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Andreas Hammerschmidt

Stars & stories are on radio VHR with Roland Rube and Ariane Kranz in the latest issue of the “stars & stories” with Roland Rube and Ariane Kranz on radio VHR this week in the interview Andreas Hammerschmidt, Nicole Blum and Gitte Haenning. No less than successful producer Michael Dorth is the first solo single “when the morning comes” the ex-wild heart stars Andreas Hammerschmidt produced. “When the morning comes” is there as a radio edit and as a single Fox mix and thus the radio and other media promotion started DJ-promotion of the end of September and beginning of October. Endocrinologist is actively involved in the matter. The 19.11.2010 is then release the 2-track CD. It’s been two years now that the album “Definitely” Wilde Herzen DA music duo was released in September 2008. The resulting coupled radio and DJ singles such as “1,000 lies”, “through the night” or “Summertime” were able to convince the pop fans. Still absolutely danceable, but deliberately yet emotional, is Andreas Hammerschmidt now as a soloist.

The great emotions are the ones that move us in life and that’s what Andreas sings Hammerschmidt. The manuscript of his producer Michael Dorth ensures that the heart and the dance floors alike into movement. Maybe it’s something like the biggest musical surprise of 2010. The new album by Gitte Haenning “what you want” (release date: 19.11.2010). It will bring all the great hits of the versatile artist, who is now over 50 years on stage, at the present time sound as culturally. “What you want” is a work full of apparent contradictions, that fit together like a puzzle to a brilliant whole.

“I have the album ‘ called what you wanted, because it presents the older hits me in completely new versions except of four new songs.” The album “what you want” connects many creative and artistic facets of Gitte Haennings, is a mirror of their soul, their dreams, many talents and also their poetry. It is therefore also a Musikgewordenes of “what I want” this great artist. The present recordings confirms this credo in diverse ways. Nicole Blum is young, pretty with blond hair and big sky blue eyes, with a fresh and expressive voice, naturally, charming and self-assured. An unknown in the German Schlager scene is no longer: she released their first album “Enjoy life” 2004 by her previous stage name Nicole de Marco and imagined a wide audience with different TV shows. The passion and love of music were laid already her in the cradle, especially since her father as a musician is working. He was also, who recognized her talent and always supported her wish to a singing career and promoted.

Marina Koller Lukas Bach

Radio VHR – stars & stories (August 19, 2010 Edition) Marina Koller is the biggest German talents in insider circles long one. After her promising debut album “Unabashedly sweet” (2002) Marina with “A thousand dreams” in 2003 an equally successful album followed up. Then it became quiet around the singer, who wanted to try different musical directions. So it happened that in 2004 together with Maite Kelly (The Kelly Family) travelled and sang in favor of Africa project “The Angels” in Austria and Germany through the country. The current disc is the result of all the developments that Marina Koller has lived through in the music. She has learned a lot, has become more confident and was involved from the start gone during the selection. No wonder, then, that a lot of Marina Koller is in the current album. Song for song to fall in love, it is at “Marina Koller” an authentic and independent album with suspicious hit songs of lots of.

Overlooking the Marina Koller going forward consistently its own way and took back to her Bavarian roots. Lukas Bach is already at the age of 5 years along with brother Mario on stage. Later he pulls for 15 years with his band “New voice” through the country – among other things as a group by Wolfgang Petry and the spider Murphy Gang. In 2002, the first single is “until we meet again”. The follow-up single “I’m on the light again” placed for weeks in the top 20 of the media control airplay charts. The third single “Our song” make it ranked the Kaufhof/Goldstar TV charts and also ranked in the “Hi-Uwe charts”. Also storming the radio hit “Our song” and placed for 5 weeks in the Bavaria 1 hit parade… Summer 2008: “Just a summer fairy tale” rises to # 2 on the official German “Airplay chart”.

Over 150,000 units sold (including downloads, sampler “Baaarenstark”). Lukas is live patronage, for example on touring with Mary Roos in August 2010 or at the large Schlager events, such as at WDR 4. The album “Real”, with 11 fantastic songs and all great success appeared on August 6. Whether as a singer, presenter or producer, Peter Sebastian belongs to the “premium class” in terms of German music. Many live performances, regular guest star appearances in television shows such as “TV Garden” (ZDF), “Current show booth” (ARD), “Again on Sundays” (ARD), “the! 4? (NDR), “The German Schlager magazine” (MDR) and his forces as a presenter for corporate galas radio broadcasts (Alster Radio Hamburg, NDR 1 wave North and NDR 90.3) up to his own TV shows “voice in 1999? and “vote in 2000? When the MDR formed a highly professional artist who let themselves classified cannot be pigeonholed.

Medical Center

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are once again in the headlines. No, they have still not at least opened a chain of Scientology-Restaurentes. Tom and Katie want a second child, a boy prefers of course and so you are looking for advice, when a physician after some failed attempts, as is suspected. Reportedly Katie should be investigate Medical Center in LA by a specialist at the end of this month at the SENAI Cedars, to find the root of the problem. A source said: “Katie is sad that it does not work, she wants nothing pressing as a son with Tom”.

Both should try it since summer, but but nothing happened. Katie and Tom to himself then took a heart and to have overcome to seek medical help. Want to let make sure and check everything, so the source continues. We wish them both luck for their common desire and hope we both also this wish can meet, without medical help. Lisa Walters

Portable Device

The undesirable effect for the wearer, but there is scientific evidence that it causes more damage to the ear when listening through headphones insertion of other devices because the sound of music comes without barriers to the auditory nerve. How concerned whether or not I have the ear? If you have any suspicion that your hearing has declined is always right to go first to a health professional so that your medical evaluation, however if you have the sensation of hearing a ringing or buzzing in the ears, experience difficulty hearing a conversation, you can not hear the television or stereo volume than others do, if you experience problems with balance or dizziness, you probably have some kind of hearing problem. “I can recover from hearing loss if I listen to music at an appropriate level from now? Hearing loss which occurs when the auditory nerve is damaged by age, noise, illness, injury, infection, among other causes usually can not be reversed as the cells of the inner ear do not regenerate over time. We believe that the discomfort we feel in our ears is temporary and will pass after a little time and may in fact be that this happens, however do not forget that if we persist in listening to music at a volume that is not appropriate, very will soon have to regret the damage to our ears. Take care and enjoy the most of your music but please do so in the appropriate volume. .