Great Ocean Conveyor

Climate change concerns now almost all scientists, last longer and cover the entire circulation system of the Earth's oceans. This system, scientists are often called the Great Ocean Conveyor (FOC). eqa – the main system, which circulates heat. Ocean surpasses heat to the north and south of the equator to the poles by surface currents. In the Atlantic Ocean conveyor takes the heat from the equatorial zone and releases it in the northern hemisphere. Sonnenfeld. The most famous and most important of these currents, the Gulf Stream – a huge stream, which carries the water volume of 75 rivers like the Amazon. It carries the heat accumulated in the tropics to the eastern coast of the U.S., then moving to the north-east to Europe.

When warm water Gulf Stream reaches the colder latitudes, they give up their heat to the atmosphere. Prevailing winds carry it eastward to Europe. When the dense, salty water of the Gulf Stream reaches of Labrador, Greenland and the northern seas, they lose heat, get colder and the result is even more dense. All this mass of water begins to sink lower and lower, and then flows back into the depths of the ocean, from north to south, from the North Atlantic to the South Atlantic. Immersion huge volume of cold water in motion foc. The force that pushes the Gulf Stream to the north – the desire to fill the place of water, gone in depth. This is a very accurate system. We live for tens of centuries in a favorable climatic conditions, only through the oceanic heating system.