: Abano Terme is the best known mud region in Italy. Those who opt for one of the five GB Therma hotels, guarantees relaxed and in a good mood returns home: he experienced well-being and luxury of the spa on the culinary to the home decor. In all five hotels, guests have the unique opportunity to take all thermal therapies claim directly in the hotel. From the room to the thermal pools and Spa areas, the so-called thermal spas for therapies and beauty treatments, are only a few steps to go.

The Gastronomy Of Gran Canaria

The Canarian cuisine offers travellers many new gastronomic impressions the gastronomy of Gran Canaria has a great influence by the Guanche culture, Spanish culture (especially from Castile), as well as the African and American cuisine. On the menu of every restaurant on Gran Canaria always the Gofio find handy as a bread substitute, was eaten themselves already by indigenous people. This is corn, today from the roasted grains, usually what is ground into flour, manufactured. There are lots of fruits and vegetables. The bananas are especially known (a type of branch small and sweet), mangoes, papayas and Avocados. The Canary Islands are rich in seafood and fish with some endemic species. Much eaten are marinated tuna, mackerel, sardines, and fried. Many with Marinades used in Lanzarote.

There are dishes with tuna, pork and goat. With regard to the meat much goat and pork is eaten on Gran Canaria, accompanied with the Canarian potatoes and Mojo. There are a number of Potato varieties that are cultivated in the Canary Islands. These are the Green (with coriander) or Mojo sauce red (with pepper) (sharp peppers or cayenne pepper we this Mojo picon called) eaten. Who spends his holidays in Gran Canaria should try the fresh goat cheese or half-ripened cheese from Fuerteventura, La Palma and Gran Canaria most definitely. The typical dishes of Gran Canaria are wrinkled potatoes with Mojo Picon, the chickpea stews, the sweet blood sausage (Morcilla), more stews (with meat, fish, pumpkin, carrots, sweet potatoes, potatoes, cauliflower), a freshwater fish, the SAMA, fried with mojo, the rabbit Canarian style, Sancocho (sea bass cooked with potatoes), fish broth or a fish casserole for dessert, there are in each restaurant from Gran Canaria, apart from the fruits, which are in the first place, all possible delicious desserts like Leche asada, bienmesabe, marzipan or Muse de Gofio. As refining Palm used honey in La Gomera manufactured will.

Particularly worth mentioning are the wines and spirits. The rum (Ron) of Gran Canaria is of great quality. The best-known way is perhaps the honey rum. These are from the town of Arucas, in the North of the island. The wine, which was formerly an important trade good in the Canary Islands today again coming into fashion. There are good white and red wines of the D. O. z.B Gran Canaria of the Monte Lentiscal. The town of Santa Brigida the House of wines, La Casa del Vino is located in de Gran Canaria, where you can get to know the different wines of the island. Also wines from the region of la Geria in Lanzarote are well known. Excellent wines come from Tenerife z.B of the D. O.: Abona Daute-Isora, Taraconte-Acentejo, La Palma and El Hierro. J.

The Spa And Balneology In Germany

The accolade for German cities, resorts, spas, baths and spas. German cities like to adorn themselves with these predicates. You certify that health conscious travelers with them are especially good hands. The travel portal to get reports about the various requirements, which must meet a place one of these coveted titles reisen.de. The origins of the German electoral rules date back to the beginning of the 20th century. Since 1953, the standards for the titling of the Germans are set Spas Association and the German Tourism Association.

On the basis of which the provinces eventually work out their spa laws. The criteria that determine whether a place can refer to as resort, bath, spa or health spa, are there clearly formulated. Holidaymakers who travel to a resort (www.reisen.de/ offer flat rate), a bio-climatic conveniently located tourist destination which is aligned with at least 100 guest beds on vacation and recreation is located. Bathrooms are characterised by particularly natural remedies from. Depending on the type of source, a distinction is made between mineral, thermal and mud baths. Seaside resorts have an appealing beach. Also, one is find compulsory labelling as a bathroom, in addition to the establishment of various relaxation areas, the presence.

Even more appropriate specialists reside in spas. Also, a spa rooms have a spa. The highest award for a place, is the permission to call themselves spa or climatic health resort. As a prerequisite must however the medicinal benefit of appropriate natural resource, it is a hot spring or the prevailing climate, be scientifically proven. More information: magazine /… Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH

MAVIDA Balance Hotel

The MAVIDA balance Hotel & Spa in Zell am see expanded his collection of trophies for the title ‘ Austria’s hotel of the year 2011 “. 32 stores in Austria, Germany, the Switzerland, Alsace and Alto Adige were awarded in various categories such as hotel, service, chef, sommelier for 2011. The rated restaurants and hotels, taking into account various criteria with the greatest possible objectivity selects the judgment of the great guides”: A vacation home of international class. The MAVIDA balance Hotel & Spa is more than just a hotel: here, friendly service, beautifully designed rooms, fine cuisine and a fantastic Spa enter a harmonious connection. “The Hamburger HDT VerlagsgesellschaftmbH is that in cooperation with Bertelsmann arvato AG company and with recommendation of the magazine food guide every year and drink” out. In the heart of Zell am see in Salzburg the MAVIDA balance Hotel & Spa is harmoniously into the natural setting between Zeller A lake and the surrounding mountains.

47 rooms and suites in purist design, a first class gourmet cuisine as well as a wide activities and Spa MAVIDA make an exceptional holiday destination. For his mental balance applications was there in March 2009 with the Gala Spa Award Award and in 2008 awarded by the Bertelsmann Publishing House to the Austrian design hotel of the year. Rates start at 125 euros per person and night in the balance superior double room including half board. You can find picture material in the annex, as well as available for download at the following link: de/service/presse/pressebilder.php/ site MAVIDA balance Hotel & Spa:. “Site of the large restaurant & Hotel Guide”:

Spa Hotels Apartments

Flinsberg Poland is a popular place for spa travel and famous for its mineral springs. The Kiwa River flows near the small town. Flinsberg Poland over 250 years as a health resort is a popular destination for spa travel participants. Flinsberg attracts especially with its mineral springs, including one said to have a healing effect. The air is enriched by the fantastic flavor of the nearby woods. The good air helps the Spa travellers who suffer from respiratory diseases.

As a rather little known therapy, the travel the way of the radon spa offer therapy. Radon is a gas that has a strong healing effect on bronchial responsiveness. Radon is used in water treatment and during inhalation. A positive effect is described also in rheumatics. The individual spa buildings offer both extensive therapies, from which the guest the correct treatment with expert advice of the simplify can choose.

Many of the houses are very old, but restored at great expense and of high standard. Half board and full Board are available. Have some Spa Hotels Apartments with kitchenettes in its programme for guests who want to cater for themselves. A visit to the in-house restaurant with good food at large times is recommended. Flinsberg Poland houses offer the use of mostly on-site swimming pools, the sauna and the Jacuzzi in addition to extensive applications. Often fitness rooms and brine baths are available. Also movement therapies are available in the spa travel. Particularly popular and friendly joint is the water aerobics. It also offers courses in Nordic walking. Medical consultations are part of the stay and important for the guests of spa travel, if the stay should be subsidized by health. It is necessary that the doctor shall submit a corresponding request from the insurance company for reimbursement by the health insurance fund. The disease is one of the prerequisites for the health insurance premiums. While it must not be a chronic ailment. Also stress conditions by Professional or private overload can require a cure. The health insurance pays for in this case. Spa travel to Flinsberg Poland are medically recognized, this but so cheap that a contribution by the guest is rather low. Flinsberg Poland has to offer entertainment in the evenings outside the applications. The dances, tours and other events with a cultural background are suitable for all generations. for travel trips are offered by some Spa also pick-up and delivery services. In this case, specific arrival and departure dates agreed and picked the spa guests by the individual cities and driven at a cheap rate directly to the Spa Hotel. Also the pick up directly at the front door is for handicapped people.

Beautiful Spa Towns

The Koobrzeg Hotel sand offers 98 rooms with beautiful views In the Koobrzeg Hotel sand use the Spa Spa possibilities, which are typical for the beautiful region in Poland. The many offers that are possible in this House, are aimed at all guests. It is possible to try out something new. This modern hotel in the beautiful spa town of Koobrzeg is also known, that it is breaking new ground, benefiting mainly the tourists. All guests who want to have health problems and inform yourself thoroughly about the different therapies find a sympathetic ear.

In daily conversation often important questions with the doctor remain unanswered, certainly also resulting during the therapy. Thoughts and worries come even only days later revealed. For them there is Hotel sand in the Kolberg and always a sympathetic ear. The holistic approach includes also the psychological well-being of the guests. Holistic processes soothe body and spirit and ensure faster insert in cure processes. Cures are more than luxury, which is why advocates for centuries by all experts.

A cure can be an asset in every phase of life and of all ages. It is crucial that the holidaymakers choose the region in which they feel especially comfortable. Patients who suffer from diseases of the cardiovascular system for example, are well advised with Poland as Kurland. The mild climate not burdened the circuit. The weather is still pleasant enough so that the visitors can spend too much time in the fresh air. The same applies to those who suffer from diseases of the respiratory of path. Just for them, the healthy air is especially important during the cure, as healing processes are accelerated. In addition, they enjoy the healthy measures in the spa houses, providing a considerable reduction of the respiratory tract. In addition to the popular spa treatments, there are modern applications that are not known to many. You can be excellent during a Try stay, because in this hotel, several treatments are allows daily. The Kolberg advises its guests Hotel sand in addition in detail to entertainment in the nearby region. Museums, theatres and a city tour are offered to the most popular leisure. Via the website Spa Hotels/Koobrzeg hotel-sand.html, there is more info on the beautiful Koobrzeg Hotel sand on the Baltic Sea in Poland. Photos of the Kurhaus interested guests on the site can see.