The spine is the most important body not only protects the spinal cord, but also provides structure and allows one to stay upright and with flexibility. Your column has curvatures which are normal when viewed from side and stay straight if viewed from behind, but if the spine is curved from side to side indicates a scoliosis. Causes Scoliosis has many causes, muscle disorders, birth defects, poor posture, etc. This alteration could be present at the different stages of development, most common in adolescence, because of rapid pubertal growth. Symptoms The symptoms vary according to the severity of scoliosis in curves over 40 degrees cause pain, muscle tension, physical deformity, which shows a shoulder and hip higher than the other. In severe cases greater than 60 degrees are symptoms that may include back pain, weakness, numbness, difficulty walking, digestive problems, heart and breathing. Treatment treatment option that has been offered to these patients in traditional medicine, is surgery in severe cases, permanently injuring the spine.

Another of the most used in these patients is rehabilitation, where patients report improvement in reducing muscle tension, but does not prevent the progression or reversal of the scoliosis. Chiropractic treatment has presented a high degree of success in the management of scoliosis, if the asymmetry is corrected and maintained the overall function of the spine, scoliosis can probably prevent further progression and reverse the curvature of the spine cord, as well as reduces muscle tension, pain and improves flexibility of the spine.