Enlightened Wealth

It should contain useful and practical knowledge, but in a form that is easily absorbed by each reader. It should be fun, and at the same time to talk about serious issues. In parallel, I set myself, at first glance, a strange and impossible task: to sell around the world, millions of books for one day. This project has been possible to implement, but at the moment when I met with Robert Allen, uniquely qualified teacher of business. We have conceived this book as a kind of a popular textbook, which will help hundreds of thousands of people become millionaires – and at the same time as a big charity project.

In particular, we have written the "Millionaire for a minute." And we could sell a million of our books in one day. " That really means: become a millionaire in one minute? Reply Mark Hansen: This is a radical new look at the system gain. The remainder of the training in the Stadium was dedicated to the unique secrets of success: how to get rich when you do not have primary capital, to transform the hidden assets of your consciousness in the real capital as a lever to use force to accelerate enrichment, overcome fears and to take reasonable risks, build a "one-minute" healthy habits, contribute to the enrichment and preservation of wealth. And finally, most importantly: how to create a balance of the Enlightened Wealth, paving the way from his first million to more prosperity through individual philanthropy. "Do you think that it is in the modern world is the opposite of abundance?" – Asked Hansen, continuing his thought.