Healthy Social Life

I think that to fulfill norms regulating of a healthful social conviviality it is to be restrained and to lose the freedom, about tremendous confusion between moral obligation, to have of conscience and abusive represso. In the practical one, I find that to keep clean beaches and streets it is to obey orders that restrain my freedom. Therefore, I find myself in the right to make dirty beaches and the streets to the will, bothering without me with nobody, nor to allow that it censures somebody me and it bothers, despite I bother many; I find myself in the right to put high sound, without bothering me with males that this cause to the ears and the patience of the neighborhood; I find that the claim of the bothered ones is method of clipping of my freedom, nobody restrain can me compel and me to be correct, respeitador of the right that others have also to listen to its musics. It is as if it only lived in the world, without neighbors and obligations with nobody. Or it will be that I act thus accurately because I have neighbors, and alone I feel myself exempts when I am contrariando useful norms to healthful social convivncia? Perhaps if I only liveed, respected, heard me the voice of the conscience and he did not put sound with decibels beyond what the human ear can support, protected my ears and of the other people against the deafness. But, when use the freedom surpassing my rights, thinking that nothing nor nobody compel can me to be correct, I would have to think that I can and compel I must me to limit my freedom, until where it I do not harm the other people’s freedom. The opposite, I will be abusing my right.

From the hour that abuse of them, is not plus my rights, cannot use them as mine. Therefore, when I exaggerate in the use of my right, certainly I am invading the field of the other people’s rights. , From there necessary to learn to respect them, pra that they respect mine. Necessary to learn that my rights finish where they start of the other people. It fits to evaluate me a thing and another one, to distinguish what he is correct of what is not. The lack of respect to the other people’s rights, generates hipertrofiada freedom and oppression. When imposing upon the others repression I do not want, I impose oppression to them. Without conscience of the limits of my freedom, it does not have as to have a healthful social convivncia, where my service the society is to fulfill my duties of citizen, to pay my social debt.