…. To learn to speak and to learn to structuralize declared (p.301-302). The dislexia does not assimilate dialects, slangs words composites. The difficulties in placing the thoughts in words. To the times they pronounce of wrong form long words writing in motor Ability, I felt difficulties with copy and writing.

Its letter many times is unreadable. It can be ambidextrous. Frequently it confuses right and left or above and below. The dislexia is genetic, of hereditary character and the symptoms are sufficiently specific and can be confused with laziness, carelessness, indisposio. deep 1.1.3.Dislexia: in the deep dislexia that is found the errors of the type semantics of the grammar (Semantics is the study of the direction of the words of a language) is the difficulty of To learn the meaning of the words when they will count to prefixes and suffixes. It comments: Edler, 1996: The learning is, therefore an extremely complex process and that to be examined criteriosamente it imposes the consideration of the innumerable 0 variable that if dinamizam permanently and dialeticamente. It seems possible, therefore to understand or to explain the difficulties of learning without taking in account the organic, psychological or social aspects banalizam the importance of each one separately or disrespecting its intricate Inter-relations (p.73) For we can understand the process of learning of a pupil and important to evaluate its reactions at great length not to create you doubt on its errors that appear in didactic activities and complicated to understand the learning difficulties and to create a correct methodology so that this pupil can develop its abilities and obtains assimilates the activity passed in classroom. 1.1.4.Dislexia Fonolgica: It is confirmed that in this dislexia to little symptoms and errors compared with the deep dislexia. More easy it and of being controlled. This case of dislexia sample that although to have a good hearing and a good joint in it speaks can have a problem to assimilate words, also having the very short memory, with incapacity to write words dictated, that is, has a difficulty in the processing of the language.