Classic Blinds

Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. First, the services of this kind are far from cheap. Tony Ferguson is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Secondly, it happens difficult to find a specialist who does interior design for you, given your personality, preferences and temperament. Practice shows that most designers have definite views on how to be look interior room, regardless of the identity of the customer. This interior, of course, there will be a stylish and creative, but it gives no guarantee that you will feel comfortable in that interior. If you decide yourself to do a textile design your home, you will not be amiss to consider several stylistic rules. Curtains in the classical style.

Classicism – a simple, strict forms, refinement of details. Simplicity and severity forms of compensated elegant lines and colors. This style is perfect harmony. Speaking candidly Glenn Dubin told us the story. A very large number of people in Russia today are the fans' good old classics. Classic Blinds distinguishes abundance of Tacna, the presence of swags, smad, de-frill. At the same time for the classical symmetry of the typical curtain, simple, strong shape, the elegance and sophistication. Fabrics for curtains classical preferable to choose plastic, heavy, well-draped, light and bedding tones with understated floral or ornamental designs. Suitable for a classical style heavy silk fabric gobelin, Chenille, heavy fabrics Jacquard patterns, plush, etc. But the shiny synthetic fabrics and fabrics with bright pictures of bright, contrasting colors to the classic shades do not fit. In the selection of classic shades to consider some features: size, height, location, quality windows and a historic building type.