My Son Was Born

The true friendships appear at the bad moments. Papucho and Man Tona had shown to be my great friends; on this day where the Nguevinha was it gives to give the light in the medical rank of the Eucaliptos, without light, only an obstetrician in the center; we run behind the car, phone calls to kambas, the most complicated was the reply of the people but God is great always helps. We obtain the boleia of the inspector of the policy and another one come of the Mr.David, these I am very thankful and to say that they had shown that two heads think better. We were until the medical rank of the quarter of the eucaliptos where the Nguevinha if found but it did not give for transferiz it for the maternity because it did not obtain to walk, these had been the words of the obstetrician. My fear increased but what to make? Grumbles after grumbles we finish for returning the house of the Man Tona, appreciating the film Rambo III.

Apanhamos great soneca and alone the Papucho finished the film and in this way it despertou in them to 0h00 and such from there we were in return to the medical center. the waited one happened! The friend and neighbor of the Nguevinha the celebrity Flows Ester in counted that the child to them already it had vido to the world, my heart was alliviated and was to rest. I slept in this dawn in the house of the Papucho and decided to write this signboard with the subject HOPE AND FEAR, MY SON WAS BORN. Before 6h00 not yet wise person the sex of the just-been born one, mine drinks, I want it takes care of-there and it educates-there with all my forces because this is my family, my proper family. Obliged God for inefvel its dom and to all how much they had contributed direct or indirectamente.