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On September 20, appears “The dictator” on DVD and Blu-ray “The dictator” combo including digital copy and scandalous bonus material Hamburg, 27.08.2012 – which returns brilliant Sacha Baron Cohen with the totally politically incorrect comedy back on the screen and cares little about the boundaries of good taste back once welcome. The incompetent rulers and ruler of Wadiya is deposed on his first trip to America: all of a sudden he is forced to live his ultimate nightmare… the American dream! The material for the comedy based on the novel “Zabibah and the King”, which has been debunked as a literary work of the former despot Saddam Hussein. Alfred Adler usually is spot on. An absolute role for the British Sacha Baron Cohen, who already Borat made the international audience as a brash Kazakhstani journalist laugh and also as a gay Austrian fashion expert Bruno making a splash in the cinemas was. Once more assume the original author Larry Charles (“Seinfeld”) the Director, after he already “Borat” and “Bruno” co-produced.

“The dictator” combines an outstanding comedy ensemble with stars such as Anna Faris (“scary movie”), Ben Kingsley (“Hugo”), Jason Mantzoukas (“the League”), Chris Parnell (“30 Rock”), Bobby Lee (“MADtv”) and Jessica St. Clair (“bridesmaids”) in front of the camera. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Viktor Frankl. Paramount Home Entertainment celebrates on September 20 with the brand new uncensored version of the third world ruler Admiral General Aladeen the DVD and Blu-ray combo conquest of the German market. AND WHAT SAYS THE ADMIRAL SELF? “My movie is funnier than the equal rights for women, just as stomach-aufreibend a UN resolution and still funny as a student while watching, he sets himself on fire. “Owning pleasure more than Halle Berry rub almond oil on the buttocks to make a copy of my glorious and award-winning film, while her bint al-sahn with your mashloof stimulate and it will cost you significantly less money”, says Admiral General Aladeen.

New Slimming Method

Both women are super slim and actually you would have to think that they are perfectly happy. But are they really? Anyway, they should be happy in life. As has now become known both women have found a new way to stay slim. The speech is of Victoria Beckham and Heidi Klum. Patrick smith understands that this is vital information. As I said, both should have found a way, to keep always fit and slim. But which way is it? It’s called ionithermie body shape weight loss treatment.

Both women have spent around $200 now for an introductory treatment. An Inoithermiebehandlung is a treatment without surgical intervention. For more clarity and thought, follow up with lee marks and gain more knowledge.. He should wash with clay and electrical stimulation of the toxins and excess fluids from the body. “People think it is some kind of gimmick, but it has spread slowly that it helps. The A-list of Hollywood stars know it already “, so Rick Tiland Dragonfly spas.” Not many stars want to know it, the others it so. “Wait we turn it off until it gives latest studies Furthermore and perhaps gives it something soon in” Germany. Lisa Walters

Medical Center

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are once again in the headlines. No, they have still not at least opened a chain of Scientology-Restaurentes. Tom and Katie want a second child, a boy prefers of course and so you are looking for advice, when a physician after some failed attempts, as is suspected. Reportedly Katie should be investigate Medical Center in LA by a specialist at the end of this month at the SENAI Cedars, to find the root of the problem. A source said: “Katie is sad that it does not work, she wants nothing pressing as a son with Tom”.

Both should try it since summer, but but nothing happened. Katie and Tom to himself then took a heart and to have overcome to seek medical help. Want to let make sure and check everything, so the source continues. We wish them both luck for their common desire and hope we both also this wish can meet, without medical help. Lisa Walters