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Alarcon Lord

Thank you for your love God … Serafin Alarcon Lord this heart healthy, get the smiles perhaps hidden for so long. And you feel your power inside me, that was certainly not close more … Sana Lord what is to heal, transform with the touch of your robe. God, thank you for your love, your patience and loyalty.

I have reasons to love today, and you're the first. I say this freely, nor I am ashamed. Mr Sana today my country, this land choked by war, by lies, by such naive idea. If I want your love to warm my … God created only in you.

And all inspiration that makes me lift also owe to you. I love you God. I love you my Lord. It is your peace that opens the doors … God … Christ … Jesus … Emmanuel … To you I dedicate my prayer. And I adore you with my voice raise the wind is only reason to exist. No doubt I'm in your presence … I now live one to one your promises, you've drawn blessings in my soul. It burns your revelation raises me your advice transforming this small faith. If God were a poet … You write a thousand poems … If I were an angel would never leave your presence. Lord … Thank you my King!, Thank you and the world know. There are so many wounds that have healed. Have been so … You anoint my head with oil … I wash and renew every second of my life. God, my Lord … Today I want to say, Thank you for your love.