How A Boss Can Motivate Employees

Sunday syndrome. Do you know if your staff suffer from the “Sunday syndrome?”. What constitutes?. For a worker arrived on Sunday afternoon, is paralyzed and mentally said “Monday Morning, again go to work in this site “. If your staff is suffering from this disease, here are some practical measures to correct the discomfort.

To pay considerable attention to the discovery of emotions, feelings and attitudes Study your people, use their attitudes in favor of the company; Discuss negative attitudes from the beginning, anticipate them and reduce them. Analyze the causes of dissatisfaction, quickly and sincerely. – Establish a policy of “sincere” Open Praise the worthy Tell your colleagues, because it makes things. Take a sincere interest in improving working conditions, according to their 8 .- Do everything possible on their part to make work safe and healthy.

Do not make promises you can not keep. Avoid frequent changes and whether to prepare them to partner early Place your colleagues where they can best apply their skills and experience Meet with colleagues at conferences monthly Show that you have greater interest in their partner that by production. It is difficult but strive. Right confidences to his staff; as matters are, in the sense of “we.” Establish and name a person responsible for your associates to a suggestion box. – Give importance to the work of each Remember that the reasons given in the first place are almost never the real causes of low motivation, to investigate the real. Remember: The worst companies to work is distinguished by the lack of respect. You feel obliged to play a role when you are at work. Paper that is not theirs, that is, forces it to be a different person. Lack of Credibility: Some managers are never willing to openly discuss their personal problems and act as if everything goes smoothly.

You feel that you will not receive fair treatment. Stay away from any company that promotes its more based on personal politics, that based on the performance Avoid companies that pay poorly and promise unrealistic promotions based on past performance Finally, and perhaps you agree with me, not a good idea to work in a company where you feel exploited. Well as it seeks to motivate your staff, your company is well.