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Physical Education

The present article approaches the problematic one if: It is possible to articulate the Art and the Physical Education in the treatment of social and cultural values in the third age, being constructed differentiated pedagogical strategies? The problematic one if of the one due to necessity to search practical differentiated that not only makes possible practical the corporal one in itself, but also the process reverse speed-to mean marcantes moments throughout the life that had been being forgotten for the absence stimulatons and lack interests. The research, of qualitative boarding in the descriptive perspective, was developed through plans of action that had become bases for the orientation of the pedagogical work and reports that they had detailed occured situations in the interventions. It had as objective specific the following questionings: How it is possible to rescue and to expand creative potentialities and to make possible the construction to know and practical corporal through the art between the aged ones? ; Which strategies can be used to stimulate the creativity that has led to the aged ones, new interests and new perspectives of life, searching and/or rescuing cultural and social values? ; How we can analyze the capacity that the aged one possesss to articulate thoughts, feelings and action front the new situations? still; How it can be developed and be improved in the aged ones, the knowledge adjusted of itself exactly and the reliable feeling in its capacities, to act with perseverance in the search of the personal valuation..

Today Transfer Site

According to statistics, about 40% of these visitors have on customers from overseas gosudarstv.Vvidu which is no longer the task, whether you want to translate internet resources, the question is how to translate this translation so qualitatively as it possibly can. Translation of web-portals to a foreign language, like any other, carries its own peculiarities. In addition to subject resource, which can have both technical and legal aspects, the interpreter must necessarily convey the style and atmosphere flow of the text. The most viable option is to entrust the translation of the site a native speaker, what happens a few more expensive, but the high price is more than justify the resulting effect. Many site owners refuse to spend your budget on a good translation, relying on the automatic translators, which are usually without problems can benefit customers who speak foreign languages. Nevertheless, this way economically, esthetically is not justified, as automated programs today have an opportunity to give only a rather clumsy version of the page content, which did not increase the company's image in the eyes potential buyers or partners. In today's environment the most appropriate option would be not only comprehensive or partial translation of web pages in foreign languages, and the establishment of an autonomous multi-lingual portal, while preserving the original layout and style website. Localization of the site is now a new service, in contrast to the same technical translation. Web page – this is the virtual office of the organization, impression that personally affects the image of the organization in general, in the eyes of the customers of the goods or services that it offers. Because, on how well you can understand the potential clients and associates, depends effectiveness of your business in a steadily developing competition.

Teachers And Health

Statistical processing has been used a personal computer with statistical calculations of means and standard deviations, the study of the rates and as a statistical tool relevant graphics. 5.-Results obtained 1U stress level teachers of the Murcia Autonomous Community stands at 3, 06 between the scale of 1-5 representing a choice point numeor nadaa and a point five muchoa and a standard deviation of 1.97, ie the options is between a bastantea algo and not presenting large dispersion of values about the mean. 2U Items that produce more stress are: Lack of support from parents on discipline problems. Mark tilbury spoke with conviction. Physical assaults of students. Making things with which I disagree. Instructions incompatible or opposite.

Lack of support from upper management. The faculty as a whole may have little impact on the decisions of the center. Poor relationships with superiors. Witnessing aggression among students. Ie, producing more stress on teachers are external situations themselves. 3U Items that produce less stress are: Any changes inadequate.

Poor consideration of society towards my profession. Continue to learn more with: Cigna CEO. Having to replace the absent teacher. Dealing with the normal problems of student behavior. The assessment of teachers. Provide more classes than other peers. Attend tutorials with their parents. The fact that I do not like teaching. The less stress-producing situations are related to the teaching profession, with the score under the a constatacion that I do not like ensenanzaa . 4U The seven factors grouped according to the results of factor analysis are: monitoring by hierarchical structure. Shortfalls development work. Cooperation, participation, communication, etc. Students. Adapting to change, the valuation of work by others. The valuation of work by other improvements to be gained from the professional point of view. Sort low to high: students rating 2.89 2 92 3.01 alignment gaps improvements 2.92 3.06 3.16 co 3.24 super vision factor less influence on teacher stress is the valuation of work parts of others, and the factor that produces more stress on teachers is the monitoring by the hierarchical structure. . 5U is necessary to train teachers in strategies to enhance personal skills, communication, assertive techniques to improve relations, as well as cognitive restructuring and stress inoculation to control harmful ideas. 6U Conclusions. The work can be interesting for teachers in Firstly because it allows them to know and identify the causes of their physical and mental discomfort. Second, it puts you in touch with some techniques that may be useful. Would seem appropriate in this research because it is one of the diseases that lower labor and longer duration is produced.

Machinery Manipulation

According to Koch (2002, p.53): The contact with the texts of the quotidiana life, as announcements, acknowledgments of all the order, periodical articles, catalogues, medical prescriptions, tourist prospects, guides, literature of support to the manipulation of machines etc exercises our metatextual capacity for the construction and inteleco of texts. The act to read it makes possible advantages for and the individually social life, as Bazerman standes out (2005, P. 31): ' ' sorts emerge in the social processes where people try to understand ones to other co-ordinating activities enough well and sharing meanings with sights its intentions prticos' '. Marcushi 2 (1983, P. 12-13), cited for Koch (P.

14), also mentions the importance of the Literal Lingustica in this process. Considering that if it sees the lingustica of the text, exactly that provisorily and generically, as the studies of the lingusticas operations and cognitivas regulating and controllers of the production, construction, functioning and reception of written texts or you pray, its subject encloses the superficial cohesion to the level of the lingusticos constituent, the conceptual coherence to the semantic and cognitivo level and the system of presuppositions and implications the pragmatic level of the production of the direction in the plan of the actions and intentions. In short, the Literal Lingustica treats text as an act of communication unified in a complex universe of action human beings. On the other hand it must preserve the linear organization that is the strict lingustico treatment approaching in the aspect of the cohesion and, for another one, must consider the reticulada or tentacular, not linear organization, therefore, of the levels of felt and intentions that carry through the pragmatic coherence in the semantic aspect and functions. Thus, to read the most diverse materials is to be connected to the world, of it to get knowledge and with it to contribute when producing new knowledge, in this context appears another modality of reading, the reading in the Internet.

Pupil Difficulties

Worried about this question, some educators are in search of optimum way to follow, contributing for one better development of the reading. According to research, the state schools present greater index in relation to the difficulty with reading, however, valley to stand out that it happens in all the institutions of independent education of the segment (public or particular). It is of utmost importance to deal with this situation, while educators, to have the conscience of that the difficulties presented in the reading are intensely on to the development of the abilities in the writing proceeding from alterations or errors of syntax, estruturao, organization of paragraphs, punctuation, as well as all the necessary elements for the composition of the text. The difficulty of reading and writing is .causing of conflicts and distresses in the individuals that suffer for having these difficulties. Therefore the majority of these pupils presents difficulties in reading correctly, with voice tune and hardly it knows and it respects the punctuation, the lack of habit for the reading, the lack of incentive on the part of the family. Pupils who present limitations to learn and need a medical accompaniment and adequate methods of education must be attended and able professors. Thus, if a pupil does not hear well, fatally will find more difficulties in learning of what its friends. Pupils with emotional affective problems also to the times if feel inferiorizados and are tachados as sluggish, had to the disinterest in reading.

These children demonstrate unreliability, inhibition and disinterest for the school, thus, autoestima diminishes and if it isolates and develops an aggressive behavior with the friends and professors also are soon taxed as violent. Of this form, the paper of the school is not more of mere transmission of information; today, it is demanded that it develops the capacity of the pupil to learn, what subentende the domain of the reading and the writing. The pupil, in the universe of the culture scholar, develops the ability to dialogue with the read texts, through the capacity to read in depth and to interpret significant texts for the formation of sensitivity, the culture and the citizenship. The school comes, therefore, consisting as privileged space for the learning and the development of the reading, therefore if of the o decisive meeting of the child in the act to read there. Therefore, the objective of the school is the integration of the pupil with the society and to facilitate its access to the world of the adult. The school has accounts to adjust with the society and the families, therefore the same one has attemped to prove its efficiency, making responsible the pupil for its failure and not assumeing its role as it would have. It lacks the adjustment enters the characteristics of the pupil and the considered method in classroom.


Malaga will be soothes of XXXVII the National Congress of the Spanish Society of Rheumatology, that will take place in the Palace of Fairs and Congresses of the Malagan capital during days 11, 12 and 13 of May. Congress of Rheumatology in Malaga the Spanish Society of Rheumatology (TO BE), organizer of this event doctor-scientist, was formed in June of 1948, in order to foment the study of the reumatismos and the medical problems related to them. Later, in 1952, the Specialty of Rheumatology by the Ministry of Education was recognized. The Congress will reunite to an important number of facultative of this specialty, that during these days will debate, among others subjects, on the refractory osteoporosis, reumatoide arthritis, inmunopatogenia of the rheumatic diseases and the rheumatic diet and diseases. Its lodging to attend to this can realise it congress in one of the hotels in Malaga with category of 4 stars superior, our Hotel Malaga Mount, that stops this occasion it offers rooms to him to the assistants to this encounter.


…. To learn to speak and to learn to structuralize declared (p.301-302). The dislexia does not assimilate dialects, slangs words composites. The difficulties in placing the thoughts in words. To the times they pronounce of wrong form long words writing in motor Ability, I felt difficulties with copy and writing.

Its letter many times is unreadable. It can be ambidextrous. Frequently it confuses right and left or above and below. The dislexia is genetic, of hereditary character and the symptoms are sufficiently specific and can be confused with laziness, carelessness, indisposio. deep 1.1.3.Dislexia: in the deep dislexia that is found the errors of the type semantics of the grammar (Semantics is the study of the direction of the words of a language) is the difficulty of To learn the meaning of the words when they will count to prefixes and suffixes. It comments: Edler, 1996: The learning is, therefore an extremely complex process and that to be examined criteriosamente it imposes the consideration of the innumerable 0 variable that if dinamizam permanently and dialeticamente. It seems possible, therefore to understand or to explain the difficulties of learning without taking in account the organic, psychological or social aspects banalizam the importance of each one separately or disrespecting its intricate Inter-relations (p.73) For we can understand the process of learning of a pupil and important to evaluate its reactions at great length not to create you doubt on its errors that appear in didactic activities and complicated to understand the learning difficulties and to create a correct methodology so that this pupil can develop its abilities and obtains assimilates the activity passed in classroom. 1.1.4.Dislexia Fonolgica: It is confirmed that in this dislexia to little symptoms and errors compared with the deep dislexia. More easy it and of being controlled. This case of dislexia sample that although to have a good hearing and a good joint in it speaks can have a problem to assimilate words, also having the very short memory, with incapacity to write words dictated, that is, has a difficulty in the processing of the language.