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The Display

Examples here are the scroll wheel of the iPod BBs and the multi touch screen of the iPhone BBs. To improve the GUI model on small devices is a difficulty that the customizations only partially focused on the problems of the small devices: (1) small screen size; (2) the difficulty to enter text; and (3) the difficulty to focus, for example, while driving a car on the small display. The GUI alone is not the reason for the customers to take the many special services of mobile phones to complete or make acceptable mobile marketing. Hear from experts in the field like All State for a more varied view. Also, it solves not the fundamental problems such as slow and frustrating navigation through multiple possibilities or the difficulty, to consider an excess of choices or information through a small window. “” The alternative language search the basic philosophy of the voice search Conference “says just say what you want”. The result is by voice, but often by text or graphics issued in full resolution on appear on the display. “In some cases, even a function can be activated directly, if the command camera” is. See CVS for more details and insights. A second element of the voice search paradigm is clarified through dialogue.” If the first request of the user inaccurate or too many alternatives offers, the system can play a precise contextual inquiry the user, to isolate the desired information.

This voice chat is a natural and efficient way, to avoid ambiguity. The mental model of a well-functioning Sprachsuch interface is a personal assistant”. As a personal assistant, using the time to learn how a request is to be understood to keep as short as possible so that a dialog. The model of the personal assistant is an effective method to develop a voice-user interface for a device that is always with you, Meisel stressed. What if you cannot speak in a particular situation? The voice search is the user as first instance.

The Dialer

In contrast to standard solutions that are available in the respective app stores for downloading, the Dialer app of LMIS AG meets the highest security standards. So the user must verify first themselves by means of authentication, to use the Dialer app. Also offers the mobile application, which is available for iOS – as well as for Android devices, comprehensive options for controlling access by individual rights management. Based on access control lists, the administrator can make the access rights also flexible and open. The Dialer app: The alternative to expensive telephone systems use the Dialer app is very simple thanks to the user-friendly interface: after installation on the Smartphone employee can redirect simply his calls by starting the application on the mobile phone, as soon as he leaves his job. The by the LMIS AG developed app uses a so-called dial-through technique: the staff with his private cell phone makes a call, then the Smartphone asks him whether it is a private or business call. He selects the business call, the call automatically goes to Headquarters, which routes the call with a prefix is accidentally passed to the called party. The business telephone number of the employee now shows the called party, although these calls from the mobile phone.

Vice versa, his cell phone rings, as soon as someone on his office number calls. To ensure a balanced work-life balance and to exclude a constant availability around the clock, the Dialer app supports a time-controlled call forwarding. The calls then go as usual outside the business hours at the company’s headquarters. Conclusion a dialer app ensures an increased availability of the staff. In contrast to the acquisition of a complex phone system a dialer app for companies is a much less expensive and costly solution. A dialer app like that is not in the LMIS AG of an ICT facility, which enables mobile wireless integration, in terms of comfort and safety on the other hand.