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Normal Body Functions

How to call the month – probably every weak half of the planet there were moments when all attention was directed at finding an answer to this question. Typically, this occurs when an unwanted conception. And then the woman begins to try all sorts of ways, just to cause a monthly, flat naively, that this will solve her problem. But if the pregnancy is indeed a serious topic, here are trying to cause a month for that to fully to rest, go to a meeting with loved ones or something else, it looks silly, and usually lead to severe results for the female organism. Initially, to say the women who ask the question as call monthly, about the fact that a stable menstrual cycle suggests a healthy functional status of the female organism. For some, this constancy is a gift of nature that are not inherited. On this basis, we can come in a bewildering how some simply forced to bring down the normal operation of your body with all sorts of chemicals in modern medicine, or old tools. The most desperate are adopting hormones in a large scale, in the hope that they will circumvent nature.

In principle, this gives the result, and indeed can be done monthly advance in the earlier numbers. But what happens the price? Price expressed as a rule, downed a normal cycle, which in turn leads to difficulties in getting pregnant, or malfunction of the body. Still, if wisely, and prudence to approach these issues, that is options with respect to sparing the body to induce menses. Such as for example pills, which are applied orally. Naturally there have to go to the doctor, that he give detailed advice after your personal inspection. In this case, we should understand one simple ingredient that medicine currently has a very low knowledge in the field of hormonal drugs, since their discovery was not so long ago, so the consequences can not always be provide.

Another Bole traditional way – is to use the collection of herbs. In this case, it is necessary to know exactly what herbs should be taken, how they would act directly on your body – because herbs can one person great benefit, and the other by virtue of intolerance to great harm. To all this there was no need to consult an expert in this field, or in extreme cases, learn from reliable sources, materials the subject. An illustrative example is using nettles, which are used for rapid onset of menstruation. The effect is that the nettle causes blood clots. Single use, in principle, allowed, but can not be a way to get involved. What to do if every means necessary to resort to what menstruation was delayed, and does not come at a given time? There is only one simple answer! If there no allusions to pregnancy, it should be point-blank to go to the doctor. Why? Because it can be very, very many reasons, ranging from the emotional surge, beriberi, to problems with the sexual organs (ovaries, or communicable diseases). Themselves to find the cause quickly and fix by yourself you are unlikely to succeed, and that such a situation that should not be delayed.