The History Of Perfume

History of the creation of spirits is in the East. But there's not all enjoy the scent. Most preferred aromatic oils, which are not diluted with anything. In contrast to the same toilet water, oils do not dry the skin, in addition improves its appearance, as well a positive effect on mental state of man. In the composition of oils contain many different components. At any time after fragrance unfolds in three stages.

First, after application to the body there is a major odor – fresh, light, time fragrance opens and displays the average and heavy tone. Because of these properties of aromatic oils, perfume manufacturers to get different shades and saturations flavors. Essential oils are also used for medicinal purposes. This procedure has a name – aromatherapy. This procedure is also applicable to seduce a partner. There are oils that help to uncover hidden desires partner. The therapeutic effect of oil is very effective in certain diseases due to their active influence on the human body.